Running Shoes


These plant-based and recycled-material running shoes are stylish, comfortable — and not ready to be your daily trainers.

Saucony refreshes the Freedom with its top-end foam, making it a springboard to responsive running.

This spring’s hot shoe trend is simplicity: designs that deliver smooth rides and clean lines by avoiding complexity and letting their advanced materials show off.

We combed through hundreds of products to pick these three

The gap between performance and style has never been wider—or has it?

Puma returns to speed with a new line, topped by the super-foam-cushioned and carbon-fiber-plated Deviate Nitro

As scientists continue to debate what elements create super shoe magic, what do we know, and what does that mean for how you select your next racing shoes?

A scientist who argued for stack height limitations explains his reasoning and current thoughts one year after the World Athletics ruling.

This ideal 100k shoe, HOKA's Carbon X 2 shines at all speeds for any stride, making it a super shoe for more than super runners.

La Sportiva's waterproofed Jackal is winter ready, mountain rugged and wide foot friendly.

The rebirth of the original rocker is an attractive, smooth-rolling — but heavy — easy-day shoe.

Marathoners ran 1-2% faster in super shoes and women benefited more than men in analysis of four World Marathon Majors.

We've selected the best road and trail shoes for the year from major brands.

Blast off with the Rocket X, HOKA’s high-end carbon racer for speedy runners.

This update to Altra's burly-soled trail shoe smooths some rough edges, making it livelier, lighter and more flexible.

Topo's new Ultraventure Pro is a rugged, protective long-run or thru hiking shoe that takes on any terrain with panache and won’t soon succumb to wear or tear.

The traction, stability, and protection will arm you for adventure.

This spin-off of the popular Razor is more versatile and durable while providing a light, responsive ride that feels fantastic at all paces.

Brooks improves the fit of the Divide, their all-terrain crossover road/trail shoe — and leaves the versatile, no-nonsense ride alone.

Michael Krajicek is the visionary behind the outlier Atreyu shoe brand.

Don’t let doubts about being a “real runner” scare you off — a running store is your friend to help you run better and more enjoyably.

The Wildcross made our 2021 Winter Buyer’s Guide list of the best running shoes. It “absolutely slays loose, off-trail terrain, firmly grabbing sandy trails, rocks, and mud,” wrote testers Lisa Jhung and Cory Smith. “However, its chops on messy surfaces come at the expense of its ability…

Here’s the environmental impact of a pair of sneakers, and a look at a few companies making the running shoe industry more sustainable.

New Balance offers more underfoot for the trail, in a shoe that balances maximal cushioning with stability and ground feel.

It’s time we broadened our concept of running shoe stability.

The lightweight Altra Torin 4.5 Plush delivers on the cushion its name promises, in a durable, comfortable — but extremely neutral — package.

Faster splits and higher summits are just around the corner

Staying at home has given us an opportunity to go barefoot, thus allowing for comfort, healing, and a transformation of our feet. Here's how to capitalize on those benefits once we're back in the office.

Inov-8’s new ultra trail running shoe combines grippy traction, high-tech cushioning, and enduring comfort to assist you in hours of trail climbing on any terrain.

Skechers adds a flexible carbon-infused rocker plate to its popular Razor, creating an ultra-light speedster that feels spry and smooth at any pace.

This replay of the original Skechers Performance running shoe evokes memories, and a desire to take them out on smooth, speedy runs.

New Balance's long awaited entry into the marathon racer super shoe category, the FuelCell RC Elite, provides an accommodating fit with a bouncy, fast-rolling ride.

There's not a cut-and-dry answer, but there are warning signs that your shoes need replacing.

Swiss footwear company On Running is betting on it

A new study shows how toe spring in shoes reduces the work your foot has to do — and why that isn't always a good thing.

Designed for faster running, this new bouncy, lightweight road running shoe excels. 

In this excerpt from "Kicksology," Brian Metzler takes an in-depth look to try and find the culprit behind the prevalence of injuries in runners.

This updated Topo Ultrafly provides an exceptional fit and a ride that blends comfort, stability and performance.

We wear-tested 12 of the best plate-enhanced racing "super shoes" available this summer and fall to help you find what's best for you when you want to go fast.

A brief history leading to the World Athletics' ruling setting limits on the Nike Vaporfly and similar shoes — and where we are now.

While you won’t run like Mr. Bouncety-Bounce in these cartoon-esque platforms, you will have levity aplenty and an abundance of soft protection.

A "best buy," the Reebok Forever Floatride Energy 2 delivers a soft-and-bouncy ride in a light package with an improved fit.

The Olympic marathon qualifier will be racing in a pair of Cloudflows this Saturday after securing a sponsorship with the Swiss running brand.

Asics' entry into the carbon-fiber wars is a light, low-to-the-ground, energetic racing flat.

New understanding of the importance of fit, comfort and shoe movement puts the top of the running shoe center stage.

The six most influential patents that have changed running shoe design since the mid-1970s.

Explore where the running shoe industry is going next with this excerpt from “Kicksology.”

Dialed-in fit for ease in keeping the rubber side down on technical trails.

Puma's UltraRide delivers more than flashy, futuristic styling; this speedy shoe fits superbly and produces powerful strides.

Running is simple, but the basics are important

Big wheels keep on turning with HOKA’s “hold my beer” trail plow, which now fits better and rolls smoother.

Grip and support on any dirt, at any distance

Kicks to sustain your toughest blacktop efforts

Every year, Outside dedicates two whole magazines to gear. Here's what goes on behind the scenes.

The newest version of Nike's Pegasus lives up to the franchise's versatile daily trainer tradition, and delivers a softer, snappier ride.

3 New trail running shoes that make you feel connected to the terrain and light on your feet.

3 Trail running shoes that will take you from door to mountain top, deftly navigating pavement, gravel, dirt and rocks.

The Wave Horizon 4, Mizuno's plushest trainer, is well appointed for a long run…and creature comfort.

9 keys for new runners to make your running more enjoyable, more effective, and more sustainable.

The EnRoute 3 from Sweden’s premier running brand is a light, bouncy, no-nonsense trainer/racer that moves smoothly and comfortably with your foot.

A “super shoe” with advanced foam and a propulsion plate, the Speed Elite Hyper performs like a close-to-the-ground racing flat.

A departure for Asics, the new Gel Nimbus Lite is less filling, tastes great.

Even with major races postponed, the sport remains upside down, with the focus still on shoes instead of who's wearing them

Dad knees and an aging body changed my mind about Hokas

If a low-top hiking boot and a cushy, lightweight trail runner had a baby, the New Balance Hierro v5 trail shoe would be it.

Salomon’s new Sense Ride 3 is made for the trail yet smooth and resilient enough for the road.

The outlandish-looking trail model is designed to enhance stability. Here's how it stacks up.

In our 2020 Winter Buyer’s Guide roundup of the best running shoes, we recommended the Pegasus 36 Trail for mellow terrain. It has “toothy, multidirectional lugs that gripped dirt and gravel even in a rainstorm, and reinforcement in the upper that lent protection off-road without adding a lot of…

Lessons from a lifetime of testing running shoes: Few are wrong, some are oh-so-right.

Light, speedy models that keep you connected to the road and pushing off quickly and powerfully.

These new models balance strong cushioning with stability and responsiveness to enhance your comfort and ride.

A new breed of stability shoes are sleek, springy and suitable for all runners.

Energy return is the rage these days. These five new models create it in different ways with different results for each runner.

An improved fit and modern aesthetic add to this consistently reliable and affordable everyday trainer.

Under Armour's newest model realizes the full potential of their high-rebound HOVR foam for a comfortable, smooth and snappy ride—plus helps to improve your stride.

The simple story of an unfair shoe with “springs” doesn’t capture the true complexity of the ongoing debate about technology in footwear

Brooks new carbon-fiber shoe rides smoothly and stably, and, on first run, increased pace by 3% at same effort.

New rules appear to be a broadside against Kipchoge's Nike Alphafly, and leave lots of outstanding questions about the Trials and Tokyo.

Track and field's governing body, World Athletics, has prohibited racing in prototypes and issued a limit on stack heights