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Results! We want data. What did the side-by-side Vaporfly/Adios treadmill test show? We found the answers.

A half dozen speedy, and slightly supportive, models to get you through your next half marathon.

The lightweight, beefy Altra Duo 1.5 is built for races but well-suited for logging urban miles.

Sometimes running shoes let you down at the worst possible time. Here's a review of some of the highest profile shoe fails in running history.

An ideal shoe for high-altitude adventure runs

“Last year the Skechers GOrun barely got our attention. One model later, our testers won’t take them off their feet,” we wrote in our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide, awarding it Gear of the Year. We loved these shoes for the new Hyper Burst midsole, which provides a balance of…

We selected these kicks for our roundup of the best men’s winter workout gear in our 2020 Winter Buyer’s Guide. “Turnover feels snappy—ideal for speedy short and middle-distance runs—and the stretchy knit upper affords sock-like comfort without sacrificing ankle support,” our tester wrote.

We featured the Challenger ATR 4 in our roundup of the best trail-running shoes of 2018. Though it’s thick soled, testers described it as “admirably nimble.” It’s great all-around, too: “Extra-long days on hardpack? Easygoing efforts? Both felt great,” our testers wrote.

Before we ban super shoes, we should also be considering if they could reduce injuries.

No longer variations of vanilla, today’s running shoe midsoles come in a variety of flavors, combining innovative materials to create curated rides for every runner.

What you choose for racing shoes depends on the distance, your fitness—and what you like to feel underfoot.

The two-hour barrier and the women’s marathon world record both fell this weekend. The history makers, Eliud Kipchoge and Brigid Kosgei, have one obvious thing in common.

Spry and responsive foul-weather trainers for road and trail

Seven new spiked racers to take care of your feet when tearing up the turf

It’s a lot of travel for little reward

Choosing the best footwear for your Achilles requires balancing protection and strengthening.

Pack these essentials to keep up your workout routine—no matter where you go

Alternative lacing and fit systems now provide ease, precision and adaptability.

Proving that the mid-30s are prime time, the evolved Pegasus everyday trainer excels at almost everything.

That speck, high on the ridgeline, is pastor Sverri Steinholm, who serves as a preacher to the people of his parish and its hospital

We sat through the 20-minute molding process, then took them out on dirt to see how they performed

Always wanting more pockets? Try Rabbit’s Dirt Pounders shorts, which have seven of them for anything else you need to carry.

Whether you're on burly mountain ridges or buffed singletrack, these kicks have you covered

A practical guide for purchasing your next pair of trainers

Running shoes, technical apparel, sports equipment, oh my! These are all among the products whose price tags could be impacted negatively by the trade war with China.

Seven supremely capable shoes for the pavement

Heavy has gone the way of the dinosaur

Performance and comfort, mile after mile

The ubiquitous tapered toebox stems from fashion, not function, and may be the source of your running injuries.

Our top picks for all conditions, from dry or slushy roads to technical or muddy singletrack

Our testers picked the Caldera 2 as one of the best trail runners of summer 2018. “This was the shoe we reached for when we wanted to take it easy on our dogs,” they wrote. “On most trails, the Caldera provided ample protection.”…

In the past few years, trail runners from the French gear company have started showing up on runways. Why?

This road-running shoe is broken up into zones corresponding to each major foot joint, for targeted support that doesn't add weight or bulk

Whatever you want—more support, a quicker turnover, or built-in data tracking—these runners have it

This limited edition, zero-drop, lightly-cushioned racing flat fits like a featherweight slipper and is designed with marathons in mind.

During the running boom of the ’80s, the Azura was one of most sought-after running shoes of the time. Updated for 2019, the shoe now focuses on comfort and stability with a padded tongue and collar, a shock-absorbing EVA midsole, and a durable rubber traction outsole, which provides good grip…

The Brooks Bedlam blends a bouncy responsiveness with a subtle stability system to create a sweet ride even for neutral runners.

This insole works for minimalist or cushioned running shoes, adding dynamic arch support that maintains 100 percent contact with the bottom of your foot. It’s a zero-drop insert with a deep heel cup for added support and a heel pad for shock absorption. You can choose the depth of arch…

The Sof Soles have motion-control heel cups for stability and a bridge that provides support to your arches, but the key to these insoles are the gel pads in the heels, which provide relief from plantar fasciitis. They’re ideal for running and hiking, or just slip them into your work…

The Montrail Enduro is customizable, thanks to a thermo-moldable top layer and thermoplastic shank, which contour to the shape of your foot over time. It has six millimeters of extra cushioning, an impact plate on the bottom, and a top layer designed to wick moisture away from your foot.

The Green has become the industry-standard insole for athletes. It features a deep heel cup, a high-density foam layer, and a stabilizer cap through the heel and midfoot for a blanket of comfort and support that enhances running and hiking shoes for people who don’t need corrective shoes. There’s also…

The Sense Rides are one of our favorite trail runners. The drawcord lacing system makes them easy to slip on, they don’t require a break-in period, and, thanks to the thick, cushioned midsole, our feet are always happy after a few miles of trail-chomping.

Plotting top-100 marathon times for the past decade shows that Eliud Kipchoge’s world record is a huge outlier. The question is why.

Your everyday kicks aren't always comfortable. These new stylish, eco-friendly sneakers are.

Artist Emma Stibbon found inspiration from an Ecuadorian glacier when she set about designing Adidas Terrex's latest shoe. 

Planning to pound out winter miles? Turn to these.

Altra's zero-drop, wide toe-box trail runners—which have become insanely popular with thru-hikers—are designed to mimic your foot's natural shape

The Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, one of the biggest 100-mile races in the world, kicks off Friday at noon ET. Pro runners showed us some of the gear they’ll be using.

The consumer-friendly iteration of the bestselling S/Lab Ultra shoe is comfortable without added bulk

Advice from one very fun runner on how to make every run a good time

After a season of testing, these eight came out on top

The goal: to give your trail runner an extra layer of armor

The partnership between Brooks, HP, and Superfeet uses biomechanical analysis and 3-D foot scanning to create a pair of shoes built especially for you

Three ways to safely clean your running shoes without damaging them

The founder of the Boulder Running Company is opening a new store and merging it with his physical therapy business

Light up the trails with these all-terrain performers

Seven top performers for pounding the pavement

Our editors on what they expect to spend on new gear, with the goal of balancing quality and affordability

Testing three sneakers that claim to hit the cushioning-boost sweet spot

Brands got creative with their special-edition footwear for this year's race

These sports and performance scientists know everything there is to know about body mechanics, injury prevention, speed, and physiological potential. Here are the shoes they lace up when they hit the pavement.

An excellent shoe for easy singletrack and mixed runs

If I could only have one pair of shoes, this would be it

Eight foam hogs that know how to boogie

Altra founders Golden Harper and Brian Becksted will remain involved under the new ownership

Two new running shoes designed specifically with the ultrarunner in mind

After weeks training in this road runner, I believe it's one of the company's fastest shoes yet

From the terminal to the trail, these sneakers can do just about everything

A durable road runner to follow up last year’s 4% mania

It’s official: Nike’s Vaporfly shoes improve efficiency by 4 percent. What does that actually mean for racing?

Pavement? Trail? Snow? These workhorses have you covered.

Brands—especially running shoe makers—don't need global stars like LeBron to boost their image

The next phase of FKT-worthy custom gear puts consumers in the design chair

Shirin Gerami is Iran's first female triathlete and when she couldn't find clothes that would satisfy both her performance and her country, she had to make them.