Details on routes, weather, fuel, and gear for tackling the rim-to-rim-to-rim challenge

Impossible is an upcoming documentary from Upslope Productions that follows five athletes as they take on La Ultra, a 333-kilometer ultramarathon with a 72-hour cutoff. The single-stage race crosses through the Ladakh region of the Indian Himalayas and presents an unforgiving environment. This trailer…

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Chasing the Distance, a film from Tandem Still + Motion and the Sierra Club, is a look at the lives of ultrarunning athletes Rob Krar and Christina Bauer. Krar, who holds the FKT on the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim run, and Bauer share…

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This clip is the opening scene of Outside Voices, a new film from Joel Wolpert about the life of ultrarunner Jenn Shelton. Shelton, best known for her part in the book Born to Run, lives in a small van known as “Hi-C” and travels the Mountain West spreading her…

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This fall, world-renowned ultrarunners Mike Wolfe and Mike Foote partnered with photographer Steven Gnam to run across some of the highest, wildest mountain ranges in the Lower 48, with as little gear as they could get away with.

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Over the past decade, ultrarunning has gone from a fringe pursuit for distance freaks to a hypercompetitive sport attracting big-time sponsors. But a mysterious training condition is suddenly plaguing its ranks, robbing a generation of top athletes of their talents and forcing victims to wonder: Is it possible to love this sport too much?

In the grueling world of ultrarunning, she's an anomaly: a low-key athlete who thrives on unstructured training, competes by instinct, and crushes men in the sport's most prestigious race

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With warp-speed ascents that include the Matterhorn (1:56) and Denali (9:43), ultrarunner turned alpinist Kilian Jornet Burgada is the king of the endurance world's latest obsession: fastest known times. And now he plans to run up Everest.

Inspired by an infamous assassin's escape from prison, the Barkley Marathons just might be the toughest race on the planet: a 100-mile-long, unsupported slog through the Tennessee backcountry that only 14 people have ever finished. Madison Kahn spoke to three of the event's regulars to get the story behind the Barkley.