Anxiety, hypochondria, OCD, and travel might sound like a recipe for disaster. But I've seen the world despite my mental health. Here's how I manage my mind on the road.

After a long day on the slopes, your body deserves a little après of its own

The new sport is attracting everyone from NFL players to pro surfers hoping to get an edge in the pool—and on land

A new study finds unexpected benefits from super-short intervals with even shorter recoveries

Iain Mickle's secret to tackling sub-three-hour marathons late into his fifties? Running buddies.

Speed is not to be underestimated, even for marathoners. Doing speed training first will make you more efficient, so race pace is easier. Here's how:

The controversial author and personal trainer shares his lessons from the outer limits of self-experimentation

This simple but challenging progression run can be done virtually anywhere and fits into any portion of your training cycle.

New research hands down verdicts on what to lift, how much, and how hard

Last Christmas, our Gear Guy got these athletic shorts for his father-in-law because they have “solid performance in a subtle package.” The Legacy shorts are incredibly soft and comfortable but look like your standard, no-frill workout shorts. They’re ideal for those who don’t want any flashy tech.

Try this challenging and mentally-engaging multi-pace workout to introduce speed in a time-based, road-friendly format.

The military is rethinking physical training and overhauling its classic fitness test. Think you have what it takes?

Cross-training is key for improving performance, recovery, and resilience, whether you're running on the road or on the trail

These new training apps can craft customized routines based on your past performance. It’s almost like having an automated personal trainer. 

7 kettlebell exercises to up your strength and conditioning

Fight Turkey Day couch lock with these secret weapons

Knee pain plagues athletes of all stripes. Here are some of the best exercises to help mitigate and prevent chronic occurrences of it.

Say goodbye to your fitness tracker. Now your workout gear can deliver your stats.

A few athlete chefs share their favorite recipes for eating healthy—and hearty—when the cold settles in

Put in the work now to have a successful winter

Train naked. Or wear a panda suit if you want—it’s your house!

Don’t ignore speed during marathon training if, like Dathan Ritzenhein, late-race hamstring cramps are your nemesis.

A thorough cooldown stretching routine is essential for injury prevention and helps speed up recovery after any workout

A handful of new products are claiming they can. The jury's still out on whether they deliver enough of an edge to justify the agony.

We included this skirt in our roundup of the best women’s workout gear of 2019 for its comfort and moisture management. The merino lining wicks away sweat on extra humid days, and the skirt provides some extra mid-thigh coverage.

This basic, effective workout will build functional strength in key arm muscles

Ten moves to improve strength, running economy, and resilience for the road or trail

The physiological and psychological responses to different types of interval workout depend on the details

The rest you take between repeats is as significant as the fast portions of an interval workout. Modifying the length and speed of your recoveries provides infinite training options.

Pack these essentials to keep up your workout routine—no matter where you go

Warm-up exercises are essential for priming your body prior to any workout, especially running

Meal prepping can be a lifesaver: you can often save time and money by having lunch ready to go. Pyrex’s glass food container set is one of our top choices for food storage because the pieces are incredibly durable and are safe to throw in the microwave, dishwasher,…

Get more from your gym time by lifting for strength and advancing to harder and more advanced exercises—plus enjoy the work more as you see your strength grow.

She's one of the most successful cyclists in U.S. history. And she's done it her way.

A study that assigns different workout plans to each leg shows just how much (or little) the details matter

Scientists debate the physiological benefits of ramping up your training intensity or your training volume

This summer, get your kids off the couch and get swole

You have to work hard to build strength, but that doesn’t necessarily mean collapsing to the floor after each set

In this episode of Moves, instructor Doug Lawder of Santa Fe–based Railyard Fitness walks us through six moves for a stronger back

The theory makes sense, but actually showing that “hyperoxic training” makes you faster remains a challenge

Really, I just needed an excuse to take a dip

In this episode of Moves, Santa Fe–based Railyard Fitness instructor Doug Lawder walks us through moves for stronger legs

The cliff diver competes against athletes half his age

Analyzing your training distribution can reveal the right balance between hard and easy workouts

A newly published scientific case report documents the rise (and fall) of cycling phenom Oskar Svendsen

The 44-year-old Ironman competitor wakes up early—and we mean early—and only takes one rest day a month

Alyx Walkinshaw walks us through how to do a perfect squat

The fitness media company has been gearing up for a public offering since last year

A new startup called Vast Terrain taps U.S. suppliers to make top-shelf goods

Rowing is a great workout but can be somewhat boring. The RW900 fixes that.

As you get older, setting goals—and reaching them—will look a little different

Connective tissue is notoriously slow to heal. New research suggests gelatin might help.

Maximize your long runs by adding progressive surges, a training secret from the legendary coach of Bill Rodgers and the Greater Boston Track Club.

Nine poses that will help mitigate and prevent persistent lower-back pain

Six of our favorite men's hooded sweatshirts

Precision data-gathering devices to optimize your workouts

New tweaks mean they're easier to use at work and on the trail

With a goal of forming connections through audio-based workouts on your phone, Aaptiv might be the end of personal trainers

Running coach David Roche shares his training tips

More companies are selling makeup specifically for sweating in. But do women really need it?

The former Soviet special-forces instructor who introduced kettlebells to the U.S. talks strength training with Tim Ferriss

If there’s one thing that makes Americans uncomfortable, it’s successful women

This top’s polyester mesh feels airy and wicks away sweat well—perfect for hot and humid environments. But if you’re looking for a more form-fitting cut, check out the Motivation Stripe tank.

A five-minute total-body workout you can do anywhere

Even bagels, pasta, and sweets deserve a place in your personal food pyramid

The Harmony mat from Jade Yoga provides the perfect nonslip grip for sweaty vinyasa sessions

Why the top American in Monday’s Boston Marathon is all about training transparency

Before his controversy-plagued doubled ascent in 2017, the Spanish ultra star deployed the latest altitude science to speed his high-altitude adaptation

Stabilize and strengthen your core in five minutes

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