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As one of the northernmost settlements on earth, the Norwegian hamlet of Longyearbyen has become a magnet for adventurous souls looking to start a new life. But when an unsettling crime happened, it brought home a harsh reality: in the modern world, trouble always finds you.

Skiers Jordy Norris and Ben Osborne chase elusive snow in a variety of Russian landscapes, like the Caucasus range and Sochi

The political dispute between Russia and Ukraine combined with weather to close down the Barneo ice camp

2019 has already been an eventful year in doping news. If the Olympics don’t care about clean athletes, why should we care about the Olympics?

After years of being the bad guy, athletics’ international governing body is in a unique position to defend what’s right.

Dissatisfied with the plateau in his riding, mountain biker Patrick 'Bengel' Rasche looks toward Kamchatka, Russia's looming volcanoes for inspiration.

The USOC has failed to do enough to protect American athletes from abuse for years. Getting rid of its chief executive won't do anything to solve the problem.

I’m also an avid sportsman and one of my firearms is an AR-15. So you might be surprised that I've never joined the NRA—nor ever will.

On the border between Russia and Finland, a band of Finnish soldiers are preparing to defend the country if the Bear decides to charge

Finland shares an 833-mile border with an aggressive and unpredictable neighbor. That proximity led to a major conflict during World War II—the horrific Winter War—and even now it keeps Finns nervous about Russia’s intentions. David Wolman suited up to train with the elite soldiers who will be on the front lines if this cold feud ever gets hot.

Last winter, the author ventured to the tundra with an extreme tour company promising the ultimate digital renewal—ten days living with nomadic reindeer herders in one of the planet’s last remaining off-the-grid dark spots. Is it really possible to totally unplug?

Patrick Sweeney is on a mission, to ride the seven summits on a bicycle.

Three years ago, Cyrus Sutton and company traveled to Russia to find hidden surf spots. What he found was a rumor of an undiscovered left break only accessible by helicopter or tank.

Pilot Fedor Konyukhov touched down in Bonnie Rock, Australia, having circumnavigated the globe in record time

Halfway around the world, fly-fishing scientists are unraveling the secret lives of giant steelhead—one cast at a time

This is what happens when you enlist fly-fishermen on a scientific quest to save one of the world's last great steelhead populations

Cold war politics between Russia and Norway left a group of polar marathoners, arctic skiers, extreme tourists, and climate scientists in limbo in the Arctic Circle in what might have been the worst season ever for those hoping to reach the North Pole

Winners and losers from today’s historic ruling, and other takeaways

This is the story of a place at the edge of the world, where a black bear ventured into a Russian hamlet and attacked a human. One bear became two, two became dozens, and before long no one would leave their home, and no one had any idea what to do.

The writer's best travel works, compiled in 'Kingdoms in the Air,' are a lesson in curiosity, empathy, and proper fly-fishing technique

Meet Vitaly, a Siberian man who builds skis from timber and coarse animal hair.

In response to Russian doping, U.S. athletes rally around Alysia Montano

Responding to claims of cheating, the country provides a number of excuses to the contrary

The basics and background on the latest doping bomb to drop

Nearly 30 years ago, Jimmy Nelson set it upon himself to document that last of the world's ancient tribes and peoples with his 50-year-old 4x5 film camera.

The winners of the The World at Night's annual photo contest. Whoa!

Home of the Tour de France and the bicycle, the continent is best explored on two wheels

Can an asteroid-impact zone or the shores of a lava lake be beautiful? Absolutely.

For years, it seemed like drug testers would never get ahead of cheaters. The Russian bribery scandal raises an even scarier possibility: the testers are dirty too.

Modern with a rustic edge, Rooms Hotel Kazbegi is an adventure oasis in a country better known for chaos.

Despite the republic's best efforts to modernize, its legacy of trade and cultural expansion still lingers three centuries later

There's a reason exiles dreaded being packed off to Siberia. While retracing the path of a doomed 19th-century U.S. polar expedition in the Russian High Arctic, we encounter swarming mosquitoes, a few Kalashnikovs, an island lost in time, the burial site of ten brave men, and a haunting beauty like nothing we've ever seen.

Architectural firm Bureau Bernaskoni went against the grain when it designed this no-frills Russian getaway.

Determined that Russia will put on the most lavish Winter Games in history, Vladimir Putin has spent $51 billion, quashed environmental critics, and turned one of Europe’s most beautiful natural regions into a construction zone.

Photographer Chris Burkard chartered a Soviet military chopper and four-wheel-drive carrier truck, gathered six of his toughest friends, and set off on a two-week exploration of the remote, wild 780-mile-long Russian peninsula. Guess what he brought back?

We won the European Championship! And all we got was this crappy video.

What's the best way to get to know a new city? Put on your sneakers and move.

Forget the necktie. He doesn’t need another one. Want to let dad know you care? This year, send him on one of these adventures. Don’t have a dad—or don’t care for the one you’ve got? Send yourself.

Start off 2012 right, with a trip to one of the world’s wildest destinations

Decades after the Soviet-era meltdown drove 60,000 people from their homes in the Ukraine, a rebirth is taking place inside the exclusion zone. With Geiger counter in hand, the author explores Europe's strangest wildlife refuge, an enchanted post-apocalyptic forest from which entirely new species may soon emerge.

There was evidence, but no investigation. A crime, but no suspects. Rumors, but no one willing to point the finger. When gunmen massacred up to 20 brown bears near a Canadian grizzly researcher's Kamchatka cabin, the warning was clear: On the lawless frontier of the New Russia, outsiders are no longer welcome.