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Face it, most of us aren't complete athletes. We lack the strength to make us fit, and we follow cultlike exercise programs. But there is a cure: Listen to renegade coach Mark Rippetoe, grab a barbell, and get back to basics.

For when an evening hike turns into a 20-mile epic

Health-and-fitness publications often takes liberties (gasp!) with scientific studies. Here's why you shouldn't believe everything you read—and how to separate the facts from the slough.

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I'd love to haul my kids up the railings to Half Dome, but don't want to risk accidents—or turning them off of hiking forever. How can we have fun while staying safe in the national park?

Anxiety, depression, obesity—kids are increasingly becoming unhappy and unhealthy. But there is a pill-free solution: outdoor play.

With a series of impressive 100-mile wins under his belt and perhaps the most fitting name ever bestowed upon a shoe-salesman-slash-ultrarunner, Mike Foote seems to be doing everything right.

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I thought that starchy foods aren't good for you—why do I keep reading about the health benefits of this certain type?

Some plan trips in advance; others let the current carry them. For Amy Ragsdale, traveling with risk takers like herself has helped her trust the process of exploring without a full map, rather than fight it.

You'll never get close to the ultrarunner's 90-plus podium finishes, but his rules will help you run your best race.

In The Art of Competition, Ironman-turned-author Mark Allen gives insight into the thoughts that helped him race his fastest while living to the fullest.

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There's more to life than chasing definition in certain muscle groups. Maintaining a healthy weight, for instance.

The "eight-percent rule" ignores the power exercise has to counter time spent on your butt.

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Top shoe brands are racing to enter the super-cushioned fray. We review 2014’s corpulent shoe crop.

Sometimes you have to take your own advice—or suck it up and eat crow.

Three plane fuselages in a Montana river might seem like a problem, but there’s more to the accident than meets the eye.

You’re likely to face some hot races, or at least some hot training days, this summer. So I asked five elite ultramarathoners what gear they recommend to keep cool during the hottest months of the year. Below, I’ve listed five gear hacks, tips, and products these men use to battle…

Stylish? Maybe. Functional? Not really.

The roads are dangerous. But the real hate happens on social media. And it's both disgusting and scary.

Taking your kids to an ultramarathon can be a distraction from the aches and pains of running long distances

Bet you didn’t think this would come up in your fitness regimen, but your esophagus needs love during training, too. Intense exercise can contribute to heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD), and there’s a good chance that ramping up your routine may be causing your symptoms, says…

If you never have to worry about actually performing at the top of your game in the heat, then by all means head inside to the treadmill, says Chris Jordan, creator of the 7-Minute Workout and director of exercise physiology at Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute.

What’s one thing college kids and health nuts apparently have in common? Butt chugging. And a total lack of common sense.

Think of those tough spots as badges of honor! “Callus formation is a natural response to friction and pressure,” says podiatrist Megan Leahy of the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute. “Because runners obviously take more steps than non-runners, calluses may occur more readily.” Calluses can be harmless,…

Keep your four-legged adventure companion cool in the heat this summer.

With a little help from Make-A-Wish, Yosemite’s first honorary park ranger earns his keep and proves his strength

A few weeks before my first “half distance” triathlon—which consisted of 70.3 total miles, including a half marathon at the end—I slipped into a brand new pair of sneakers, intent on breaking them in during my next few practice sessions.  They’re triathlon-specific shoes, outfitted with elastic bungee laces and a…

This may not be the answer you’re looking for, but it’s the truth: The most effective way to get back into shape (and stay that way) isn’t by just doing one magic move over and over. The good news? You may not have to work out more than or…

In a desperate measure to burn surfeit calories, men and women have rushed to stuff their jiggly bits into resistance pants. But can clothing really make a workout any better?

Some good foods contains natural SPF—and you should be eating more of them

One of the weirdest contraptions on two wheels might be the best thing you can do for your running

Vitamin B12 shots have been around for years, and they’re often marketed as a miracle cure for everything from fatigue to depression to those stubborn extra pounds you can’t shake. And while it’s true that a B12 deficiency can contribute to those things, there is…

When it comes to rebuilding humans, we're kicking ass, and that's good news for injured athletes.

Resveratrol not the cure-all we thought it was.

A favorite beverage of many athletes, trainers, and nutritionists, juice made from tart or “sour” cherries (the kind you use to make cherry pie) has been shown to reduce inflammation and ease muscles soreness after strenuous workouts. But that’s not the only reason you might want to…