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Why running is one of the biggest philanthropic sports in the world

Run a marathon. Recover mid-flight to another continent. Run a marathon. Rinse. Repeat. 

Beyond setting a world record in the Alphafly, Eliud Kipchoge is credited with helping to create the supershoe

January marks the season when many professional runners announce sponsorship changes. Here’s why that’s important, and what it means for the future of running.

Read the brightest highlights of the year in marathon running, trail running, triathlon, and the athletes that delivered the inspiration

A head-to-head lab showdown finds that power and efficiency depend on your preferred running surface

What the rest of us can learn from the wildly durable Atlanta Track Club runner

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Runner Carolyn Su creates space for people of color to feel at home in the sport

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After becoming the youngest adult to run 100 marathons, she’s chasing even bigger running goals and helping fellow Dreamers and young women realize their own potential

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Meet the group that's setting a pace for Black women distance runners

Researchers in Japan try to figure out which miles matter most for long-distance runners

“Through this race, we inspire people around us to be better citizens of this world and to transcend themselves”

We ran in ten new supershoes and compared their feel and ride so you can narrow your search for the model that best fits your stride and preferences

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What makes a race special? It’s not the medals, nor post-race massages. In this California town, it’s the local community.

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Six Black women came together to build a running community, but what they created was a foundation for so much more

Named the best shoe for long road runs in our Best Running Shoes of 2021 <a href=””>Best Running Shoes of 2021</a>. gear guide, the HOKA Bondi 7 offers the most cushion of any of their road shoes. Even though these are super plush, the internal heel counters provide plenty…

Training alone can make you stronger, but there’s no substitute for the bond between you and your fellow runners

The retailer is expanding aggressively into the running market, with an eye to attracting new customers

Hawley is lucky that his awkward run didn’t end in injury, writes Zoë Rom

Don’t be afraid to sweat it out in these running pieces

Carryall solutions for every kind of run

Don’t be afraid to sweat it out in these running pieces

The star runner’s decision to be less public on the app illustrates how pro athletes have to find a tricky balance between privacy and exposure

For some pro runners, having the freedom to choose their footwear is worth more than a contract

I am pretty sure no runner who has consistently won races approaches their training in this way

Thanks to a number of world-class races, a community-focused running culture, historical landmarks, and accessible wooded trails, the nation’s capital is one of the best urban running environments in the country

What motivates someone to run more than 3,000 miles around a block in Queens, New York? Transcendence.

These iconic U.S. road races deliver high energy, historic courses, and guaranteed fun

The unlikely new American record holder in the marathon believes her best racing days are still ahead of her

The Olympic medalist turned coach didn’t have time to fully prepare and almost burned out mid-quest. Here’s how she adapted and finished strong.

The case for marking the passage of time by running your ass off

The case for an event that’s somewhere between the Boston Marathon and the Olympic Trials

Getting heckled by construction workers and definitely not crying: a New York City Marathon retrospective

While the benefit to giving elite women their own race seems obvious, the question of giving male marathoners a separate start is more contentious

The AFO-Vent Multi short is one of our favorite pairs for warm-weather runs. “Fashioned from a nylon-spandex blend, these shorts have a stunning five pockets below the waistband,” wrote Buyer’s Guide tester Martin Fritz Huber. “The larger ones at back and side fit gloves, while keys or gels go…

This kit will get you out the door even on cold days

How the wheelchair racer competed in the Chicago and Boston Marathons on back-to-back days

The upstart Swiss company is shaking things up with an unorthodox cushioning system and an emphasis on grassroots marketing

We’ve sweat in them, worn them on muddy trails, and through countless miles on pavement. Now they’re discounted.

As the Fifth Avenue Mile celebrates its 40-year anniversary on Sunday, here’s a look at the legacy of the race

These models will help you push your speed limits

This shoe won our Gear of the Year award in our 2020 Summer Buyer’s Guide. Its “engage-as-needed support system makes for an exceptionally comfortable ride,” wrote our testers. “It’s a great choice for neutral runners whose feet collapse inward when they’re tired and for chronic pronators who’ve…

Your hydration needs are as unique as your training schedule. Here are four picks for every kind of run.

Kicks for getting faster, from race day to recovery jog

Cool clothing for quick laps and high-mileage days

Cool clothing for quick laps and high-mileage days

Researchers are searching for telltale clues in your strength, flexibility, or body position that signal an impending injury. It’s harder than you think.

Seven reasons from Brendan Leonard’s new book ‘I Hate Running and You Can Too’

It breathes and wicks sweat better than any other midlayer I’ve tested

The brand's ethos signals a departure from an apparel industry that has been dominated by giant shoe companies. But can it stay true to the soul of the sport?

Yesterday's race had incredible times, but it all felt a little too perfectly engineered  

After finishing a disappointing 12th place at the 2020 Olympic Trials, he is looking to close out the year with a big win

Both professional and amateur athletes ran virtual iterations of the event in recent days

Our Gear Guy tested five lightweight soft shells, and the Keele was his favorite. “I was most impressed with how [it] almost completely repelled water during the shower test, leaving very little moisture on the interior after 30 seconds,” he wrote. This is the jacket you should grab for…

The world’s best marathoner was the favorite everyone was rooting for

Running across the U.S. on a journey to discover the true America during a period of intense political turmoil and deep divides

Outdoor brands are creating face coverings designed for exercise and outdoor activities like biking and running. Do you need them, and do they work? We break it down.

The two-liter Multipass can be worn as a shoulder sling, but we like it better as a waist pack. The belt wraps around low on the hip bones, so it doesn’t squeeze your stomach, and the bounce is so minimal that we forget we’re wearing it. The bag has enough…

For those who need to run with a phone, finding an accessible option can be hard: squeezing your phone into a plastic sleeve is a pain, and then it’s stuck on your arm, so you can’t actually see it. LifeProof’s Armband fixes that with a click-on/click-off phone attachment that eschews…

Kicks to sustain your toughest blacktop efforts

Gear so light and comfortable, you’ll PR on your morning jog

It's a ways down the list, obviously, compared to people doing actual lifesaving stuff

The women's race was about working together, while the men's race was about fighting alone

'Portraits of a Runner' shows how three dedicated athletes are preparing for the Olympic Trials

From wind-resistant undies to traction devices, build a kit to brave the cold this season

From Caster Semenya to the rise and fall of the Oregon Project, it's been an eventful ten years

At last weekend's California International Marathon, several runners made it by the skin of their teeth

“Last year the Skechers GOrun barely got our attention. One model later, our testers won’t take them off their feet,” we wrote in our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide, awarding it Gear of the Year. We loved these shoes for the new Hyper Burst midsole, which provides a balance of…

From California to New York, we've rounded up 11 of the best trots for your pre-Thanksgiving-meal sweat