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For general home-improvement jobs, this is the knife you want. In his roundup of quarantine gear, contributor Jakob Schiller wrote, “It has opened boxes, cut rope, trimmed weeds, and performed any other number of odd jobs.” The stainless-steel blade is sturdy enough for tough materials, and the nylon handle…

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Made in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this knife features a burly 16-layer Damascus steel blade. The handle has polished ironwood throughout, with inlaid Sonoran Turquoise to give it a unique and stylish look.

The Skeletool is a do-it-all multitool that shaves weight down to five ounces without sacrificing utility. The standard fare (pliers and wire snips, blade, screwdriver set) is augmented by a carabiner-like clip that’s good for cracking open a bottle of beer.

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Gear editor Emily Reed loves the Eldris, which is a staple of her camping box. She finds the oversize handle and fixed blade effective for whittling and chopping kindling. Plus, the affordable price means it’s not a devastating loss if she accidentally forgets the knife at a campsite. Read her…

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The Selby Folsom is wildly useful and beautiful to boot

A rugged lifestyle demands a rugged knife. The Bear Claw’s 2.37-inch blade is full-tang and made from high-quality stainless steel. It weighs just 3.4-ounces and comes with an injection-molded nylon sheath for easy storage and quick access.

Multi-tools are great for some but for most, carrying 20-plus tools around can be overkill. The Ellis is the perfect solution for those who want a streamlined everyday carry knife, that can do a little more than just cut. It features a 2.6-inch stainless steel blade, plus a flat head…

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Nailing the perfect ratio of utility and technology, this folding knife ($295) from Shinola won us over with its timeless design and modern materials. The 2.6-inch stainless steel blade is housed in a titanium handle and deploys with the push of a button. An integrated belt clip keeps the knife secure…

Mission Workshops makes some of the world's finest cycling apparel, but just released a knife called the Unagi.

A three-inch blade you'll always want on your side.

This wearable ensures you'll always have a tool handy.

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This 3.25-inch fixed-blade knife ($20) looks more like a USB drive than a tactical blade when housed in its sheath and hung around your neck.

This knife is so good it has been around for 200 years.

Imagine all the fun of an outdoor blade in a package you can use more often. Put one to use in your kitchen, and it might make cooking dinner feel a little more exciting.

Over the past 125 years, the Opinel No. 8 has undergone just one upgrade. Some designs never go obsolete.

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The world’s smallest and lightest tactical knife

Most folding knives look pretty similar. This one ($480) however, stands way out thanks to the origami-like design. Up front you get a three-inch stainless-steel blade that has two different cutting edges. The blade then folds into an oiled maple handle with a deep thumb hold for secure handling. …

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In honor of Outside's 40th anniversary, we're selecting our all-time favorite gear, places, accomplishments, and people. This month, we rounded up 40 of the best products we've ever tested, from legendary classics (Ed Pulaski's famous firefighting tool) to the newest kids on the block (DJI's crazy new do-it-all drone).

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This knife is a testament to the logging tradition of Northern Maine.

Yes, this knife costs a lot ($500), but for good reason. The frame is made almost entirely of titanium, and the blade is S35VN steel, which is designed to keep an edge, but is also easy to sharpen. At a full half-inch thick, the Harsey fills your palm nicely,…

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