From day trips to five-month treks, hiking is more popular than ever. But as the old standbys become more congested each year, there’s a new crop of trails waiting to be explored. Here are ten of our favorites, plus fresh finds for bikers, paddlers, and equestrians.

Newly created state offices are promoting outdoor recreation as a major contributor to local economies and the public good, but they need a lot more support to be successful

Outdoor towns tend to be overwhelmingly homogenous, which can make for a tough decision for people of color who want to move somewhere they can play outside

The president's decision wasn't an assessment of whether the Hammonds deserved their sentence or not, it was an endorsement of the Bundy family's movement

No one would blame you for planning your summer vacation around visits to these shops

Missing winter? Here's where to get your shred on well into July.

I bought them for their red-white-and-blue beer-drinking cred and kept them for their performance chops

It’s time to get reacquainted with the PNW—home to massive mountains, lush rainforests, empty islands, and the greatest oysters you’ll ever taste

How to fill nearly every weekend this summer with nearly every genre of music

It's not just a hatred of the federal government that motivates the scofflaws—it's their deeply held faith

After a series of postponements, a tentative construction date is scheduled for July. Not everyone is happy about it.

Find out how your state stacks up

We’ve partnered with Portland, Oregon’s Pickathon Music Festival to showcase some of the year’s best new music.

One thing seems clear. Hikers and hunters are in this together

The pro athletes, parents, and founders of Picky Bars know where to find the best food and drinks in their town

Utah State and other colleges offer students the chance to get a step ahead in the outdoor industry

The new Netflix docuseries tells a strange-but-true story that's set in 1980s Oregon but feels especially relevant today

Gorgeous blades from down-home cutlers

From landscape filmmaker Jay Worsley, Ethos features some incredible drone footage from Arizona, California, and Oregon.

From filmmaker Sam Forencich, Invisible Oregon is a study in time, space, and infrared timelapses. Forencich converted both his Nikon D750 and a Canon 5D MarkII to use infrared technology to create this film.

See a cool new place and learn a tip or two from the pros along the way

Go where pets are not only allowed but welcomed

An unlicensed truck driver killed a 13 year-old cyclist in Brooklyn. It’s time to take motor vehicle licensing and registration into the 21st century.

This fall, we’ve partnered with Portland, Oregon’s Pickathon Music Festival to showcase some of the year’s best new music.

Matt Thomas was a world-class kayaker who got paralyzed in a mountain-bike accident. His friend Joe Jackson moved in for a demanding stint as a caregiver. Outdoor sports were off the table, of course—until Thomas heard about paragliding.

Upon arriving in northeast Oregon, conservationist Brian Kelly was given two job offers; cook or sheep herder. He took the obvious choice and spent the next year shepherding a herd of sheep through the landscapes surrounding Hells Canyon.

The family has long argued that the government was willing to bend the rules to put the family away—now a judge seems to be listening

This fall, we've partnered with Portland, Oregon's Pickathon Music Festival to showcase some of the year's best new music.

The fight over Utah's Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments is just getting started

He was the alpha male of the first pack to live in Oregon since 1947. For years, a state biologist tracked him, collared him, counted his pups, weighed him, photographed him, and protected him. But then the animal known as OR4 broke one too many rules.

From filmmaker Trip Jennings, Eagle Creek Burn Fly follows Oregon State University Forest Specialists John Bailey and Lisa Ellsworth as they explore the intricacies of this fire.

Oakridge has relied heavily on its large swaths of logging terrain, but a recent surge in mountain biking has proven the benefit of cutting trails rather than cutting entire forests.

Who knew state parks were this good?

There are 137 large wildfires raging across 7.8 million acres in what might be the worst fire season ever

Wildfires have burned more than a million acres in the northern Rockies—and it could get even worse

An artistic tribute to one of our National Parks.

Though he's a married man, Landon Mace finds that theres only one thing on his mind, trout.

Desert & Glass is a timelapse from eastern Oregon's high desert. The film demonstrates that though it lacks the huge cacti and large rock spires of the southwest, it more than makes up for in sheer vastness.

How does a town go from logging and livestock to bits and bytes? Tiny Prineville, Oregon, is finding out as huge data centers from Apple and Facebook transform the timber town into a recreational hub of mountain bikers and craft brewers.

These summer cabins can help you have one of the best weekends of your summer

The Renovo Fat-Ash is as fast as it is beautiful

From filmmaker Taylor Gray, Clearly Coastal is a drone journey along the coast of Oregon.

Because the best brewers know: good beer starts at the source

America will soon be treated to its first total solar eclipse in decades. Here's where to see it.

Here are some innovative ideas towns and cities across the country have adopted to make the world a better place, one mile of singletrack at a time

Make the most of summer with these 48-hour ­adventures, from surfing in Texas to tasting your way through Oregon’s wine country

Our gear writer has a love affair with this vessel—and if you think it's just about the beer, you'd be dead wrong

The Oxx CoffeeBoxx is insanely durable, but we weren't wowed by its coffee

Maybe you don't want to live in a 200-square-foot house full-time, but you wouldn't mind vacationing in one

Filmmaker Mike Olbinski spent weeks traveling in an RV in Oregon to capture the images for this film 'Mist and Water'.

Photographer and filmmaker Jay Worsley knows it's hard to find undiscovered places in this world yet that hasn't stopped him from trying.

Gary Rall opened a rock gym 29 years ago. Then he helped invent indoor climbing.

Mike Dalton and his now-fiancé Emily made a pact in their relationship; travel somewhere new every year. On this trip to Portland, Oregon Dalton had a surprise in store; an engagement ring.

Trail crews have carved out hundreds of new miles for hikers, runners, and riders from New York to California. It's time to freshen up your route.

Obama was supposed to safeguard Oregon’s Owyhee Canyonlands with a National Monument designation, but when that didn’t happen, its supporters were left wondering. What’s next?

When Jay Worsley got his brand new DJI Inspire Pro, he knew he had to test its limits. So he booked a ticket to Oregon and drove the coast in search of ocean landscapes.

As any backcountry skier knows, your dog will cover about three times as much vertical as you.

Filmmaker Octave Zangs was deeply troubled political developments threatening Oregon's public lands. He decided to highlight it's value in making this film Our Land.

For the past two decades, the website LetsRun.com has straddled the lines between gossip, investigative reporting, and hardcore training advice, angering Nike, USA Track and Field, and traditional media in the process. Charles Bethea joined them at the 2016 Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon, to figure out how they’ve managed to become the most important, and controversial, outlet in competitive running.

Enter the wild mustangs. For more than a decade, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has worked with inmates in the Nevada Department of Corrections to train these horses for adoption. This spring, managers of Hells Canyon and Eagle Cap Wilderness areas approached the BLM about using the mustangs on their trail crew. (The Wild Horse and Burro Act allows for exchange of horses between federal agencies.) Last spring, 11 mustangs joined the Eagle Cap Ranger District herd.

Delve Action and Louie Wray set up the world's longest human-anchored highline.

The fact that a jury found the Bundy brothers not guilty is baffling, and could embolden other anti-government extremists who think the federal government shouldn't own land

People are drawing closer to nature with every visit. Nature's Lament from photographer Aaron Keigher, asks the question "What will be nature's lament?"

The final holdout at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation earlier this year wasn't a dyed-in-the-wool rancher or hardened militiaman. He was a young, half-Japanese kid from the Midwest who had no affiliation with the Bundy brothers or the Patriot movement. This is why David Fry drove across the country to join a group of extremists he'd never met.

In our ongoing Weekly Escape series, we aim to transport you from your desk to an incredible place in 2 minutes or less.

How to build a huge fire while staying on the right side of the law

For the folks at Base Camp Brewing, the 'Location Series' is a way to revisit the natural places that inspire their beer.

The greatest thing about the Pacific Northwest is how much accessible adventure hides in the creases of its maps.

An intimate look at the Oregon Coast through the eyes of everyone, from local inhabitants to visitors

They know their coffee, beer, yoga, and outdoor boutiques. We've picked the highlights.

10 easy trips, maximum fun guaranteed

First it was the liberals and the talk show hosts, with their "yallqueda" jokes and USPS packages stuffed with dildos. Then the birders made their threats. Now, the grannies are here to tell the Bundys and their brethren to get out.

Avian enthusiasts around the country are speaking out, penning op-eds, and even threatening Ammon Bundy and his Sagebrush compadres to get them to leave Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

The world’s best athlete might just wear the word’s best shoe

In recent years, data collected from the cave system has unlocked an important clue in tracking glacial loss.

Some ski resorts are already spinning lifts. Here’s where to ski and ride at the beginning of the winter.

Presenting blueprints for the best way to beat post-summer blues