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The Fast Forest Project is honoring the fastest American milers as part of a broader sustainability initiative

As we say good-bye to 2022 and the amazing year of running highlights, it’s time to start thinking about all of the possibilities for 2023 and beyond.

The post–Usain Bolt era has delivered a bevy of thrilling performances

With new young stars emerging and world records broken, the World Athletics Championships delivered excitement and action on American soil

There’s no sport whose feats of athletic brilliance are more accessible to the masses

A new documentary includes shocking new information about how track’s greatest distance runner came to the UK

In the age of preapproved interview questions and endless PR, there should still be space for something unexpected

To make the World Athletics Championships team, American athletes must finish in the top three at one of the most competitive meets ever held

We put this spring’s super spikes to the test on the oval and sorted the top models for each distance, plus the best-value options on the market

A very niche scandal at an Arizona high school takes the debate about running etiquette to another level

This weekend’s Millrose Games will provide a midwinter highlight and a much needed counterpoint to the marathon

LA Saves Track wants to give the oldest high school in the city a facility it can be proud of

For New Generation Track and Field, established media companies are too stuck in their ways

The Tokyo Games reminded us why athletics remains the greatest show on earth

No runner has ever won the 5,000-meter, 1,500-meter, and 10,000-meter treble at the same Olympics. But there have been other memorable distance triples and doubles.

In what might be the first step toward an unprecedented triple, the Dutch runner won two races on the same day

Despite IOC malfeasance and the ongoing pandemic, the five-ring spectacle is too seductive to ignore

Five years after the Vaporfly upended marathon running, track shoes are set to star in Tokyo

After two more star runners have been excluded by World Athletics’ policy, the governing body will have to reap what it has sown

With Rule 40 restrictions looming, this is the time for athletes to tout their sponsors

The multiple American record holder is a huge fan favorite—does that give us a biased view of her case?

After 2020, holding the event at all will be a victory in itself

A new study tries—and fails—to predict athletic greatness with a DNA test. Thank goodness.

Former Princeton runner Russell Dinkins argues that universities should preserve their "most accessible" sport

'Win at All Costs' is an indictment of more than just the Nike Oregon Project

'The Stand' has its moments, but struggles to add to the legacy of Tommie Smith and John Carlos 

With a little help from technology, Joshua Cheptegei took down the 5,000-meter world record in Monaco last week

The company is upending the traditional athlete contract model, by hiring Mary Cain and Nick Willis as full-time employees

Coogan's was in business for 35 years but fell victim to the coronavirus pandemic

You know things are bad when the athletes and USATF are on the same page

Iain Mickle's secret to tackling sub-three-hour marathons late into his fifties? Running buddies.

Track and field's governing body, World Athletics, has prohibited racing in prototypes and issued a limit on stack heights

From Caster Semenya to the rise and fall of the Oregon Project, it's been an eventful ten years

Crunching the data suggests that distance runners at this year’s track world champs paced more aggressively than ever

For years, the Oregon Project coach pushed the boundaries of what was allowed. Now, it has finally caught up to him.

The IAAF World Championships are happening when the season should already be over

After cruising to victory in Doha, Caster Semenya’s athletic future is up in the air

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has decided in favor of “necessary discrimination”

The IAAF is worried about “losing the next generation of female athletes.” Here's a breakdown of both sides of the debate.

What’s worse than missing a world record by one-hundredth of a second?

If a pro runner gets hurt during competition, should meet organizers foot the bill?

‘The Runner’ features Charles Nkazamyampi​​​​​​​'s return to his home in Burundi to mentor kids in need of support

Jakob Ingebrigtsen became a “professional” runner as a child. Is that a recipe for future success?

After years of being the bad guy, athletics’ international governing body is in a unique position to defend what’s right.

U.S. women runners are on fire right now. Why are most of them coached by men?

Because running doesn’t have to be dorky

An in-depth biomechanical analysis of nearly everyone at the world track championships yields unexpected results

American sprinting, Shelby Houlihan, Caster Semenya. The list goes on.

South African Caster Semenya will challenge the new rule in court, while the science looks a little shaky

They might seem arbitrary, but benchmarks help define the sport

Elite runners often compete in shoe prototypes. Should the practice be banned?

The pro runner suffered an injury in the middle of the Olympics. Here's how she plotted her comeback.

The recent story about Katelyn Tuohy perpetuates a dangerous narrative: that normal physical development is a hurdle to overcome

Beer tents, circus acts, and Olympic-caliber performances: the Night of the 10,000 PBs is the future of track and field

After a series of postponements, a tentative construction date is scheduled for July. Not everyone is happy about it.

It's too easy for runners to get disqualified

This weekend in New York City, a group of runners braved 211 laps around the track in pursuit of a niche world record

A running-obsessed owner. Tons of track memorabilia. What's not to love?

International federations are putting quotas and policies in place to encourage gender parity at the highest levels. How much change will come of it? 

She just made her first national team—after 13 failed attempts

Athletes have been shattering "expert" forecasts for the ultimate limits of our species for more than a century

Sally Bergesen, founder of Oiselle and a running activist, asks why don't we have established women's equivalents of the four-minute mile or the two-hour marathon

Every sport has moments it would rather forget

The headlines can be misleading, particularly with track’s most famous doper

Yes, televised track and field can be exciting. But don’t take our word for it.

Caster Semenya and Dutee Chand, female athletes with atypically high testosterone levels, are drawing attention to the very messy debate about who counts as a woman in track and field

The Jamaican sprinter always seemed to be having a great time. We'll miss him.

It’s no secret that the sport is hurting—here’s how it might regain some of its lost appeal

Yes, he was a shameless self-promoter. Yes, we need more athletes like him.

In an effort to be more inclusive and entice more viewers, the 2020 Games will feature a mixed 4x400

It's been more than four decades since his death, and distance running hasn't yet found anyone who can match his bravado

The company's first track spikes blast through turns like no other

A new proposal would scrap all track and field world records set before 2005, all in the name of the war on doping. Will the radical measure do any good?

Why it's more upsetting when endurance athletes fail drug tests than when NFL or MLB players do.

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