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Fighting sickness and the desire to do too much in the Sonoran Desert

From better casings and increased sidewall protection to varied compounds for better grip and new sizes, rubber for the road and the trail is improving

Five reasons our bike editor loves the Arizona city, from its rocky trails to its warm weather to its great beer

Don't underestimate these worthy steeds

Arizona's Mt. Graham was always there to climb. We just had to stop and do it.

Racks to headlamps, we tried it all at our annual bike test in Tucson, Arizona

Follow the lead of elite athletes and use the science of motivation to perform at your best

Learn to build a fire, track animals, and forage for wild food—and still sleep in a bed

That's how Mark Twain defined a gold miner. But when our writer heard head-spinning treasure tales from a legendary prospector named Flint Carter, he organized a full-scale expedition into the mountains near Tucson, Arizona. Following a hand-drawn map, the team lit out for the harsh Sonoran Desert hopped up on gold fever in search of the fabled Lost City.

It used to be that people would go on vacation to relax, drink cocktails from coconut shells, and sit by the beach with a trashy paperback. But more and more now, people are shelling out big bucks to travel to posh resorts and get their butts kicked exercising…

Kicking off the New Year at a kid-friendly adventure resort.

There are two choices when confronting the current chaos in the job market: Be afraid. (Useless.) Be bold. (That’s the spirit.) Because moments of turmoil present the biggest opportunities to take a new direction, to find an employer who gets your need for adventure, to finally break free of the cubicle. How We Picked…

Durango, Colorado

Time to tune up that garageful of gear (we don't mean lawn chairs) and devote your next outing to full-throttle fun.

Our two-week pleasure tour samples the best of Canada's most bountiful province

California: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Today's topic: We rank the Top 40 schools where you can hit the books AND the backcountry. Your assignment: Rappel off that ivory tower and take our cram course on America's most adrenaline-friendly colleges. You'll come for your B.A. (Bachelor of Adventure) and want to stay for life.

Monsoon hopeful: Arizona’s Mount Lemmon Q: We had planned a climbing trip to northwest New Mexico and southeast Arizona but are worried there’s nowhere open given the recent fires. We’re looking specifically for top-roping spots. The skill level in our group ranges from amateur to intermediate, and…