The female contingent at the infamous race was large and strong this year, despite terrible weather conditions

Designed by Jenny Jurek, who crewed her husband, Scott, on his record-setting AT run in 2015, this fold-out gear "bag" is an organization freak's dream

On working through the lifestyle changes—from pizza to chafing—that come with an obsessed significant other

An excellent shoe for easy singletrack and mixed runs

From filmmaker Robin Lee, Breaking 60: Challenging the Impossible is about the Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra.

Sometimes they're the difference between a PR and a DNF

Your first ultra will be hard, but these races will make it just a bit easier

In the West, where it's stupidly easy to get scorched, it's best to show less skin. These sun gloves help.

Ultrarunner and author Mirna Valerio on the TransRockies Run, snags, and just some of the things her body is capable of

Ultrarunner Ryan Sandes has been running the trails around his home in Cape Town since he was a boy. So when the Ultra Trail Cape Town race was centered around those very trails, it was more like a homecoming than a race. 

Ultrarunner Clare Gallagher says that while Cat’s been making a name for herself in trail running, this goal has always been at the top of her list

Aniceto Almeida rode his bike more than 3,000 miles to the Atacama Crossing desert race without an entry spot. Vladmi Virgilio, a blind ultrarunner, showed up without a guide. Both trusted that it would all work out.

A new book delves into the science of mountain-ultra-trail running

Sure, Joe Grant may be known as "the runner guy", but to the folks who know him best, there's something far deeper motivating him than just running.

When running four marathons in a row, it helps to enlist a professional for help. I tested a bunch of her advice so you don't have to.

The ultrarunner and endurance coach’s must-haves for the trail and life

From 9MindAsylum, Controlled Silence shares the journey of Lithuanian military veteran and trailrunner Gediminas Grinius through PTSD.

Less than two months after winning UTMB, D'Haene ran the 210-mile trail in under three days

Ryan Sandes is a prestigious ultrarunner from South Africa. After a few disappointing finishes, he set his sights on Western States 2017.

With so few women in ultrarunning, we should be doing everything we can to encourage female participation

From 9Mind Asylum, Lighting The Fire: Episode Two follow Jim Walmsley's bid at a new record at Western States.

What is a skyrace you may ask? Well, it's a niche discipline within ultra running focused on running over mountain ranges or, as its founder Marino Giacometti put it, running where the earth meets the sky.

Less than one year ago, ultrarunner Adam Campbell fell 100 feet over a cliff. Doctors weren't sure he'd ever walk again. Last weekend, he finished one of the most difficult ultramarathons in the world.

Or anyone who's run farther than is reasonably fun

Meet Remi Bonnet. This jack-of-all trades athlete is living a quintessential life in the mountains near Charmey, Switzerland

Jornet won for the fourth year in a row, despite falling and dislocating his shoulder at mile 14, popping it back into place himself, and running the remaining 86 miles with his left arm in a makeshift sling.

You may think all trucker hats are created equal. Think again.

From RunSteepGetHigh Ice.Fire.Grit. follows elite runners Jim Walmsley, Ryan Sandes, Clare Gallagher, and more as they compete in one of the most challenging Western States races to date.

Anna Frost's triathlon team was setting up gates for the New Zealand Mountain Running Championships when her coach urged her to enter. When she won, the New Zealand team called her up to the big leagues.

It's within this cavern of discomfort where we take stock of our courage—and figure out what we're made of

From 9MindAsylum, "Wrong Turns", brings you along with ultrarunner Jim Walmsley in what was supposed to be his breakout race at Western States.

In a sport plagued by career-ending injuries, somehow Walmsley hasn’t been hurt once during his phenomenal stretch of success

Caribou Legs, a film from The Solidarity Union, follows Bradley Firth as he runs from 4,600 miles from Vancouver to St. John's. He battles his own inner demons of drug addiction and alcoholism while raising awareness for systemic violence against indigenous women.

With their new drug testing policy, race organizers hope to lead ultrarunning's anti-doping charge—but the sport still has a long way to go

He made it from advanced base camp to the summit in 17 hours

After a cancellation in 2015 due to drug violence, nearly 1,000 Tarahumara gathered in Copper Canyon this March to run the brutal, unrelenting 50-miler

Ultrarunning is as tough on the mind as it is on the body, so the sport's best have developed mental strategies to reframe their darkest moments. Their techniques can help us all get more from our training.

There's something crucial missing from your race-day training, and it has nothing to do with mileage, time, or intervals

After 'Born to Run' introduced the world to the Tarahumara people and the healthful chia that grows on their land, they may have found a way to turn the seeds into economic stability

In the early 80's an eclectic group of runners became discontent with only marathon distances. Soon, their HURT Ohana began to grow and organize.

Ultrarunner Anton Krupicka’s Boulder apartment is just steps away from the Flatirons and is packed with climbing tools, bikes, skis, and endless shoes.

The Distance is a short film from TRUE MVMNT about ultrarunner Jim Walmsley. He's quickly risen through the ranks of trail running, blowing past old records on his way.

Blood analysis! Fat burning! Centenarians and pockets full of bacon! All that, plus six more of the biggest fitness trends from this year.

Everyone likes to run fast. Here are the courses where you’re most likely to set a PR.

Here’s what it takes to fuel someone who’s running over 70 miles a day for 42 days

We crunched the numbers and consulted the pros to answer the perennial barstool debate

Pete Kostelnick just broke one of the toughest running records in history, logging an average of 72 miles for 42 days straight. He's the latest in a line of runners going back 120 years who have tested their mettle by crossing the country on foot.

I called up a handful of skiers, climbers, runners, and kayakers to find out how their tools have helped them during off-the-grid adventures

"Moments at Elevation," from filmmaker Isaiah Jay, explores the spirit, struggle, and magic of that empowers hopefuls across the finish line.

This past Tuesday, Walmsley shattered Rob Krar’s record for the double-crossing of the Grand Canyon—or, as it’s called, Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim.

Earlier this year ultra runner Jason Schlarb, ski mountaineers Scott Simmons and Paul Hamilton and filmmaker Noah Hamilton attempted the first ever winter crossing of the famous Hardrock 100 Ultramarathon route through Colorado's San Juan Mountains.

With nothing more than his bike, running shoes, and small amount of gear, Joe Grant managed to climb every fourteener in Colorado in record time. Here’s how he pulled it off.

On Sunday morning, Karl Meltzer broke Scott Jurek's year-old Appalachian Trail speed record, completing the 2,190 mile trek in 45 days, 22 hours, and 38 minutes. Here, the winningest 100-mile racer in history tells us how he pulled it off.

Alone, these tiny details won't boost performance much. But their sum could mean the difference between a good race and a PR.

Without all the distraction of stop lights and traffic, wilderness running connects Callon with the natural world around him.

Wally Hesseltine's goal: to become the oldest finisher of the Western States 100 in history.

At 100 miles long, and with more than 33,000 feet of elevation gain and descent, the Hardrock 100 has long been considered one of the world’s toughest ultras.

Tunes that’ll help power you through a workout or find zen during a long trail run

Discovery's new show 'American Tarzan' pits climbers, runners, and lifters against each other in a 'Survivor' meets 'American Ninja Warrior' showdown

Miles Away is a short video from climber Dave MacLeod about ultrarunner Alicia Hudelson and her love for running in the mountains

For the first 93 miles of last weekend’s Western States 100, 26-year-old Jim Walmsley was on pace to shatter the course record. Spectators following Walmsley’s progress—both along the trail in Northern California and via social media—were dumbfounded: Western States is considered one of the most competitive ultras in the world, and this was Walmsley’s first-ever 100-mile race. Then, just seven miles from the finish, he disappeared.

Crib from Krar’s experience to get the most out of your summer runs.

The British ultramarathoner is currently on pace to break the trans-American record, but followers of his run are already crying foul

Ultrarunner Mina Guli completed 40 marathons across seven deserts on seven continents in seven weeks

You're going to fill every free day—from Memorial Day through Labor Day—with wild races, delicious food and drink, good music, and an abalone or two

"When I was a little child, I never imagined there could be so much water in the mist."

Ultrarunner Alistair Gray trains for the West Highland Way, a 96-mile race in the North West Highlands of Scotland.

"Our biggest problem is that we don't include ourselves in nature. We exclude ourselves as something different from nature, and we're not. We're part of nature."

"I think that if you know there's a problem, you have to do something about it."

In the documentary 'The Last Time I Heard True Silence' former Marine Noah Cass enters a 50-mile wilderness race having completed only one marathon prior.

Mina Guli ran 40 marathons across seven deserts on seven continents in seven weeks. Here's why.

Attempting the Hardrock 100 in winter—with avalanche danger, buried trails, no aid stations—is almost unthinkable

Mina Guli runs 40 marathons across seven deserts on seven continents in seven weeks.

The Khardung La Challenge is the highest ultramarathon in the world.

Details on routes, weather, fuel, and gear for tackling the rim-to-rim-to-rim challenge

Impossible is an upcoming documentary from Upslope Productions that follows five athletes as they take on La Ultra, a 333-kilometer ultramarathon with a 72-hour cutoff. The single-stage race crosses through the Ladakh region of the Indian Himalayas and presents an unforgiving environment. This trailer…