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There is nothing fishy about it

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Because nothing beats a beer and a bite after a long day on the trail

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With two years until the Tokyo Olympics, organizers are preparing for what could be a brutally warm race

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Aje features skier Baker Boyd alongside Japan native and founder of Teton Bros Nori Suzuki finding endless stashes of snow.

New Zealand’s camping options notoriously abound which made it the perfect destination for Vanlifer and photographer Louis Charles Pilon.

The Lost Craftsmen, from Seeking Nirvana, highlights skiers Riley Leboe, Matt Margetts, Joe Schuster, and Mike Henituk as they explore Japan’s mythical powder stashes. 

They crushed at Sunday’s Tokyo Marathon. Here’s why.

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In this ski film from Dakine, skiers Sammy Carlson, Karl Fostvedt, and Lucas Wachs traveled to Hakuba, Japan in search of one epic storm.

From DPS Skis The Shadow Campaign, The Time Within finds five of DPS's best skiers in the powder haven of Japan.

As our writer cheered on his three-year-old at the Strider Cup in Texas—a merciless race replete with tears, anxiety, and elation—he had one question: Is intense competition good for the tiniest of competitors?

Meet the Japanese farmers and hunters defending their homeland from the ruthless hogs that—by the way—may have wandered over from Fukushima

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After a good early season in Colorado and Utah, winter in the U.S. seems to have petered out. Which is why it's time to book a trip to Japan, which has been getting hammered by snow recently.

Stronger dollar? Check. Weaker euro? Check. Time to go see the world again!

Is there such a thing as the greatest vista on earth? The Japanese think so, and they've got the breathtaking Three Scenic Views, a trio of iconic landscapes that stand above the rest. One writer takes them all in on a breakneck tour.

Stay in a lodge that would make even Buddhists take back the material world

The best lodging for skiers are close to the action but feel far away from it all. These are the perfect abodes to return to after carving up the slopes.

Except for two interruptions during World War II, the Winter Olympics have been held continuously since 1924. Over a period of nine decades, these snowy competitions have played out in 21 mountainous enclaves on three continents. Most of the venues are still worth a wintertime visit; here are a few…

In a typical January, the fabled Japanese resort Niseko gets more snow—nearly 15 feet—than any ­other ski area in the world. But is there such a thing as too much?

I want to hike up a live— or at least dormant—volcano. Where can I go without getting scorched?

Stiv Wilson finds a lost skiff 1,500 miles off the coast of Japan

Buy a ticket to Japan—really

Harold Camping was wrong—twice—about 2011 ushering in the end of days, but the year certainly had its share of environmental catastrophes. Thankfully, there were a few glimmers of hope, as well.

From the world’s most fuel-efficient commercial plane to foreign economic collapses to a cloud-tickling hotel, the biggest adventure travel stories this year

Your urgent inquiries about the world. Answered.

I a hospital corpsman stationed in Okinawa. I wanted to know what I could try out around here in the surrounding islands. Hiking, kayaking, camping? Brett Okinawa, Japan

Attention, all cynics: You can change the world. But don't take our word for it. Here are people combining big ideas and bold adventures, including our first-ever Reader of the Year.

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How a stealth documentary crew revealed Japan's secret dolphin slaughter.

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Japan's got more going for it than bright lights and temples—namely, some of the best places in the world to ski, climb, kayak, bike, and surf. Bow down to the wild, wild East.

READY TO GRAB FRESH BIG AIR? We’ve got hemispheres of the white stuff—and timely beta on boosting your stamina, choosing the right equipment, and finding singular steeps close to home. Who says winter ever needs to end? Get Out There For more great worldwide skiing and snowboarding destinations,…