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Like the rest of us, Tom Vanderbilt was dreaming of a new kind of vacation. He wanted adventure and a physical challenge, but also a trip that would appeal to his wife and young daughter. The answer: swimming in the open ocean, day after wet, wild day.

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This hauler’s 55-liter capacity can hold a few days’ worth of gear (up to 45 pounds), but don’t go overboard: you don’t want to weigh down your child too much on their first multi-night backpacking trip. The Optifit suspension can be lengthened as your kid grows, while multiple exterior pockets…

CamelBak built a kid’s version of its most popular mountain-bike pack for the littlest of shredders. The Mini Mule comes with a 1.5-liter hydration bladder, just under a liter of gear space, and a mesh harness that vents so junior isn’t left with sweat stains under the shoulder straps.

The 40-liter Icarus is designed for overnight or quick weekend trips into the backcountry, and it comes loaded with the same features your favorite adult packs have: a hydration sleeve, a trekking-pole attachment, a rain cover, a separate slot for a sleeping bag, and an exterior stash pocket. The VersaFit…

Built for big boys and girls (8 to 12 years old), the Tarn Hydro is a straightforward daypack with a wide opening to the main compartment and a comfy padded back panel with an air-flow channel. The stretchy mesh side pockets are great for items your kids want to access…

This Deuter pack is for when you introduce your children to technical pursuits, like ski touring and rock climbing. It has 22 liters of room in a top-loading compartment, with space for a hydration bladder, but is also outfitted with ice-ax straps, D rings, and gear loops for lashing rope,…

A pack made for fast-and-light adventures on a bike, the Moki is a small 1.5 liters, just enough for a layer and some snacks. But it also comes with a dedicated hydration sleeve—with its own quick-zip access—and an attachment strap for a blinking light, so it’s easy for your child…

Who says you can't camp in (or near) big cities?

A year after Bonnie Carroll's husband, U.S. Army brigadier general Tom Carroll, died, she devoted her life to caring for those who’d lost loved ones from war. For widowed women in Afghanistan, this called for more than emotional support.

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A grassroots movement of physicians are prescribing time outdoors as the best possible cure for a growing list of ailments. Can they really convince big health care that free medicine is the way of the future?

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After a massive fire, one man tried to replant the forests of his childhood. After more than half a decade, he realized he was fighting a losing battle against climate change. We all are.

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Made for kids, this water bottle filters out bacteria, parasites, and chemicals and improves the overall taste for your little one. It lasts for up to 1,000 gallons of filtering and only weighs 7.9 ounces.

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Indian relay racing is sometimes called America’s first extreme sport. For years, the Brew Crew—a team from the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota—were a dominant force. Then tragedy struck. This is the story of the Lakota’s spiritual relationship with the horse, and a quest to regain glory on the track.

The Youth Climate Strike is working to shut down schools across the country on March 15 to demand that world leaders act on preventing climate change

Sure, it makes my daughter adorable. But it's also everything a parent could want in a winter suit for their outdoorsy toddler.

Posting shots of my kids skiing, camping, and playing outside is good for my brand as an adventure writer. And there's nothing wrong with that.

In 2017, the Trump administration announced that it was shrinking the iconic Utah national monument by nearly 50 percent. Leath Tonino devised a sketchy 200-mile solo desert trek, following the path of the legendary cartographer who literally put these contentious canyons on the map.

You can. You should. It will become part of your family lore.

A playlist that both parents and children can enjoy.

Keep your little ripper warm with OR’s full-face-covering balaclava. Its nylon-polyester blend is soft against the skin, so they can forget the cold and stay focused on shredding.

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