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Six accessories to get your entire crew on the water

Stowable craft that can handle whatever the water deals you

This hybrid twin fin will change how you hunt for waves

This batch is up for adventures big and small

These bottoms can tackle any wave—and then hit the bar

It might not be time to head out on a big excursion yet, but it's a great time to get inspired.

From comfortable wetsuits to bags that protect my board from dings

They'll be ready for whatever the coast can throw at them

Score peak-season waves no matter how low the mercury goes

Make the most of the warm days with these river and lake essentials

A smoldering solution for a wide range of conditions

Suits for women with butts, boobs, and big-wave dreams

Don't let your insecurities stand in the way of what you want to do

Two Outside gear editors go head to head in a contest to see who can set up the new Oru Inlet kayak fastest

Keep your gear compact and safe with these handy haulers

It's not good enough to simply keep one with you while you're on the water. You've got to know how to work it.

You can't put a price on the peace of mind that comes with good gear organization

Perform your best in these stylish yet technical bottoms

Surf-ready bikinis and one-pieces that protect and flatter

An asymmetrical board with a blazing performance

Boards, apparel, and accessories for all kinds of watery pursuits

Bikinis that stand up to every wave for women who rip

A boat that can jump out of the water like a dolphin? This I had to try.

Gear editor Emily walks us through Alpacka Raft's Wolverine during the brand's trip to the Outside office.

Don’t let the StairMaster aesthetics fool you: this thing can move

Turns out the brand that makes my favorite PFDs also knows its footwear

Versatility is the name of the game

Pedal-powered boats are coming to the masses

It’s south-swell season. Make sure you have the right board.

Slip-ons and lace-ups for your soggiest adventures

Tried and true gear for river, lake, and ocean play

Wherever the waves take you, you’re covered

We asked seven pro athletes about the no-fuss swimwear they rely on when surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and racing and training in the pool

Normally, not something you want a shark scientist to say. But Eric Stroud is talking about his chemistry-lab quest for the ultimate shark repellent, which he appears to have found. The questions that remain: Does it work on the great white, the ocean’s most fearsome predator? And can a couple of rookie entrepreneurs get it to market?

Royal Carribean and Snapchat teamed up to develop a scuba mask with built-in Snapchat Spectacles.

Though he's a married man, Landon Mace finds that theres only one thing on his mind, trout.

From apparel to accessories, this gear will make sure your time on the water is well-spent

A celebrated origami boat gets a crucial upgrade

Just add water. And, in some cases, air.

Our new favorite way to spend time on the water.

Gear to get after it, on the water or the snow.  (Red Paddle Co.) Red Paddle Co. Explorer+ Board Guaranteed Pleaser Red Paddle Co. uses hard plastic rail reinforcements to make the stiffest inflatable stand-up paddle-boards on the market. Case in point, the 13'2″ Explorer+ board is sturdy enough to carry…

On the other side of the glossy sport are skilled craftsmen who keep the boats afloat. We visited one crowded workshop in the village of Greenport, New York, to see where the magic happens.

Dorky? Yeah. But also insanely packable, versatile, and easy to use.

Who needs a regular fishing boat when you can have this thing instead?

First there was an algae-based surfboard. Now we have El Portobello—a sustainable board you can grow yourself.

Record low snowpack in the Golden State means lower streams and, sadly, fewer opportunities to fish and paddle.

Because a world without internal-frame backpacks, bike derailleurs, and wetsuits would be a darker place

Ditch that paddle and put the pedal to the seas.

A nonprofit aims to publicize never-before-seen footage of marine life in its natural, undisturbed habitat. The goal? Develop the ultimate marine observation tool.

For adventurers, explorers, athletes—and anyone else who's been really, really good this year.

Unleash 493 horses on the water with this versatile transformer.

The short answer: Absolutely. For a detailed breakdown of inexpensive, beginner-friendly fly-fishing gear, I contacted my friend Ryan Allred, owner of Jefferson Flywater. Allred’s worked as a guide for 20 years and holds a master’s degree in environmental science with an emphasis on fisheries. Here’s the gear…

Buy equipment you don't have to feel guilty about using.

In October, 12 women will compete in one of the world's oldest male-dominated sports. The race? A 38,000-mile monster through pirate-infested waters and rough seas.

These stripes could keep you from becoming shark bait

Nine health and grooming tools for maximum good clean fun

A funky design taken from humpback whales

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history, just signed with the relatively unknown swimwear brand Aqua Sphere. And it's about to send him even higher into the swimming world's stratosphere.

It might actually improve your surfing.

Gear that plays well when wet, whether it’s at the beach, in the river, or around town

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