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Massive swells are flooding coastal communities and demolishing coastal structures in Northern California, and making for good surfing further south.

Florence, a world champion, grew up exploring this Hawaiian Island. Here are his favorite off-the-radar places to surf, hike, sail, and chill on empty beaches.

From crabbing and surfing the iconic coast to hiking and biking the redwood-covered hills, the San Francisco Bay Area enclave of Marin County is an awesome destination for recreationists and foodies year-round. Here’s how to do it right.

It’s possible to visit the stunning Hawaiian island even if you’re on a budget, especially if you’re willing to get adventurous

John John Florence has remarkable physical talents, but his greatest asset as an athlete might be his enduring positive attitude

After a season full of highs and lows, episode 11 of "Kelly Slater: Lost Tapes" brings Slater to his final contest on the island's North Shore

Slater reconnects with an old friend and colleague who is planning their own retirement

The Surf Ranch in California is home to Kelly Slater's personal manmade wave

What’s a traveler’s responsibility when a once quiet destination gentrifies?

It's Slater's first time returning to Japan since 1990

Locals, visitors, and surfers especially were all stoked at the prospect of experiencing the rare south swell on its way from Tahiti. But for the lifeguards on duty, it meant rip currents, broken boards, and, as it turned out, an insane number of people in the water who needed a helping hand.

This is the seventh episode of ‘Kelly Slater: Lost Tapes,’ an 11-part series with behind-the-scenes footage of the surfer’s career

The longtime pro surfer and adventurer endured massive swells and perilous weather on his 2,400-mile voyage from California to Hawaii—all in a 20-foot survival craft

This proves easier said than done when he’s hit with a back injury and faces tough competition in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

With the energy from the fans comes more pressure, and Slater must fight to stay focused

The region is known for its powerful surf, sweeping wineries, and stunning vistas

In the third episode of ‘Kelly Slater: Lost Tapes,’ Slater travels to Bali where he learns some sad news about his friend

While preparing for the championship tour, Slater finds the time to meet with young surfers and inspire their surf dreams

Footage follows Slater as he travels the world, prepares for competitions, and connects with this community in Australia

After traveling to Ireland, members of the Goat Surf Club discuss the importance of highlighting environmental issues in their film series

The endangered goats may not realize it, but their conservation grazing is helping protect the Irish countryside from wildfires

The Irish organization Hometree aims to bring biodiversity back to Ireland through planting trees in the town of Ennistymon

Beyond surfing, the trio of friends also want to help raise awareness for environmental issues around the world

The film ‘Mr. Kookbox’ shows what inspires his work

Once you try a changing poncho, you’ll never go back to a normal towel—they’re that useful. This 100 percent cotton number from Vissla is soft, absorbent, and makes swaps to bathing suits a breeze. And you can’t go wrong with the halcyon, ‘70s-inspired print.

In an exclusive interview about his first album in five years, the multiplatinum-selling musician opens up about his competitive side, songwriting, and the struggle to stay optimistic in trying times

Most surf films portray riding waves in a purely positive light. A new Apple TV+ docuseries and the documentaries ‘Waterman’ and ‘Havana Libre’ take a nuanced look at a spectrum of experiences amid the waves

Last weekend, 500 people headed to Huntington Beach, California, to participate in what is believed to be the largest-ever gathering of Black surfers

Perfect for the on-the-go adventurer, these portable products make sunscreen application—and reapplication—easy

Masterful sleds for a variety of conditions

Surf companies have been ignoring compelling research that could make wetsuits warmer and easier to paddle in. Two scientists are making sure someone listens.

The real-life action heroes swapped their boards for tuxedos to present a James Bond anniversary homage at the Oscars. We should’ve known they’d land it.

Enjoy riding frozen waves more than ever with these items

In the final episode of ‘Goat Surf Club: Trapped in Morocco,’ the surfers find a repatriation flight out of Morocco

After enjoying their time in Morocco, members of the Goat Surf Club were ready to head back home

This film series follows three surfers stuck in Morocco after the country closed its borders to reduce the spread of the omicron COVID-19 variant

What began as a simple surf vacation turned into a wild adventure when Morocco closed its borders and banned incoming and outgoing flights

In his new book ‘Wayward: Stories and Photographs,’ Chris Burkard takes readers behind the camera on his quest for meaningful experiences

The sport’s top women have wanted their own Pipeline Pro for years. At long last, they’ve got it.

What it feels like to rescue a surfer from the massive winter waves that crash into the Hawaiian island

With increased coastal flooding and erosion, climate change is harshing California’s mellow vibes. Officials say it’s time to retreat from the shore altogether. Residents want to stay and fight. Paul Kvinta reports from the front lines of a pitched battle, where geologists and millionaires are squaring off, and friendly fire between surfers isn’t so friendly.

It’s been another challenging year, but some people thrive on adversity. Here are the athletes, activists, tree planters, chefs, filmmakers, and other disrupters who changed our world for the better in 2021. Plus: Meet Carissa Moore, surfing’s first female olympic gold medalist.

Meet the grassroots movement of women fighting to open up surfing to a more diverse range of body types

Cold water is no obstacle if you’re prepared

How Susan Orlean reported the classic Outside story about the surf girls of Maui

Patagonia recently updated the Willard Bascom classic ‘Waves and Beaches’

Our experts sought out epic adventures in every landscape, from new desert outposts to off-the-grid wellness retreats, with plenty of trails, beaches, and base camps—all perfect to give or get

Leaf peeping in New England. Surfing California’s coast. Cruising Alaska’s Inside Passage (yes, Alaska, in fall). We scoured the world to find the absolute best destinations to satisfy your autumn wanderlust—especially this year, when we all have a little cabin fever.

Leaf peeping in Colorado. Surfing the Azores. Cruising Alaska’s Inside Passage—yes, Alaska, in fall. We scoured the world to find epic adventures and stunning destinations to satisfy your autumn wanderlust, especially this year, when we all have a little cabin fever.

What started as a fun personal challenge turned into a three-year van-life journey that pushed our writer to explore the most remote coasts in the United States

After more than 25 years of deliberation, the sport of kings finally makes its debut at the Games

The first Yulex wetsuits were expensive and stiff, but with more wetsuit makers adopting the technology, that’s changed

This year, three new adventure sports will make their debut in Tokyo. Prepare yourself for the action with these books, documentaries, and more.

Born in Surf City USA, and the descendant of an actual samurai, Japan’s surfing superstar is ready for the sport’s debut on the world stage.

We travel along with Ed Knight to understand what it means to put food on your table and put back what you don’t need

Spearfishing for Mark Healey is mostly about “observing and trying to be a noninvasive part of that environment.”

Our writer, a lifelong surfer, tries to find out

Looking to progress in your sport? From deepwater soloing in Majorca to mountain biking in New Zealand, these trips will take you to the next level.

We asked movers and shakers in different corners of the outdoor world about what people can do to make certain spaces and sports more welcoming for all

It’s finally time to take that beach vacation. You might as well post up right by the ocean.

This hybrid twin fin will change how you hunt for waves

Pre-owned gear is easier on the planet and your bank account

The best way to refuel after a perfect day of adventure? With your crew at one of these ideally located watering holes.

A six-part documentary series chronicles big-wave surfer Billy Kemper’s near-death experience and his path to recovery

An experimental surf film, with expressive shots of African landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife

A surfer takes solace in the dark before the dawn

From comfortable wetsuits to bags that protect my board from dings

When a massive swell surprised author William Finnegan, he was left with only one option: paddle for his life

Our advice on which park to visit each month of the year to see peak wildlife, foliage, and flower blooms—and to avoid the crowds

What does it take to get through the worst-case scenario? A very special combination of physical and mental strength.

In an excerpt from his new book 'Beginners: The Joy and Transformative Power of Lifelong Learning,' Outside contributing editor Tom Vanderbilt takes up surfing as part of an experiment to learn new skills as an adult and discover the benefits of being a grown-up novice

These eight titles will keep your wanderlust fired up for when it's safe to travel again

How Spain's Natxo González prepares his body and mind to tackle the biggest swell on earth

Waves for Change brings surf therapy to children who experience high levels of stress and trauma

Score peak-season waves no matter how low the mercury goes