Mount Everest


The country's Ministry of Tourism unveiled a series of proposals aimed at avoiding another disastrous, overcrowded year on the world's highest peak

The man who took the most shocking Everest photo of the year is about to break one of mountaineering's stoutest records

Sunday's episode of 'Last Week Tonight' took a stab at fixing the mountain's overcrowding problem

The deadly 2019 climbing season prompted a worldwide demand to reform management of the world's highest peak. Is change really possible? Mark Jenkins, a veteran alpinist who reached the summit in 2012, lays down an emphatic yes.

New research shows just how much global warming is eating away at the glaciers on the world’s highest peaks

A group of Indians claimed they reached the top of the peak, but they may not have made it past Camp III

Don’t have the time to go to Everest? Wait for hours in these lines instead.

The most crowded season of all time is now the fourth deadliest

When we say “Everest is crowded,” this is what we mean

It's the third death of the Everest climbing season

Eight deaths, three missing climbers, six mountains—and the real Everest summit push hasn’t even started

The Seven Summit Treks guide has reached the peak of the world's highest mountain for a 23rd time

New evidence suggests that strengthening your respiratory muscles can translate to improved performance in thinner air

Hailing from Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, four female climbers are attempting to summit Everest—three of them for the first time

This year, governments and guiding companies are promising to do more to keep the mountain clean, but the question of what to do with the dead bodies is becoming more urgent

Before his controversy-plagued doubled ascent in 2017, the Spanish ultra star deployed the latest altitude science to speed his high-altitude adaptation

As climbers reach Base Camp, at the foot of the world's highest mountain, these are the stories we're keeping an eye on

From Kathmandu to the top of the world, here’s an overview of the most popular route to Everest’s summit

The mountain has gotten even further out of reach for everyone except the very wealthiest. Meanwhile, the guiding industry is rife with corruption.

Parisi tackled three of the Seven Summits this year, and now she's a few steps closer to likely becoming the first publicly transgender person to complete the famous challenge

If successful, Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison would become the first people to ski the fourth-highest mountain in the world on a route that's eluded mountaineers for decades

Exposure to extreme environments can change our DNA. Everest climbers—and their twins—are the perfect study subjects.

The doctors who scrambled to rescue and triage survivors in 2015 look back in search of lessons.

Summiting the world's tallest peak puts humans through some of the most extreme conditions on the planet

First he broke his neck. Then he climbed the Seven Summits faster than anyone before.

Loved By All from Sherpas Cinema and Thule follows Apa Sherpa who is known for having summitted Everest a total of 21 times.

Filmmaker Elia Saikaly has made a number of films chronicling his experiences on Everest, this is his latest Everest: The Summit Climb.

Lam Babu Sherpa disappeared on the descent after he was left behind by teammates

It was part of a marketing ploy for a new cryptocurrency

The Nepalese government doesn't want guides to talk about it, but we've seen the photos.

The Sherpa climber now holds the top-of-the-world record

She’s a single mom who works as a dishwasher at a Whole Foods in Connecticut. And she just reached the top of the world for the ninth time.

Dozens of climbers were forced to turn back just shy of the summit after their oxygen regulators failed suddenly

After four previous attempts, the 70-year-old Chinese climber finally stood on the summit on Monday

The Sherpa community rallied around Matt Moniz and Willie Benegas after their illegal ski descent of Lhotse

As South African Sibusiso Vilane awaits a window to summit Mount Everest for the third time—this attempt without oxygen—he wants the world to know something: We need more black mountaineers

Ngima Sherpa and Dendi Sherpa were hit by flying ice when a serac collapsed as they navigated the infamous route up Mount Everest. Theirs are the first major injuries of the season.

We're calling it: these athletes will dominate the headlines for the next two months

The Seeker is a film that features hiker Atul Khandar taking a solo journey to Everest Base Camp.

The world's highest peak will again be the focus of the climbing world

Mount Everest is increasingly defined by budget guiding companies—and more crowding than ever

From filmmaker Elia Saikaly, Everest - A Timelapse Film II is a collection of images he took while at Everest during milky way season.

Bad weather, an unscheduled rescue, and a mutiny wrecked the chances of two teams hoping to make daring winter summits

Generations of mountaineers stopped at the small home in Pangboche for an audience with the humble, loving Buddhist

Generations of climbers, journalists, and scholars relied on her reporting from the foot of the world's 8,000-meter peaks

Alex Txikon attempts an off-season climb of the world's highest peak

After years of controversy, Nepal's Supreme Court has ruled that Pemba Dorje Sherpa's climb was unverifiable, returning the record to its previous holder

No one knew if it could be done. But when Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler climbed Mount Everest without oxygen in 1978, they smashed one of the last barriers of human performance. Almost 40 years later, both legends talk about their first ascent by “fair means”—and the long-running feud that followed.

There were many stories that were more fun to cook up and publish, but nothing quite compares with the force and moral clarity of Jon Krakauer’s account of the 1996 tragedies on Mount Everest

The story of how a confectionary mishap helped Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reach the world's most famous summit

In this installment, filmmaker Manuel Meurisse brings us to Everest. On a 15 day exploration trip to Mount Everest's Basecamp, Meurisse passed through Gokyo Lake.

Ascending Everest may be easier now that one of the most difficult features en route to the summit has crumbled, veteran mountaineers say.

Cory Richards and Adrian Ballinger summited the highest mountain in the world last month—Ballinger without supplemental oxygen. Here's how they trained their minds and bodies to accomplish one of mountaineering's most difficult feats.

How one of the world’s best mountaineers made a last-second decision that would take his life

He made it from advanced base camp to the summit in 17 hours

The longtime guide with Alpine Ascents summited for the 21st time on May 27, tying Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi for the most summits on the world's highest mountain

The most expensive, complex, and risky recover mission in the mountain's history is about to get underway—and that's a mistake

Mountaineers and Nepalese officials can’t seem to agree about whether the Hillary Step—a forbidding obstacle on the final leg to the summit—still exists

The world’s tallest mountain has claimed 6 lives this season

The 29-year-old Spaniard continues breaking speed records on the world’s highest mountains

The 44-year-old Nepali woman broke her own record on the world’s highest peak

The famed climber, who was known for his speed ascents, fell on Sunday, April 30, while preparing for a new route on Everest

The man known affectionately as the 'Swiss Machine' lived life on the cutting edge. Here, we gather the remembrances of those who knew him best.

The superstar DJ trained for months to be able to make the hike to Everest Base Camp for his live show

The spring Everest season is shaping up to be an exciting one: Ueli Steck is returning to complete an epic traverse; Kilian Jornet wants a speed record; and the mountain will be packed with climbers who didn't get to attempt the summit in 2014 and 2015.

Myles Osborne was poised to summit Mount Everest when a flapping of fabric caught his eye. He thought it was a tent—then it spoke.

Fine dining on Everest? Only $1,050 per person.

On January 8, Discovery is launching a new six-part series titled Everest Rescue. The show follows a group of helicopter pilots as they perform extreme rescues on Everest.

'Everest Rescue' is an inside look at a very risky job: performing high-altitude helicopter rescues on the tallest mountain in the world

A plan for a drive-up climbing center on the north side of the mountain also includes the mainstays of a modern resort: lodging, restaurants, and a museum. Is this the future of the world's highest peak?

A new study looks at whether stories about PEDs in the mountains have any truth to them

She’s not as famous as many other climbers, but her story is one of the most inspiring in the sport

The first American woman to summit Everest without oxygen canisters and make it back down alive explains why she snuck off to the mountain without alerting her sponsors—or even her parents

Surviving the world’s tallest mountain takes a lifetime, even if you come down unharmed. It leaves an indelible mark on your soul that one can only cope with.

Shareable fitness data has been instrumental to the success of Adrian Ballinger and Corey Richards’s push up Everest. Will it change how the mountain is climbed?

In her sixth ascent of the world's tallest peak, 32-year-old Melissa Arnot earned one of the few prizes left on the mountain

Nine Sherpa guides setting rope lines on the upper part of the mountain have become the first of the season to reach the top of the world's highest peak

Lhakpa Sherpa ​​has climbed Everest more than any other woman—​and now she's on the mountain trying for her seventh summit​.

Lowe’s climbing partner, Conrad Anker, and his widow, Jenni-Lowe Anker, talk about a dramatic discovery that comes more than 16 years after he and climber David Bridges vanished in a Himalyan avalanche