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Making a net-positive impact as a company selling stuff is hard. These businesses stand out for their design innovation, social and political action, and meaningful sustainability commitments.

The Seattle Office of Labor Standards has accused Patagonia of violating a city law that requires employers to publish work schedules a minimum of two weeks in advance

The apparel manufacturer also joins a growing number of companies that have pledged to cover costs for employees who must now travel across state lines for abortion care

And the apparel manufacturer joins a growing number of companies that have pledged to cover travel costs for employees who must go to a different state to seek abortion care

Citing Utah's record on public lands, dozens of outdoor brands released a statement today protesting Outdoor Retailer's potential move to Salt Lake City

Outdoor brands are building new retail channels through the sale of used gear

On this stunning trip in northern Patagonia, you’ll explore towering peaks, a new ten-million-acre national park, and pristine rivers and lakes. And did we mention the delicious barbecue?

Patagonia Provisions this week unveiled a collection of wines, ciders, and sake, bolstering its existing lineup of food and beer

The Plastic Impact Alliance and Eco Cycle partner up to collect, recycle, and quantify polybag waste from 11 outdoor businesses on Pearl Street in an effort to raise awareness and encourage solutions

The outdoor brand's latest social activism involves the highly controversial new law in Texas, which prohibits abortions after six weeks of pregnancy

Behind the scenes in the outdoor industry, technology is ever-present and increasingly powerful. Are you up to speed on the latest developments?

The outdoor brand has reportedly stopped selling products to JHMR’s retail stores because of an event held earlier this month by one of the resort’s owners

How to tackle Chilean Patagonia’s Dientes de Navarino, the most unpredictable trek in the world

It has all the comfort and features you’d expect from a high-end performance shell, but at an affordable price

As Outdoor Retailer and The Big Gear Show prepare for in-person events this summer, many in the industry are still debating whether to attend

Patagonia beat out 99 other prominent U.S. businesses in consumer rankings for company ethics, citizenship, and culture

Emerald Holding’s new digital marketplace stems from its $34 million acquisition of the B2B sales platform PlumRiver

Want to turn your business into everyone’s dream workplace? Follow these cues for a more fulfilled, productive, and inspired workforce

CEO Ryan Gellert says staying silent is “tantamount to supporting unjust laws”

Turning plastic water bottles into fiber is one thing. But what happens when that fiber wears out?

Is there anything better than a comfortable sweatshirt?

Two years ago, a beer from the St. Louis brewing corporation Anheuser-Busch called "Patagonia" appeared on the market. The outdoor gear brand was, predictably, not pleased.

The e-commerce startup Out&Back, which debuted last month, is billing itself as “Kayak for outdoor gear." What does its arrival mean for specialty retail?

We examined what some of the industry's top brands are doing on Instagram to engage users and reach new audiences

It breathes and wicks sweat better than any other midlayer I’ve tested

As you read this, your life savings is funding things that probably repulse you. You’re paying to raze the Amazon, lay pipe across Arctic tundra, and manufacture the cigarette butts that line the bellies of fish. You didn’t make those decisions. But your bank did.

Exercising when it's cold can feel tougher than usual. This gear makes it more doable.

In his first interview since taking the helm as CEO, Ryan Gellert talks to OBJ about the future of Patagonia which, among other things, includes "making less product"

It feels like you're wearing a pile of sleeping puppies, and the puppies are all dreaming about lambs

Season Equipment is trying to break the cycle of new gear every year

The company's new "Buy Less, Demand More" campaign prompts customers to consider secondhand alternatives to new gear

A socially distant competition can be just the right amount of motivation

2020 has been a year of supreme uncertainly for specialty retail. Empty shelves, cancelled orders, and lopsided demand have forced shop owners to get creative to meet customers needs. Here's what several retail owners say about the challenges they've faced.

This year, the question may be more important than ever, but two industry powerhouses—Patagonia and REI—disagree

REI, Patagonia, Outdoor Research, and several other companies have donated time, technology, and thousands of units of PPE to polling places ahead of the election

Ryan Gellert, who has presided over the brand’s business in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, will now run the company

Ryan Gellert, who has overseen the brand's business across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa since 2014, will run the company

These films about extraordinary athletes and inspiring activists are keeping us entertained as the days get colder

From a diehard work ethic and inclusive design theories to decadent colorways and outside-the-box thinking, the methods of these industry experts draw inspiration from their cultural heritage

The nonprofit HBCUs Outside wants to create a more diverse pipeline of talent in the outdoor industry by introducing students at historically Black colleges and universities to the joys of getting outside

With lofty goals to be more inclusive, the outdoor industry is at a crossroads. Some say the key is lower-priced gear

Today’s consumers expect complete transparency from the companies they support. Sometimes, that means being so honest it hurts

If you’re serious about sustainability, nothing is more eco-friendly than products that don’t need replacing

A healthy trade organization is key to a healthy industry. How has the pandemic affected Outdoor Industry Association, and how will OIA fare in the future?

The pandemic shutdown devastated the world’s manufacturing center—and many of the companies that rely on it. And there were already plenty of reasons to get out

Are pro programs a legitimate perk for industry professionals or a discount sales channel run amok? Some insiders are calling the whole scene a complete farce. Here's why

REI, Patagonia, The North Face, and others have committed to halting ad spends on the platform to protest the tech giant's tolerance of hate speech

After leading the company for 12 years, Marcario decides it's time to pass the torch

A 31-year veteran of the outdoor industry offers a personal history of race relations in the action sports business and considers whether current activism is setting the stage for lasting change

Here's the gear that will get you outside and pedaling in no time

In response to the murder of George Floyd, outdoor leaders have released statements condemning racial injustice and institutional violence against the Black community in the United States. Here's a running list

Patagonia's Nano-Air line works for almost any adventure, thanks to its rare combination of durability, stretch, and breathability

Brittany Griffith says now is the perfect time to have some fun with your diet

From Patagonia to South Africa to Yosemite, visit some of our favorite places on the planet in real time via these live webcams—and start dreaming of where you want to go when we can travel again

This gear has kept me active without bogging me down

These men's jackets offer versatile protection for a variety of weather

On Sunday, the CDC recommended cancelling or postponing events of 50 or more people for the next eight weeks

One of the industry's largest brands has halted all operations and shut down its website until further notice

This magic fiber has been keeping humans warm for a very long time

The scare forced the shutdown of Patagonia's Reno operations for more than a day

The best luggage for the overhead bin and the space under your seat

So far, 383 companies have signed up to participate in the outdoor brand's Time to Vote program on November 3, and the organization hopes to double that number by the election

From wind-resistant undies to traction devices, build a kit to brave the cold this season

If you buy the right one, it can be one of the only tops you need for the entire winter season

Why try the same old ad campaign when you can make a movie?

Running with a stroller is all well and good in the milder months, but it takes a little extra planning to pull off in winter

The pieces we kept coming back to

The new R1 Air is warmer and more breathable than the original. Oh, and super cozy.

After 30 years, Ktunaxa First Nation, with help from the Canadian government and Patagonia, finally shut down the Jumbo Glacier ski-resort development

Use these tips to make sure you get the shot this year

Our oceans are filling up with plastic and everyone is scrambling to build more sustainable businesses. So why do we still rely so heavily on polybags for distributing our products? Let’s unpack the history, the challenges, and the possible solutions to eradicating them. Or at least recycling them.

Why companies as diverse as Patagonia and General Mills are suddenly focused on getting dirty