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Employees at the Berkeley, California, location voted in favor of unionization this week

The retailer is expanding aggressively into the running market, with an eye to attracting new customers

Vehicle-supported adventuring—sometimes called "fauxverlanding" or "overlanding light"—is introducing a new cohort of consumers to the outdoors

A recent name change is part of the co-op’s strategy to increase its guided-tour business to 3 million customers annually

If successful, the California location would join REI Manhattan as the co-op’s only two unionized stores

If the vote is certified, around 100 employees at REI's flagship store in Manhattan would be represented by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union

The lifetime membership now costs $30 instead of $20, but offers new benefits

Citing Utah's record on public lands, dozens of outdoor brands released a statement today protesting Outdoor Retailer's potential move to Salt Lake City

Outdoor brands are building new retail channels through the sale of used gear

The Lebanon, Tennessee, facility will run on 100 percent clean energy and produce zero waste

The addition of a CCO signals a possible new retail strategy for the outdoor giant

The 24,000-square-foot store signals a continued push into smaller markets for the retail giant

The retailer is dedicating $30 million to two initiatives that will aid BIPOC entrepreneurs in scaling their outdoor businesses

The co-op, which has offered adventure tours in Wyoming for more than a decade, on November 5 will open its first store in the state

WhitePaws RunMitts, based in Baltimore, scored a major retail deal this year

REI is continuing its annual #OptOutside campaign—despite a tough sales environment due to Covid in 2020—by closing its doors on Black Friday and encouraging customers to spend time outdoors

The REI Cooperative Action Fund will support “nonprofit organizations promoting justice, equity and belonging in the outdoors”

More brands are reducing waste by selling used and upcycled gear. It’s good for the environment, but it’s also good for the bottom line.

The outdoor industry is doubling down on sustainability tools and standards to measure and mitigate its environmental impact. Is it working?

The co-op also honored Cannondale, NEMO Equipment, Fjällräven, and Darn Tough Vermont as part of its annual Vendor Partner of the Year awards

The 6,500-square-foot space will be the smallest of the co-op's nationwide locations

The new line from OXO, part of Helen of Troy’s Housewares division, will be sold exclusively at REI starting this month

Patagonia beat out 99 other prominent U.S. businesses in consumer rankings for company ethics, citizenship, and culture

After the co-op reported a double-digit sales decline and a net loss for the year, we took a deep dive into financials across the outdoor industry to see how the retailer compared

Two new eye-catching pieces of gear from HOKA ONE ONE and Cotopaxi dropped this week. They're pretty cool on their own, but the mission behind them makes them even better.

Business without big gatherings hasn't been easy, but the things we’ve learned along the way will resonate for years to come

We examined what some of the industry's top brands are doing on Instagram to engage users and reach new audiences

REI’s ever-expanding ambitions have earned it plenty of fans—and critics—as it’s grown to dominate the outdoor industry. But many feel the retail giant has been made vulnerable by its own hubris. Now that the pandemic has rocked its fortunes, we’re faced with an uncomfortable question: what if the $3 billion co-op isn’t too big to fail?

As you read this, your life savings is funding things that probably repulse you. You’re paying to raze the Amazon, lay pipe across Arctic tundra, and manufacture the cigarette butts that line the bellies of fish. You didn’t make those decisions. But your bank did.

REI has updated its Product Impact Standards, setting new climate and inclusion expectations for its 1,000+ vendors

This year, the question may be more important than ever, but two industry powerhouses—Patagonia and REI—disagree

REI, Patagonia, Outdoor Research, and several other companies have donated time, technology, and thousands of units of PPE to polling places ahead of the election

The retailer has realized its 14-year plan of transitioning to carbon neutral operations by 2020

Thousands of member-owners of Mountain Equipment Co-op have banded together to prevent an American investment firm from buying the company

The company's brand-new, unused complex in Washington sold less than a month after going on the market

With lofty goals to be more inclusive, the outdoor industry is at a crossroads. Some say the key is lower-priced gear

10 ways to make outdoor specialty shops more welcoming to all people, regardless of race, size, gender identity, or expertise

If you’re serious about sustainability, nothing is more eco-friendly than products that don’t need replacing

On September 4, the queer outdoorsman will begin his Run Across Minnesota, promoting diversity in outdoor culture and his Outside Safe Space initiative

Like nature, the outdoor industry needs change, renewal, and adaptation—and disruptors to challenge and supplant the way we do things. Here’s a peek into what’s coming around the bend. Because under the law of evolution, if you don’t adapt, you don’t survive

After a pandemic-prompted trial run, the retailer will deconstruct the traditional idea of "headquarters" in favor of remote, flexible work

After significant layoffs and furloughs earlier this year, REI plans to further reduce its nationwide staff

REI, Patagonia, The North Face, and others have committed to halting ad spends on the platform to protest the tech giant's tolerance of hate speech

In response to the murder of George Floyd, outdoor leaders have released statements condemning racial injustice and institutional violence against the Black community in the United States. Here's a running list

As stores open their doors and welcome customers back, everyone—staff and shoppers alike—face a new normal

Tapping the creative power of its entire team, the apparel company worked outside of the box to rethink packaging

After closing all 162 of its stores last month while keeping employees on the payroll, the company has now decided that many workers will lose income for 90 days

On Sunday, the CDC recommended cancelling or postponing events of 50 or more people for the next eight weeks

Our oceans are filling up with plastic and everyone is scrambling to build more sustainable businesses. So why do we still rely so heavily on polybags for distributing our products? Let’s unpack the history, the challenges, and the possible solutions to eradicating them. Or at least recycling them.

The school is preserving the outdoor industry's history for decades to come

REI and Vista brands kiss and make up, but what are the ripple effects of businesses balancing the books and morals?

The leadership switch follows the sudden resignation of Jerry Stritzke in February

In business for 44 years along the Chattahoochee River, this shop merges surf and mountain culture in a southern state with more than ten million people

Where do we go from here on the journey toward DEI in the outdoor industry?

With sophisticated Asian factories and Amazon, it’s easier than ever to launch a low-cost gear brand. Are companies that prioritize price over innovation a boon to the outdoor industry—or a threat?

Hopefully your brand will never need it, but if you find yourself in hot water, here’s how to minimize the damage and change the course of the conversation

The board and Stritzke agree that relationship with another outdoor industry leader is "perceived conflict of interest"

The industry’s largest specialty retailer is also its most powerful. Does that make it a visionary leader? Necessary evil? Cutthroat competitor? Or something else entirely?

Townsend Bertram & Company’s Betsy Bertram speaks out about the effects of outdoor brands using chiseled models instead of “real women”

The ultrarunner, writer, and Merrell ambassador teaches us to love our bodies and overcome negativity

The industry has made strides in recent years, but there’s much work still to be done

One thing seems clear. Hikers and hunters are in this together

Gun control debate prompts REI to hold orders, MEC to sever ties with Vista Outdoor

As outdoor retail leader grows, it looks to maintain connection its with consumers. Can a larger REI also remain small and local?