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She started working at Alta when tickets cost $6.50 a pop. Now, as she prepares to retire, she leaves behind a legacy that spans four decades.

Traveling with kids comes with its own set of challenges. Cost shouldn't be one of them.

On the slope and off, there's plenty to do

Littlest Sidekick Outfitters will launch with a line of kid-specific base layers, which parents will be able to return for a discount toward the next size

Women who work as guides and professional athletes face a tougher go than their male counterparts if they also want to raise children

The founder of Out There Adventures discovered power in nature while growing up gay. Now she's sharing it with the next generation—and taking the industry by storm.

The Doug Coombs Foundation was created to subsidize skiing and open up the sport to a broader audience. Now the Jackson, Wyoming–based organization finds itself on the front lines in the battle over undocumented workers.

Is it a shame we need them? Yes. But it's the only way to protect parents who want their kids to grow up independent and brave.

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A new ad campaign from two major nonprofits aims to break children free from their dependence

See a cool new place and learn a tip or two from the pros along the way

Legislators in the state have proposed restricting marathons and half marathons to those older than 18, claiming that running damages kids' bones and joints. Science doesn't agree.

During 40 years of adventure, hard-charging writer and climber Mark Jenkins has asked a lot of his wife and kids. After his fourth attempt on a dicey Chinese peak, he examines the risks and rewards of a risk-defying career.

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When she was in college, Jack Kerouac’s book The Dharma Bums helped the author find her place in wilderness and in life. She hoped it would do the same for her 16-year-old son as they embarked on a mother-son California road trip retracing Kerouac’s adventures.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. has spent a lifetime protecting rivers, an ethos born on childhood expeditions

With its new Walls Are Meant for Climbing program, the company hopes to make climbing accessible for everyone of all ages and abilities

Tip: It helps to build your toddler a mini climbing wall so he can boulder with you

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The BSA's latest policies are a step toward including other genders. Inclusiveness can't come soon enough.

As our writer cheered on his three-year-old at the Strider Cup in Texas—a merciless race replete with tears, anxiety, and elation—he had one question: Is intense competition good for the tiniest of competitors?

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There's a moment in a child's life when she's old enough to go on a real trip yet still young enough to want to hang out with her parents. These travel tactics and tools will help you seize that window.

Just because they have lacrosse practice doesn't mean you have to sacrifice outdoor adventures

For more than a century, the Girl Scouts has been the most well-trod path for junior explorers to get into adventure. But what comes after the Thin Mints and craft badges is a troop for sisterhood, winter camping, and some serious archery.

As her daughters get older, our correspondent wanted to pass along a few things that running has taught her

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