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It has great support, a table, and a spot for your favorite beverage

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My grandpa served in the Army's tough-as-nails Tenth Mountain Division during World War II. After the war, soldiers from the Tenth pioneered the rambling mountain lifestyle I live today. Every year, I ski to remember him.

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Keep your kid’s waterworks at bay on hikes or backpacking trips with this carrier. In our test of child carriers, the Poco AG Plus was “by far the sturdiest, most durable, and most stable of all the packs I’ve tried,” wrote our tester. At 7.6 pounds, the pack is…

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Patagonia’s bunting is made for the adventurous baby. Our Gear Guy’s daughter, Jojo, loves this one for its warm and cozy 600-fill down. “Jojo even hunts for this bunting, picks it up over her head, and runs around with it, shouting her ‘vaventure!’ rally cry until my wife or…

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Almond butter might be a healthier alternative to peanut butter, but it lacks the natural sweetness of its latter. Justin’s solution? Add a bit of honey powder to the mix. We love this pouch which strikes the right balance of protein, fat, and carbs. It goes well on bananas and…

Sunflower seeds are a workhorse snack packed with B vitamins, healthy fats, protein, and magnesium. These single-serve packs of kernels were developed by Olympic skier Jonny Moseley and his wife, who were looking for healthy on-the-go fuel for their active family. The Classic is flavored with pink Himalayan salt and…

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Expedition kayaker Scott Lindgren knocked off first descents of the most remote and dangerous rivers on earth, from the Himalayas to the Sierra. He paddled with an aggro attitude and saw weakness as an unforgivable trait in himself and others. But when a brain tumor started to derail his athletic performance and threaten his life, everything changed.

They won’t always be on their best behavior, but at least they’ll stay warm and dry

Maybe not in our hearts, but certainly in our brains. Plus, they can make you love the indoors far too much—which is why there’s now a full-fledged, woodsy rehab center for joystick addicts who need a soothing pathway back to a normal life.

On a plane ride over the Mountain West, a grieving father retraces his adventurous youth and searches for solace in the rugged landscapes that molded him

Princess Daazhraii Johnson, a creative producer for the PBS series, tells Outside that the show is a "way of saying that it’s OK to be who you are, you should be proud of that."

Outside contributor Shanti Hodges found this tent ideal for family camping with a group of five: “The Tranquility seems like one of the few behemoth tents that one person could set up, making it a rare family option for the single parent,” Hodges wrote. Plus, the rooftop mesh makes…

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As delegates for the UN's Climate Action Summit convene in New York, the real leaders are the young people pushing for climate justice in the streets

Our Gear Guy recommended this running stroller in his roundup of the best gear for road-tripping with children. Folded down, the Revolution Flex goes down to 35-by-10 inches and easily squeezes into an already full car. Jackson especially liked the stroller’s stability and shock-absorbing suspension system.

The Canadian pilot has summited Mount Everest, biked the Arctic, and rowed across the Atlantic

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