Public Lands


When Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke's advocates for "traditional uses," what he means is industrialization

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune on why the land is worth more than just the resources that are on it

Ryan Zinke's report to Donald Trump recommending alterations to 10 national monuments is based on a pack of falsehoods. Here we break down the worst ones.

We're starting a Facebook group where it's safe to dig deep into politics

These are the people who've been fighting for the land’s preservation for over 30 years—and might see it axed in the scratch of a pen

The new bill is part of the GOP's latest assault on public lands

We spoke with four lawyers about the four monuments most likely on Zinke’s chopping block

Over 99 percent of the people who commented on Trump's national monuments review supported the protected areas. Why did Zinke discount the public's voice?

Despite overwhelming public support for preserving public lands, the Secretary of the Interior is still recommending Trump trim "a handful" of national monuments. He just won't publicly say which ones—or by how much.

The people have spoken. In a study released Tuesday, over 99 percent of people said they support the 27 monuments up for review. President Donald Trump, are you listening?

A lot of assumptions have been made about the national-monuments review. Many of them aren't true.

The GOP's war on public lands threatens to alienate a key part of its voting base—sport hunters

A new group of movers and shakers, aptly named Artemis, could be just what we need to get more politicians to care about conservation

American cowboy or posturing Trump enforcer?

A Scout is not Donald Trump, basically

The iconic brand has long been the conscience of the outdoor industry, forsaking hefty profits to do the right thing. Now the company is going to war against the Trump administration over protections for public land in a bid to become a serious political player—which happens to be very good for sales.

Rural Appalachia is the unhealthiest place in the country by almost any metric. Steve Bowling, a 45-year-old library director in Kentucky, has a simple remedy: nature walks.

Forget the politics. Just go camping on public lands before you decide what should be done with them.

At the recent Women's Outdoor Summit for Empowerment, we talked to outdoor enthusiasts and change-makers about the future of the industry

You have through today to tell the government what you think of its plan to steal your public land

These five standout communities are working to make sure underprivileged communities have access to green spaces

This segment from the documentary follows survival expert Les Stroud, a.k.a. Survivorman, as he attempts to follow the supposed path two-year-old Keith Parkinson took from his barn into the woods where he was eventually found.

Want a good campsite? Check out those run by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

More than 396,000 people have spoken up so far about the Trump administration's desire to shrink or abolish the national monuments. Will the White House really read all of them?

Congressman Rob Bishop of Utah wants to transfer federal land to the states, gut the Endangered Species Act, and eliminate the Antiquities Act—and D.C. is starting to listen

Recently released public comments from Utah residents show an overwhelming majority—88 percent—support preserving the monument's status

After a 45-day review period, the Secretary of the Interior advised President Trump to redraw the boundary of the controversial national monument—a decision that will almost definitely be tested in court

In the 1990s, thousands of bones and bone fragments mysteriously went missing from Effigy Mounds National Monument in Iowa, the continental epicenter of Native American burial remains. In December 2015, a detective with the National Park Service tracked down the artifacts—and the man who stole them.

If the budget is a political document that reflects a president’s priorities, Trump’s priorities are clear—and the environment, wildlife, and the Great Outdoors don’t rank particularly high

To fully comprehend any of the news surrounding our nation's public lands, it's important to take a step back and understand what exactly people are talking about when they talk about "public lands."

A group of the country's top rock climbers traveled to Washington last week to remind Congress that public lands are valuable assets worth protecting. Here's what I had to say.

The Department of the Interior is soliciting public input on the 27 monuments Trump ordered to review. Now’s your chance to speak up about what happens to them.

The long-term impact of the president's first 100 days could destroy an industry with more jobs than oil and gas and automotive combined. Yep, you guessed it: outdoor rec.

Trump has put 21 years’ worth of monuments under question. We can’t sit idly by as public spaces that celebrate diverse American experiences are put at risk.

From the mundane (check the water in your batteries) to the brash (sell your home)

The Outdoor Industry Association tacks on another $200 billion in direct consumer spending to their 2012 estimate, but we won't get the official number until 2018

Hold your nose: we need to play dirty if we want to protect our public lands

A new initiative called Run Wild wants to give runners a platform to make their voices heard

From We Are The Arctic, this film brings to light the beauty and wilderness within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

What used to be a trickle of seemingly minor policy stories has become a weekly firehose of significant developments, all of which we're committed to covering in a clear-eyed, authoritative way

When 18-year-old Joe Keller vanished from a dude ranch in Colorado's Rio Grande National Forest, he joined the ranks of those missing on public land. No official tally exists, but their numbers are growing. And when an initial search turns up nothing, who'll keep looking?

"Birthright", a film from Trout Unlimited, shares how the threat of "transferring" public lands is much more than just an innocent exchange.

In 1960 Wallace Stegner wrote a letter to Congress illustrating the importance of wilderness.

Federal lands belong to all of us—it's time to unite to fight crooked politicians

House Bill 621 is dead, but 622 would do much to undermine protections for our most treasured public lands

A massive outcry killed a bill that would have sold off millions of acres of public lands—but don't expect that to be the last fight between the Republican Congress and the outdoor industry over their fate

Tucked away in the remote northern coast of Alaska lies the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. For some select few, this is a place of resources, mainly oil.

The careers of Reagan cabinet members Anne Gorsuch Burford, who led the EPA, and Interior Secretary James Watt ended in scandal. Though their modern counterparts act similarly, Congress and the White House don't seem to care.

Trump's order to review the national-monument designations of the past 21 years seems to be the first concrete intimation of rolling back the protections all together

Former Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke opposes the Republican land heist. He may be the best environmental hope we have in this administration.

The governor of Oklahoma—and front-runner for the Secretary of the Interior position—is aggressively pro-extraction. Uh oh.

Fresh off their acquittal in Oregon and emboldened by the election of Donald Trump, the Bundy brothers are promising more extremist takeovers across the West

If you needed one more reason to have anxiety about November 8, we found it: the outcome could have a profound impact on the fight over America’s open spaces

The Wyoming state government recently released a study weighing the pros and cons of transferring federal lands to the state. The results were unequivocal: it's a terrible idea.

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