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This year marked Outside's 40th Anniversary and to celebrate we partnered with Upslope Brewing to create a special edition beer.

We've partnered with Fresh off the Grid to bring you three winter cocktail recipes to enjoy this holiday season.

With so many great craft beers, you would be forgiven for asking, “Why make my own?” The answer's simple: for the sheer adventure of it. This stuff will help the end product taste pretty decent, too.  (Courtesy PicoBrew) PicoBrew Model C Brewer ($549) Trying to brew your own beer can…

Smoky twists on four classics

(And one for pumpkin lovers, too)

On the remote island of Bornholm, vacationers flock to the restaurants and breweries, but only for a few months. The rest of the year, its homes lay vacant and produce unpicked fruit.

With the JetBag, flying with glass bottles no longer means risking the destruction of your luggage

They'll keep your beer cold for a stupid long time and are easy to transport

The Oregon-based drinkware company is branching out with its gear offerings

Most brewers use only a handful of commercial yeast strains. What a waste.

5 easy ways to upgrade your living room drinking experience

Because the best brewers know: good beer starts at the source

Activated charcoal makes for a novel drink, if not a magical health elixir

Go ahead, be a sheep and get the same insulated metal growler as everyone else. Or you could be a forward-looker and opt instead for this growler ($68) handmade from slip-cast ceramic. The sides are a full half-inch thick to keep your brew cold and the neck is carefully crafted on a potter's…

Good beer comes from great water. These breweries are leading the charge to save more of it while making tasty new ales.

Our gear writer has a love affair with this vessel—and if you think it's just about the beer, you'd be dead wrong

Everything you need to play mixologist in the backcountry is likely already in your pack

After a day of adventuring, you deserve an amazing beer paired with a tour of an amazing brewery

This tool is the best way to open a beer.

An airstream with a DJ set up and full bar.

If you can't climb them yourself, you might as well drink like you did

Crack open one of our favorites this Friday—otherwise known as National Beer Day

Everything you need to know to ensure your beer and steaks stay cold

These brews are named for some of America's most beloved spaces. A few even benefit the lands they honor.

A marriage we can all get behind

Advances in technology tease us with the possibility of safer alcohol, but there are lots of regulations and ethical questions still to be tussled with

A mini-kegerator for craft-beer lovers who crave variety.

It seems like once a week there's a new study pointing to the potential health properties of beer. We decided to investigate.

Aged booze will always rule the top shelf, but a new crop of local distillers thinks youth can be a virtue

A former banker started from scratch to create what might be Patagonia's first distilled spirit

Give your liver a break and you may gain a performance advantage, too

The cold and snow shouldn't keep you from exploring. Hit the road with this essential winter road-trip gear.

Kris Mychasiw represents the only two professional athletes in the sport—and he sees a much bigger future for those who can chug and run fast

Trained collectors are trekking into remote parts of the Southwest in hopes of discovering hardy new hops that can withstand warming temperatures

It's time to buy a better whiskey glass

Nashville, Tennessee, is the heart of the country music scene, but it has also become a city of makers. From gorgeous longboards to some of the country’s best beer, here’s a roundup of our favorite products from this Southern destination.

What a standard day will run you at 20 different hills

Some house-brand items are just as good as the name-brand stuff we all know and love

Six gifts to raise your favorite mixologist's spirits

OK, one of them has a little bit of pumpkin in it. But that doesn't mean it's not really damn good.

Patagonia wants to change our food supply, starting with a brew that features a unique, sustainable new grain

In partnership with AVEX Outdoor, Upslope3 brewery shares a behind the scenes look at this all-canning facility.

No beer beer cap is too tough for this burly, Yeti-designed bottle opener.

8 items that will make you love beer even more

Deep in the Panamanian Jungle, an eco-village needed a distiller of quality sustainable rum. When Moonshine Willie got the call, it was the opportunity he'd been yearning for.

5 cool new products from Outdoor Retailer that won't break the bank

Decoding your cool-off strategy at the bar

Whether you're a beginner looking for insider wisdom (don't give your friends beer poisoning!), or you're looking to try something a little more difficult (hint: chocolate-covered banana-flavored beer is not the move)

The only in-park brewery offers an unadulterated (and alcoholic) taste of our public treasures

Special release IPAs, a sizzling international beer market, and beer shakes make this summer the best one yet for craft lovers

Strategies to ensure that no matter where you are and how sober (or not) you want to remain, you'll like what's in your cup

10 easy trips, maximum fun guaranteed

You're going to fill every free day—from Memorial Day through Labor Day—with wild races, delicious food and drink, good music, and an abalone or two

Hill Farmstead Brewery takes the "Best Brewery in the World" title—for the third time.

Available in two easy-to-carry sizes for your next backpacking trip

Thanks to a high protein and fiber content, spent brewing grains make energy bars that will give you a serious (non-alcoholic) buzz

If you like trail over track (and if you like to hold onto the contents of your stomach), beer relays are where it's at

Reports of tequila’s demise may have you worried. These Mexican spirits will help calm your nerves.

The beer maker pulled its latest commercial shortly after launching it

You’ll need fewer pints up here than you would at sea level

Plug in your headphones and get ready to binge. These podcasts give ‘Serial’ a run for its money.

We went straight to its birthplace to learn about the infamous (possibly hallucinatory) liquor—so you know exactly how nervous you should be to drink it

You don’t need to be in a big city to drink quality, locally-sourced booze. More and more craft distilleries are popping up in mountain towns.

A few Alaskan outdoorsmen (and women) are trying to make distilling sexy enough for prime time. Have they figured out where everyone else has failed?

Next time you’re at a party, ditch the red plastic cup for this bad-ass drinking vessel

This device takes the hard work out of homebrew

A $30,000 bottle of Scotch for very, very special occasions

Ditch the beer can, save the world (pretty much)

A good-looking whip made specifically for hauling beer

A Breckenridge distillery accidentally started an international competition that involves lining up hundreds of people to all do a shot of alcohol at the same time. Now the town has to defend the title.

That shaker pint you get at the bar is doing your tastebuds no favors, and craft glassware makers want to change that

The best way to avoid hangover pain is to drink sensibly. But if you can’t follow that rule, we tested the most recent products to take a shot at relief.

This iconic drink deserves the right drinking vessel

Flow yoga takes on a whole new meaning when it's the suds that are flowing