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If you’re worried about how the current campsite and rental-car shortages are going to impact your summer travels, consider these options. We’ve rounded up our favorite companies in six cities, plus the itineraries to test them out on.

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Each year during Interbike, the city of Las Vegas hosts the Cross Vegas cyclocross race. It’s an important event for the sport’s top pros, but it’s also a big party for the spectators, who come out and drink beer while watching riders tear through grass and sand and over wooden barriers. We sent photographer Stephen Lam to capture this year’s action.

Luckily for you, these involve no slot machines—only glassy waters for paddling and natural playgrounds for climbing

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It’s not necessarily the facility that counts when you’re waking up at ungodly hours of the morning to clean and jerk—it’s the quality of the instructors, and the camaraderie of the friends who join you there. In fact, each CrossFit gym is supposed to be uniquely inviting, whether it's…

You might be one of those who people who doesn’t “get” Vegas. The charms of Sin City are completely lost on you, but there’s a conference at Caesar’s, and your company has sent you. Or maybe it’s the location for your buddy’s bachelor party. So you reluctantly…

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It's just a few short miles from the neon strip to the inky desert beyond. But to a solitary walker on her way out of town, the worlds of casino palaces and redrock spires might as well be galaxies apart.