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How Henrik Harlaut Got So Good at Skiing

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Swedish skier Henrik Harlaut is known as one of the most stylish skiers in the world, and he put his skill on full display by taking home gold during the ski big-air competition at the X Games in January. The Regiment, from Stept Studios, chronicles Harlaut’s success and dedication throughout his illustrious career.

Video Transcript

[MUSIC PLAYING] SUBJECT 1: They say hard work beats talent. But in Henrik's case, I think there's a crazy combination between hard work and talent.



That's the main difference. I don't think there is anybody in this world that loves skiing as much as he does.

SUBJECT 2: I've never seen anybody as passionate and dedicated to the craft they pursue. His energy is contagious and will uplift anybody around them at that time, regardless of their state of mind.

CREW: Oh, my god, damn. What?

SUBJECT 3: Back in my generation, if you were doing contests and you did well, no matter what, it wasn't even a question that you were going to still film a video segment.

But that's what separates Henrik from everybody right now, because he can go out and pretty much get athlete of the year like the best-filmed kid in the world that year. But on top of that, he's won X Games, and he's won all these other contests worldwide.

COMMENTATORS: The most colorful character in skiing, Henrik Harlaut. Really nice two pretzel two.

SUBJECT 3: There's nobody-- nobody right now that's doing that.

COMMENTATORS: He's top rails. Oh. Oh, a very technical rail run there.

There's the switch, triple cork 1260. This is lining up to be a great run, nose butter double cork 12 with the blunt grab. The momentum from last night's big air has just transferred right over to the slopestyle course, and he has got to be elated.

What? Wow, he is excited.


CREW: Clear the area. Do you want to put that on a belt?

Better Carlo interview, take three.

INTERVIEWER 1: So in your season, you start filming a part, and then you travel to go compete, and then repeat that season after season. Does this ever wear you out? Do you ever need a break?




RZA: What up, man? This is RZA and my man, Henrik. Be inspired.

COMMENTATORS: And look at that.

HENRIK HARLAUT: Let's believe.

COMMENTATORS: 43 slides him into first place.

INTERVIEWER 1: Now, let's talk about your clothes. How do you value fashion? Is that a big part of your style, as well as how you ski?


COMMENTATORS: Back in the day, Henrik Harlaut was already on the circuit. He's truly come into his own, has a style that is completely Harlaut.

We always say it it about this guy. No one rides quite like this guy.

From the clothing, to the style, to the music, this guy is just a character. He's so fun to watch. He's so good on his skis and so happy to be out there skiing.

HENRIK HARLAUT: Many people after runs and everything, it's like not too crazy. Now, I want people to remember that I was somebody that made it a little bit more entertaining. But I just need to have that feel of like hip hop, baggy, and like raw.

INTERVIEWER 1: And I mean, your style has been so consistent throughout your entire career, yet you've been progressing this entire time as well. How do you find a balance between those two things?

CREW: Whoa.

HENRIK HARLAUT: Style is like everything. If you don't have style and if the trick doesn't have style, then it's unnecessary. Or not unnecessary, but it's like just a trick on a paper.



CREW: Fuck yeah. Boo!

HENRIK HARLAUT: But it's way cooler when you have something that you can almost touch, or it's like something extra to it. That's what I want with every trick and every clip I get.

Just don't want it to be so ordinary. It can be clean. It can be nice, but you just need a little bit of flavor in there as well.

Very, very often, you just want to make sure that 12-year-old little Henrik is happy with the 26-year-old Henrik, making sure he's still skiing in the park, still doing contests, and still doing these things that I was like wishing some skiers were still doing kind of.

SUBJECT 3: It's ridiculous to see him on the hill, and he's like the first one there, last one to go. And he's going HAM like at all times of the day, which is insane.

You go film with him, and it's [EXHALES] get ready because even in the streets, if he has to go for fucking nine straight hours, he's going to do it.


CREW: How many hours to your flight?

HENRIK HARLAUT: I don't know.

CREW: Three hours.

HENRIK HARLAUT: It leaves in three hours. Woo, a tight one.





Hold your own.


CREW: Finally, a crash, huh?

HENRIK HARLAUT: Yeah, finally, a good one.

CREW: How's it feel?

HENRIK HARLAUT: It feels good.

CREW: You're crashing again.







INTERVIEWER 1: Since you were younger, it seems like you had-- you were driven for skiing. You were determined and motivated, and that's something that sets you apart from a lot of skiers today. I mean, just how do you maintain that motivation, even from such a young age and now carrying on?

HENRIK HARLAUT: I just try to keep that same mentality and same feeling as I had when I first was coming up or when I started getting recognized. And I was so, so hungry.

I guess I just tried to put myself in the same state of mind as I was back then. I don't want to get too comfortable in my position, but I think that I have succeeded or have accomplished. For myself, I'm not even close to where I want to get to.


I am down.




It's 30.


CREW: Let's go.

HENRIK HARLAUT: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey hey, hey, hey.




Yeah, boy.



Thank you so much, bro.

CREW: Look at that shit.

HENRIK HARLAUT: Thank you. Thank you, bro.

INTERVIEWER 1: You were talking about just keeping the consistency and the drive throughout the contests and everything and going from filming to contest. But in the past two years, you've won six X Games medals.

In terms of that kind of consistency, how do you keep that going? How do you keep that winning streak alive?

HENRIK HARLAUT: I guess I feel like I go a lot on momentum. Like if I start getting something good going, I try to do everything I can to just keep that going.

COMMENTATORS: Henrik Harlaut, four golds in his illustrious career, back to back in the States, back to back in Norway. He's going for his fifth. So much style, so much composure.

Switch on the jump, triple cork 1440, and look at him go.

Cricket seems to be doing the same stuff nowadays, and they're rewarding things that this guy, Henrik Harlaut, is doing when it's a very unique trick.

Yeah, they--

Switch right side triple cork 1440. I have never seen him do that. That was amazing.

HENRIK HARLAUT: I have all these small little clicks that keep-- that happens that boost up my confidence so much.

RZA: Who wants a backstage meet-up?

COMMENTATORS: A gold in big air last night, backs it up with a goal in slopestyle.


Oh, man, Henrik is known for going big and stomping tricks.

This is going to be as good as it gets on a 49.33.

Oh, 49, what?

Are you kidding me?

That's almost perfection. That is almost a perfect score.

HENRIK HARLAUT: When I'm in that good of a mode and everything is going that well, it's nothing that can kind of slow it down at that point. For me, it feels like it's untouchable. You can't fuck with me.




INTERVIEWER 2: Henrik, you have the most golds in this discipline. And as soon as practice starts, it just looks like you are having a blast. You've got a smile on your face. You're dancing. Would you say that fun is the motivation behind this and what attributes to your success?

HENRIK HARLAUT: Yeah, probably. It's just like the most fun thing I know in this world, so it can't be more fun than this.

I get that question often because of how much I do ski, like, are you not get tired of it? But for me, I feel like it keeps getting more and more fun, because I'm getting more skilled and can actually do more of my thoughts and ideas.

And I guess I'm not used to getting better every time I'm skiing, so then it gets more fun because then more ideas can work and ski more aspects.

I feel like it just opens up more and more every time I get to ski. So then the more it opens up, the more fun it's going to be. I don't see myself getting tired of it.

SUBJECT 3: It's just skiing to him. You know, if you don't take it easy for one day just so he can be good for another day, that's why he's the best. There's no doubt of that.


SUBJECT 1: It was so sick and so inspiring to see Henrik in Andorra this spring. When most of the people were done with their season, he would keep going until the last bit of snow was gone.

Those spring days, he would ski for like eight hours. And he was shoveling before that to get the good shots, so that shows you how committed and how much love he's got for skiing.

HENRIK HARLAUT: It's July 13. No, we're not stopping. It ain't the end yet. I'm doing me and my life because this is what I do better than I do anything. So why would I not do it all the time?



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SUBJECT 1: On the other side besides skiing, I've never known such a grateful and positive person with everything. And I'm more than happy to call him my brother. Love you to death, Bruccino.


RZA: What up, yo? It's the RZA right here, the abbot of the Wu-Tang Clan. Much respect, bom-bom. 36 chambers, we support you, bro. Word up. Peace.

SUBJECT 2: He's straight hype and love for the sport, and it's such a blessing for me to have been around him that much, because it definitely translated to me.

SUBJECT 3: There's multiple people. I'm not just saying just Henrik. But this man right here, he had a big hand in helping out getting skiing going the righteous way. We all give you thanks for that, my G.


HENRIK HARLAUT: Yahoo. It depends on the season. Yahoo. What a year. [CHEERING]