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In his new book ‘Wayward: Stories and Photographs,’ Chris Burkard takes readers behind the camera on his quest for meaningful experiences

The actor’s nature show, now streaming on Disney+, offers a welcome update to a familiar format

From Reykjavík to Minneapolis, winter isn’t just tolerated here, it’s celebrated

Adventure photographer Chris Burkard's 'Unnur' is a gorgeous meditation on one Icelandic father's plan to raise his daughter (way, way) off the grid

Wim Hof's teachings about breath work and the health benefits of cold plunges have attracted millions of followers who swear it has cured everything from depression to diabetes and makes them happier and stronger. Our writer traveled to Iceland (naturally) for a deep dive with the man and his methods.

A new United Nations report finds that Scandinavian nations continue to be the happiest in the world. Here's why.

Leave it to the Faroe Islands to come up with the most clever virtual tour we've seen. In their new tourism program, a Faroese resident becomes your local avatar, guiding you around the stunning archipelago in real time.

With the airline industry struggling because of COVID-19, summer, fall, and winter plane fares to adventure destinations are hitting unprecedented lows. Airlines are also offering free change and cancellation fees. Should you hop on these deals now or wait and see? We consulted industry experts to find out—and rounded up some of the best fares out there.

Don't have time to thru-hike? That's OK! These trails can be done in a few days or weeks so you can test your endurance without using up all your vacation days.

With so much to do and see, you'll forget you have a race to run

Winter is off-season for several world-class destinations, which means lower plane fares and hotel rates. We asked Scott's Cheap Flights for advice on which trips to book.

Instagram can make even the most far-flung places seem accessible. But how much does it really cost to get the shot?

From drone pilot Vadim Sherbakov, 'Islandia' is a tribute to Iceland's natural beauty and unparalleled aesthetic

Why these are our dream spots to cast away

Because you don't want to be led deep into the backcountry by just anyone

'On Her Terms' showcases downhill mountain bikers Monet Adams and Manon Carpenter as they explore the trails and cultures of Iceland

Frequent fliers spend a lot of energy trying to avoid long layovers. But with these tips, the right attitude, and a bit of ingenuity, you can turn your layover into another adventure.

Because nothing beats a beer and a bite after a long day on the trail

The budget airline was responsible for shuttling 30 percent of the country's tourists last year. Its closing will irrevocably change how we get there—and that might be a good thing.

This is the trailer for ‘A Land Shaped by Women,’ which explores gender equality in Iceland.

‘Elements Iceland’ features a group of friends on a bikepacking trip through Iceland.

How I learned to do group travel—without hating everybody else

In the summer of 2018, filmmaker Dave Wallace took a 10-day car camping trip in Iceland.

The otherworldly landscapes from the HBO show are all worth a trip

International flights don't have to break the bank—even when your budget is zero

My Mom Vala from YETI and Tributaries Digital Cinema profiles its namesake character Vala Arnadottir.

No Man’s Land from filmmaker Davide Calafà documents a six-day backpacking journey through Iceland.

After a day spent outside, there's nothing better than a superbly placed hot tub

Edge of the light is a drone film from professional photographers at Ozzo Photography. On a recent trip they set out to capture the northern lights dancing over Iceland's waterfalls.

'Under An Arctic Sky' from Chris Burkard Studios and Sweatpants Media was an epic quest for perfect waves along the rugged and remote coast of Iceland.

When the filmmakers at Untold Skies arrived in Iceland they mad a meticulously planned out schedule and dozens pre-planned shots. After landing at the Keflavik airport, surging winds and storms threatened to dismantle their entire journey.

The folks at Manera know that kiteboarding paradises are often warm, windy, and serve great margaritas, but for their most recent trip, they ventured into the far north of Iceland.

This wasn't filmmaker Jesse Yang's first time in Iceland, but it was his first solo trip. On a backpacking trip with friends, he vowed to return in an attempt to illustrate how majestic this place truly is.

From Wesley Versteeg of VIP3Rmedia, Serenity is a drone film that features stunning landscapes in Iceland.

Last fall, mountain bike athletes KC Deane and Geoff Gulevich took off to Iceland in search of pristine singletrack.

In search of a mystical wave on the coast of Iceland Jeremy Joyce and his buddy, Jamie embarked on a very ill-advised surf trip.

Ski endless untouched powder from an artful lodge on the island’s remote upper coast

Iceland is home to some of the most photogenic terrain on earth. But for surfer Heiðar Logi Elíasson and the film crew at Tributaries Digital Cinema, it's a harsh place with unrelenting wind.

From photographer Chris Burkard and Sweatpants Media, Under an Arctic Sky documents the search for waves under the Northern Lights.

Filmmaker Jonathan Scott acknowledges how hard it is to find true stillness. However, in Iceland that can be found.

Filmmaker Samuel V. Rocheleau first had the idea to travel around Iceland in early 2016. This film showcases some of these beautiful sights.

In a new film by NRS and We Are Hungry, a crew of French kayakers travels to the frigid waters of Iceland.

Filmmaker Will Christiansen set out to capture the essence of adventure in Iceland in his latest film, 'Origin.'

There are very few words that adequately describe Iceland.

Power players from around the world don't subsist on oatmeal alone. We asked athletes to share the hometown dishes that are still part of their training diet.

A timelapse of Iceland's fantastic natural wonders.

With a seemingly never-ending day, filmmakers Daniel Windsor and Nolan Gross, took to The Ring Road of Iceland for a week long road trip.

In our ongoing 'Weekly Escape' series, we aim to transport you from your desk to an incredible place in 2 minutes or less

Down is the fifth episode of Season 5 of Salomon Running TV and follows British fell runners Ricky Lightfoot and Tom Owens

Our 'Weekly Escape' series aims to transport you from your desk to an incredible place in 2 minutes or less.

Young, tech-savvy adventurers are taking sponsors and funding away from grizzled, old-school explorers who aren’t strong on Facebook and Twitter. But they don’t always pull off the awesome feats they say they will.

Adventure filmmakers Taylor Rees and Renan Ozturk thought it would be a mellow working vacation: they’d capture footage of four young Brits as they traversed 250 miles of Iceland’s fissured terrain, starting in December.

A dream run in Iceland goes sideways into the courts

The winners of the The World at Night's annual photo contest. Whoa!

Chad Copeland, a professional photographer whose work has appeared on National Geographic Creative and in adventure campaigns around the world, had doubts about the quality of smartphone photography.

The country's latest luxury resort is surrounded by natural drama—from the night sky to the lava fields. Turns out, it's a pretty great place to unplug.

The key to seeing the best of Iceland? Posting up in the middle of the action.

Besides vampires, maybe, who doesn’t like celebrating on the longest day of sunlight of the year? Anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere that beer is sold and friends can be found pretty much suffices as a party venue. However, if you want a once-in-a-lifetime summer solstice experience on June 21, these…

I want to hike up a live— or at least dormant—volcano. Where can I go without getting scorched?

Don't spend snow season carving the same old turns on your local ski slope. We present nine fresh winter activities, from ice climbing in Iceland to winter camping in Telluride.

The island traps you. That’s what Manhattanites say when rationalizing their inability to travel freely. But with a little crea­tivity, finding adventure is easier than you think. Outside fan Joe Sacaridiz, an ad-agency art director who lives in Hell’s Kitchen, spends spring and fall weekends climbing upstate and winters snowboarding in Vermont. Here’s

The Quidditch World Cup sounds dorky, and make no mistake: it is. But these sorcery-loving Harry Potter fans play pretty rough, as Eric Hansen found out when he captained a bad-news team of ex-athletes, ultimate Frisbee studs, slobs, drunks, and some people he knows from Iceland. Brooms up, and may the best Muggles win.

Each spring, the modest mountains that line Iceland’s Troll Peninsula host creamy corn snow, sunlight that lasts until 10 P.M., and steep, rarely skied chutes that take you right to the ocean’s edge

Globe-trotters: we've got you covered. Our 2012 Travel Awards honor the best destinations on seven continents—everything from idyllic beach escapes to camping safaris in Kenya to a mountain-bike expedition in Tibet. Plus: Outside-endorsed outfitters, adventure insurance, and more.

I'm going hiking for a week in Iceland this spring. What kind of pants would be right for cold and rainy, but good for dry weather, too? Tom Springfield, VA

#4 There’s No Better Way to Prove Yourself.

Days into a trip spent with his father and brother in Greenland, author Wells Tower was seized by a tantrum-pitching impulse and the overwhelming desire to punch himself again and again in the face

All it takes is one trip to change your life - and we've got 40 of 'em. Dreaming of close encounters with cheetahs or penguins? Want to climb a mountain in Peru? Experience an epic trek in China? One trip, one world - that's all it takes.

How do you go native on an island made of ice? Scale glaciers, strip down, and steam it off.

Q: Do you know of any great alpine backpacking destinations in Baja? Advice from the Experts For more wisdom from the Adventure Adviser, and the chance to ask your own questions, CLICK questions answered —Cory Whitney, Bar Harbor, Maine Adventure Adviser: A: A four-day backpacking trip up Baja’s…

Only on this remote North Atlantic island do you find such glorious quirks as tolting ponies and entire villages of sleep-deprived puffin chasers

An Iceland Adventure Guide

No one knows how to cut loose in the summertime like Scandinavians

Summer thaw: melting ice carves a canyon in Iceland Q: We are trying to plan a ten-day hiking trip to Iceland for the last two weeks in August. Would like to either camp or stay in huts (my partner would love the tent, whereas I would welcome…

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