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How to Do a Body-Blasting Tabata Workout

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Alyx Walkinshaw, a fitness instructor at Railyard Fitness in Santa Fe, takes us through a Tabata workout to get you fit for anything without any weight training.

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MUSIC PLAYING] ALYX: My name’s Alyx. I’m a fitness instructor in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I’m here to show you a workout that you can do anywhere, only using your body weight. Our first total-body movement is squats. Start with bringing your feet at least a foot distance apart, or take the balls of your feet open. Take a deep inhale to come down. Hips either in line in knees or below. Open mouth, exhale as you press into the heels and come up, pressing hips forward. Try to keep a long spine as you do the this. Our next exercise is lunging in place. Hands can be at the hips. Step one foot out, and lunge into that leg with your knee, coming over your heel, pressing off the ball of the back foot to come back up. Alternating sides. For calf raises, start standing, pressing into the balls of your feet. Inhale to come up onto the tips of your toes. Exhale the length and down. Keep your spine long and your chest open and the crown of your head lifted as we do this. This pike push-up is a little bit more challenging than a traditional push-up. You’ll start in down dog. Inhale to press your elbows out and bring your forehead to the earth. Open mouth, exhale, press back up. For more of a challenge, elevate your feet on something so that you’re raising the ground away from you. This next exercise is two walking lunges. So, pressing one leg out at a time, lunging into that leg, and pressing up through the opposite. And then two burpees. Come down to the ground, plant your palms, hop back so that your belly comes to the earth. And then hop forward and jump up. Thanks for doing this workout with me. If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments below. If you enjoyed it, feel free to subscribe. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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