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Sometimes you need to dig deep to hit those trouble areas, like your sciatic nerve. Pro-Tec makes three sizes of the Orb, all constructed of dense closed-cell EVA foam, but the Extreme Mini is the smallest and most aggressive of the lot. Place it on the floor or against a…

Runners have been big fans of these sticks for years, using them to roll out tight quads and calves after long runs. The center is slightly flexible, to allow the foam wrap to contour around your muscles for a wider massage. The whole thing is light, just 18 inches long,…

If you want a real postworkout stretch without having to ask a gym partner for help, this is your strap. The 58-inch-long elastic band has multiple large loops that you can slip a foot or hand through to get a deeper flex on sore hammies and quads.

Floyd’s of Leadville combines the proven muscle-soothing properties of arnica with the calming power of CBD in this balm. Rub the mixture on your skin after a workout, and let it do its thing. Peppermint and ginger lend a pleasant smell.

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Everybody knows that many athletes cheat by using performance-enhancing drugs like steroids, testosterone, and EPO. But what is it like to take these banned substances? Do they really help you win? To find out, we sent an amateur cyclist into the back rooms of sports medicine, where he just said yes to the most controversial chemicals in sports.