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Colombia boasts huge mountain ranges, large portions of the Amazon, and endless coastline and surf breaks. But can a country come back from a civil war to become a mecca for adventure?

The online store will award $500 to three finalists between the ages of 13 and 23—a total of 12 over the next year

The mountain bikers over at Yeti Cycles created an ode to the terrain and natural landscapes of the Centennial State in 'ColoRADo'

Wool mountain-bike gloves? Oh yes. This merino is soft, wicks sweat well, and has antimicrobial properties to help fight stink, which we all know is a major problem with cycling gloves. Also, they look dope. We like the suede palm for enhanced handlebar grip and feel, too.

Beat the summer heat with the super breathable and light Siv. EVA foam padding (the same stuff in running-shoe midsoles) stuffed in the microfiber palm can take the sting out of choppy gravel and pavement. But with an airy synthetic-mesh back, this glove is really about ventilation.

The fingerless Attack has minimal padding, with thin gel inserts that are meant to not get in the way of your grip. The idea is to enhance contact with the bar, while still providing enough cushioning to help reduce numbness in your hands during long stints in the saddle.

If you want a full-finger glove with plenty of padding, look to the Ranger. It has strategically placed pockets of gel in the palms to help absorb chatter. Plus, the fingertips are touchscreen compatible because: Strava.

Already looking forward to fall? The North Face’s Commutr, a windproof, soft-shell glove, will help you battle the elements. The supple goatskin-leather palm and toasty fleece lining only add to the appeal. As a bonus, the fingertips are touchscreen compatible.

The Japanese company comes after rival SRAM with its latest group set

After riding 50 of the newest models, we have some thoughts

For years the economy of Coos Bay, Oregon, has been relying on its forests for logging purposes, but that's changing

The 2019 U.S. Pro and Para-Cycling Road Championships are in Knoxville from June 27 to 30. Here's how to make the most of a weekend in Tennessee's "scruffy" jewel.

A subjective look at where we prefer to shred

From cross-country to enduro, 29ers are dominating the trail. Again.

If recent testing has taught us one thing, it's that versatility is king

The pro mountain biker recently completed a 1,000-mile trip around Arkansas in eight days

Every year we gather dozens of bikes and expert testers to put the newest models through their paces. Here are some snapshots from our fall session in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Marc Peruzzi’s recent column about trail work clearly touched a nerve in the running community. Part of his argument is fair criticism, but he got some important things wrong. 

Our cycling columnist said he’ll “never go back” to other hitch models after testing the Backstage Swing Away. “It’s no overstatement to say that for truck and van owners, the swing-away design will make life a lot easier,” our tester said.

The Dirt Surfer made our list of cool crossover bike gear. “Club Ride added a little bit of spandex to this poly shirt for extra stretch, as well as a UPF 50 rating to give the Aloha vibe technical chops,” our tester writes. It also has perforated…

'On Her Terms' showcases downhill mountain bikers Monet Adams and Manon Carpenter as they explore the trails and cultures of Iceland

They're exploding in numbers and having a massive impact on our favorite trails, yet the short-shorts crowd almost never pitches in when it comes to trail work

Who says summer camp is just for kids? We rounded up seven escapes made for grown-ups (and a few for their families), plus seven more to entertain the kids while the adults are at play.

Dirt whips that take you everywhere the fun is

With countless options and sky’s-the-limit pricing, a mountain bike can be an intimidating purchase. Don’t panic. Start here.

In the year of the long-travel 29er, the Ripmo's smooth ride and ability to handle any terrain with ease make it king of the mountain

Turns out big wheels and deep suspension play nice together

For this year's Eroica California, Bike Snob NYC bypassed the dream rides and went straight to mail order and Craigslist

After two weeks of riding 25 bikes, these are the ones that came out on top

Choice (and affordable) accessories for road and trail

Back in 2012, the Zealot made the cut as one of our favorite pieces of MTB gear. Not much about this classic pack has changed since—it still holds up. Testers found it easy to stow and retrieve a jacket in the outside pocket, while the ribbed…

'The Dreamride Project' is back for an encore in which Mike Hopkins leaves us with one culminating installment

The Ardent tires have aggressive, block-style knobs for superior traction on rocky terrain. They’re tubeless ready, so you can use them with or without an inner tube. Also available in a 29-inch diameter.

Stock up on this industry-standard cleaner that handles the toughest grease. We like to pair it with the Park Tool Chain Gang. Bonus: it’s biodegradable and non-toxic.

Our gear editor praised Patagonia’s Nine Trails packs for their clean efficiency: “With a minimalist design and well-considered features, Patagonia has proven that when it comes to daypacks, simpler is better,” he writes. It’s available in both men’s and women’s sizes from 14 liters to 36 liters.

You never forget how to ride a bike—but you might have a few things to learn about riding on trails

Since 2011, a venomous battle has been waged over the two-wheeled soul of Nederland, Colorado (population 1,500). On the one side: locals who ride the trails every day. On the other: people from down canyon in Boulder (population 107,000) who mostly ride them on weekends.

The peer-to-peer sporting-goods rental service now wants to blend mobile and traditional bike rentals

Each year we head to a cycling mecca to test dozens of road, mountain, and gravel bikes in search of the best new rides

The big-box retailer is trying to cater to cycling enthusiasts with a line of three new carbon rides. Will people buy them?

In a unique twist to online retail, this shop certifies pre-owned bikes and offers a guaranteed buy-back program

A website from the snack company highlights the sweeteners that often fly under the radar on nutrition labels, and shows the percentage of sugar in other brands' offerings

Crews carry your gear and provide meals and campsites as you cruise through some of America's most scenic back roads

Is the new construction as effective as Trek claims? Right now, it’s impossible to say.

Jeff Lenosky travels the U.S. knocking out mountain biking's toughest trails. Here's how he stays fit.

Tour de France stages. Classic British Columbian downhills. Epic gravel grinds in the American heartland. These bucket-list rides are guaranteed to be the most fun you can have on two wheels.

You can’t escape obsolescence. You can only transcend it.

Carson Storch recounts a near disastrous run-in with a bear in the Yukon during a mountain-bike and raft trip down the Tatshenshini River

Last year’s options to watch races like the spring classics and the Tour de France were good. This year’s are even better.

With bike pants this good, you’ll never ride in tights again

Few mountain-bike destinations seem as ambitious as North Korea, but the country is home to myriad steep mountains and hiking trails that are perfect for exploring

A crew of feisty veteran riders is trying to halt the development of previously illegal trails in New England.

A cabal of old-school riders in New England is fighting to keep their singletrack the way they like it: illegal and empty

Amid concerns over trail conflicts and land-management issues, e-mountain bikes just keep getting better and better

I committed to riding only one bike for all of 2018. Here’s how I did.

Is it too much to ask for a little serenity, people?

‘Photo Vagabond’ chronicles the ascent of photographer Dan Milner’s mountain-biking career

After her win at the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships, Kate Courtney noticed a shift in how people talk about women in sports

Why give stuff when you can give a travel experience instead?

‘Winter Cometh’ chronicles a mountain-bike ride in the woods of New Hampshire on a crisp early-winter morning.

Alixandra Klein's upcycled waterproof bangles can go everywhere you do

The mountain bike-specific Tectal features a clean style and unibody construction, which extends coverage over the back of the head and temples. POC also carves 15 vents and a lengthy system of air channels throughout so you won’t overheat under your lid when you start working hard on a climb.

Often, getting better and gaining confidence on the trails means going back to the basics

When 60-year-old Tim Watkins disappeared on a stretch of singletrack outside Colorado Springs, no one suspected that the truth of how he died would rip the community apart

They may not be for everybody, but they were always awesome—and even more so now that they’re totally uncool

Our bike-test director just wrapped up our 13th annual testing marathon. Here's how it works.

Building some of the country’s best trails isn't just about crafting flowing ribbons of singletrack. It's also about navigating miles of red tape.

Mountain biker KC Deane learns from Hawai'i local Albee Layer that there’s more to the island than the waves

Behind the scenes as Brett Rheeder wins the 13th annual freeride competition

Lighter, more comfortable designs and high-end safety features make these helmets the best

The e-retailer’s employees are equipment junkies and data nerds. Heed their buying advice.

Casey Brown overcame poverty and the bizarre death of her brother to become a world-class mountain biker, doing jumps on a terrain with no margin for error. But is she good enough to be the first woman to compete in the sport's most dangerous event?

Filmmaker Long Nyugen and rider Marshall Mullen took Specialized’s new e-bike, the Turbo Kenovo, out to Virgin, Utah.

With dozens of mountain bike companies and world-class trails, these demo events are the perfect way to find your new ride

Pro mountain biker Katie Holden is on a whirlwind world tour. Here's the travel gear that keeps her cranking.

Experts say intense outdoor activities can help children increase focus and develop a better awareness of their surroundings

There's no better feeling than pulling the trigger on a new mountain bike, but you'll need a few other tools before you hit the trails.