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Turns out you can major in the art of brewing.

Think you can withstand the heat?

Five mountain towns where the skiing and riding are matched by equally entertaining off-the-slopes escapades.

And no, you’re not an inferior human being.

America’s favorite love-to-hate-it beer is no longer American

Canned beer has finally caught on, and that’s a good thing.

Anheuser-Busch is flying a thousand people into Crested Butte, Colorado this weekend to film a star-studded, beer-drenched series of TV commercials. What could go wrong?

Yes, Napa needs your support now more than ever. But if the great wine shortage of 2014 comes to pass, buy from these emerging wine regions.

The gentrification of cheap beer continues.

It's the hoppiest day of the year!

Yes, trouble is brewing in hipster paradise.

One of Michigan's most acclaimed craft breweries—and the beer geniuses behind it—will be taking center stage in a new History Channel reality show.

It isn't just about apples anymore

Crowdsourced beer dispenser gives you access to any brew ever made, fresh on your kitchen counter—and maybe even beyond

It’s simple, really. Just buy decent tequila, go with Cointreau, and for God’s sake, get some fresh limes.

Unless your idea of a great pre-flight drink involves an ersatz Irish pub or a sports bar with 18 light beers on tap, then you likely agree that America’s airport bars tend to be serviceable at best. Not that there’s anything wrong with slamming a Coors before takeoff, but a…

What’s better than ice cream? It’s not a purely rhetorical question. The answer? Grown-up ice cream, spiked with wine, beer, and spirits. As the summer heat cranks to high, head to one of these regional ice cream spots for a shot of cool, creamy delight. Cayuga Lake Creamery Interlaken, New…

When you visit Italy, you want to see Italy—not other tourists. But the country is a pretty popular destination for pizza-loving jet-setters. In fact, tens of millions of visitors descend on the boot-shaped Mediterranean country every year. Here are a few places you should go to avoid most of them.

Five companies are making some of the finest handcrafted goods in the country right next to each other in the southwest corner of Colorado.

Here are five choices worth traveling for: Eat and drink in a Mexican cave at Alux Bar and Lounge. At approximately 6,000 years old, the Sunland “Big Baobab” is the widest of its species. The inside of the tree is cavernous and contains the world-famous Baobab Tree Bar. Tip…

Snowflake, a limited-batch whiskey from a Colorado distillery, is so coveted that hundreds of people wait for hours in sub-zero weather just to get a bottle.

New Belgium releases California Route Organic Lager

Some of the greats in local liquor

I'm going to be visiting some old college friends in the great state of Colorado in the coming weeks and am looking for something I know everyone will enjoy doing. Help?

This may sound silly, but I plan trips to mountain towns around the brews that flow from their taps. What would you say are the East’s best craft and microbrews that come from mountain towns?

When it comes to holiday giving, you should never have to choose. This year, our editors have pulled together 68 perfect ideas—priced from $4 to $50,000—guaranteed to make anyone on your list feel like a million bucks.

The wildest places to sample the country’s best brews

The best gear for fly-fishing fanatics, from quick-drying water shoes to a handmade paddle.

The American craft-brew movement is alive and well, with 1,800 breweries in the U.S. and hundreds more coming soon. With all those suds, how do you find the best brews? Go and taste them.

Clif Bar Founder Gary Erickson and co-CEO Kit Crawford

Herein, a primer on the talents—like chopping firewood or putting an edge on a knife—that will never be obsolete.

Saloons so good you'll take an adventure just to see them.

Five hundred dollars can buy you a lot of things: an iPad, a mediocre bike, a lawn mower—or three days of glorious summertime freedom (transportation excluded). Here are our picks for the best do-it-yourself budget escapes in North America, plus outfitted adventures you can't afford to miss.

After tracking down one of Italy's most eccentric vintners, our team of amateurs has a single afternoon to master one of wine-making's highest art forms.

Our man heads to Bavaria to partake of the national pastime.

Gas grills may get the prime floor space at Home Depot, but for backyard gourmands, nothing beats the warm glow of charcoal

My husband and I would like to bike around the vineyards in Sonoma Valley this fall. Would it be easier to rent bikes and follow a map, or would it be worth it to pay extra for a tour package? Becky K. Bozeman, Montana

Napa's knack for producing world-class vintages has spilled across the Left Coast. Raise a toast to five getaways that mix bucolic adventure by day with fine wine by night.

As fall hikes give way to the first powder days of winter, there's a beer for every occasion

Because every second you’re not living life to the fullest is an opportunity missed—and the clock is ticking. To get you going, we’ve handpicked a no-regrets, full-throttle, see-the-world list of 50 things to do before you die—from climbing an 8,000-meter peak to making the perfect martini. Pro surfer Kelly Slater…

From the red-rock vistas of Abiquiu to the dunes of White Sands—with a few shots of tequila mixed in—New Mexico is another world. Try these 12 perfect days in the Land of Enchantment. Horseback Riding into the Sunset Cerrillos Twenty miles south of Santa Fe, where the southern Rockies peter…

IF YOU THOUGHT PAUL GIAMATTI’S CHARACTER in Sideways was obsessed, consider the growing cult of American oenophiles for whom only ultranatural “biodynamic” wine will do. Biodynamic Wine Vintners producing this exalted juice concoct compost by burying cow dung packed in cow horns in the fall, unearthing them in…

How to see your stomping grounds as a concrete jungle.

Can extreme pleasure and adventure coexist? Yeah, baby! Hop on a bike for a long, winding tour through the gourmet sweet spots of southern France.

Get a fresh perspective on the Old Country: pedal, paddle, skate, and hike in these eight ruggedly charming European outposts

A major new resort opens in the affordable Great White North, where they apparently didn't get the word that skiing is dead