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Our picks for Outdoor Retailer Gear of the Show flip old ideas on their heads

Despite public pressure to stay out of Utah, the outdoor industry’s largest trade show will leave Denver and relocate to its former home in Salt Lake City in 2023

OR has announced its return to Salt Lake City in 2023, and we want your thoughts. Great call, big mistake, or too soon to tell?

The outdoor industry's largest trade show will leave Denver and relocate to its former home in Salt Lake City in 2023

A month of high-profile acquisitions indicates investors are bullish on the long-term strength of the outdoor economy, even as the industry itself struggles to keep pace with the maturing moral ethos of outdoor consumers

Versatility is the name of the game with these yet to be released items

We can’t wait to try these innovative items

We combed through hundreds of products to pick these three

MountainFlow Eco-Wax scored thousands of dollars from a powder-slaying investor on the reality-TV show

Outside Gear Guy Joe Jackson has his eye on these five products

What we're most excited about for the upcoming season

The beginner-oriented model from Atomic features a heel riser that automatically equalizes with the slope angle

The new R1 Air is warmer and more breathable than the original. Oh, and super cozy.

What we're most excited about for the upcoming season

The founder of the industry's biggest ski show is acquiring public-facing expos in Denver and Boston

Stasher's Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag should replace your supply of Ziplocs

Larry Burke wins a lifetime achievement award at Outdoor Retailer

At the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market last week, these five products costing less than $50 caught our eye with their affordable capability

Outside’s founder, Larry Burke, has won a Lifetime Achievement Award

A jacket, a daypack, a water bottle, and some seat-back storage that we couldn't be more excited to test out

Products we love, from camping utensils to a revamped Patagonia cap, all costing less than 50 bucks

Presenting the Gear of the Show winners for summer 2020

Welcome to a gearhead's paradise: Demo Day at the 2019 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

From ice cream to carnival rides, there’ve been new surprises at every turn

Our list of best summer gear for next year includes Olympic innovation, a legit cup of camp coffee, and two classics done better

Outpost wants to disrupt the outdoor gear trade show business. Our writer descended on its California festival last fall to check out the felt hat–wearing, Bulleit bourbon–sipping crowd and to find out whether the buzzy experience is anything more than an Instagram-ready fad.

Luis Benitez became the face of government’s interest in the outdoor recreation industry, one that’s larger than both the auto and oil and gas exploration industries. He sat down with 'Outside' to discuss the industry’s expanding role in politics and his own future.

The announcement comes weeks after the controversial launch of the organization's outdoor equity pledge

Ben shows off our top gear picks under $50

Brands get creative showing off their products. Here are a few of our favorite booths from the Denver trade show.

New gear that doesn't cost a month's rent

First looks, analysis, and interviews, all delivered from our team at Winter OR

First looks, analysis, and interviews, all delivered from our team at Winter OR

Emily walks us through the Gear of the Show winners from the 2019 Winter Outdoor Retailer Snow Show

First looks, analysis, and interviews, all delivered from our team at Winter OR

From magnetic skis to e-motorbikes, here's what we're excited about for the coming season

After several rounds of judging, this gear came out on top at last week's trade show

The brand is rethinking how green plastic bottles are recycled

Sometimes the best gear comes in small packages—and at low prices

Bright colors and a slim profile make the minimalist Maverick Wallet a hit

Hefty canvas and denim work apparel is experiencing a resurgence. A panel of experts at Outdoor Retailer explained why.

Don’t let the StairMaster aesthetics fool you: this thing can move

This is the first innovation we’ve seen in closed-cell foam pads in nearly two decades

No need to simply toss your flips after running them into the ground

We can’t help but get excited about this new featherweight jacket

After years of making some of our favorite running hydration packs, Salomon is launching the Advanced Skin 8 Set

Portraits of five powerhouses you should know about

Sometimes the best gear comes in small packages—and at low prices

Next month a community initiative will present guidelines for companies on how to define, talk about, and respond to inappropriate behavior

Brands need to do more to prove they're using this imagery in a respectful way—and hiring Indigenous people to design it

We spent five days reporting from the floor of Denver's massive outdoor-gear trade show. Here are the top stories.

Brands go to great lengths to make their products stand out. Here are the five wildest examples.

Pulling back the curtain on the industry’s biggest product launches

The first-of-its-kind approach shoe returns in spring 2019

Essentially a three-person paddleboard base with a mesh tent upper and nylon fly, the Universe is happy on the ground, in the air, and on the water

Outdoor Retail Summer Market 2018 is here, and the industry is abuzz about new gear. We hit up Confluence and Commons Parks to get in some testing time.

The e-commerce behemoth is on its way to becoming the biggest marketplace for outdoor-recreation products and its influence over the industry grows every day. Is this the apocalypse for the shops and brands that have fueled our love of adventure? Or can they learn to fight back without destroying one another?

Three years after the Camber CEO Pledge, outdoor companies still struggle to find and hire female leaders. The gap is slowly closing, but the lack of focus on hiring women of color is clearer than ever.

At the Outdoor Retailer trade show last month, these seven standout hiking and trail running products caught my eye

The all-mountain touring boot is the most innovative ski boot of the year

We hit the floor at Outdoor Retailer in search of the coolest winter accessories that won't break the bank. 

The big outdoor trade shows are upon us, which means it's time to start looking at the top products for winter 2018–19. Here's what our editors are most excited about.

Brands, activists, and politicians gathered at the start of the Outdoor Retailer trade show to rally around public lands

The industry has moved its trade show, but not its stance on diversity

We care about public lands, and that's why we're joining a discussion about how to preserve them at the Outdoor Retailer show

The outdoor industry has been a fierce advocate for the now-decimated national monument—but it may have been too little, too late

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