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Maybe you don't want to live in a 200-square-foot house full-time, but you wouldn't mind vacationing in one

There's one thing Zack Giffin won't give up in his Tiny House Nation contract, and that's two weeks chasing powder in Alaska.

Nowhere is the quest for simplicity and freedom more pronounced than in the tiny-house movement, which has grown from hipster alternative to mainstream phenomenon faster than an Amish barn raising. Mark Sundeen joins the believers to ask: Has the dream gotten too big?

Your next vacation should be in a tiny home

We talked to four modern-day nomads to find out why they chose to live like this and to hear some of their stories from life on the road.

In Colorado, small units could be the solution to a chronic mountain-town problem: lack of affordable housing for the people who work there

Be ready to simplify before jumping on the tiny-house bandwagon.