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Play in the rays without feeling the burn

Thule’s Subterra luggage has impressed us with its ability to fit what feels like endless storage in limited spaces, and the line’s toiletry bag lives up to that reputation. Flip open the top lid to access two compartments, but then unzip the bottom one to find another two pockets (which…

Osprey has a reputation for paying attention to the details, and that’s certainly evident with the Ultralight. It’s made from 40-denier ripstop for durability, has cushioned walls to help prevent broken combs or burst shampoo, and five pockets for organization. And of course, there’s a hook for hanging.

The beauty of the shower roll is its compact nature. Fold it up, and you can slip it into the most tightly crammed pack, but unfurl that puppy and hang it from the shower-curtain rod, and you’ve got everything you need visible. The best feature is the removable pocket with…

Eagle Creek’s Dopp kit doesn’t hang, but it has a wide base and zips wide open, so you can find what you need without fumbling. The water- and stain-resistant ripstop, plus seam-sealed compartments, keep whatever else you have in your suitcase safe from potential explosions.

For the weight conscious, Sea to Summit’s hanging toiletry bag is made from an über-light, water-resistant, polyurethane-coated nylon and weighs just 2.8 ounces. The big central pocket can accommodate shampoo, soap, and a comb, while two smaller zippered pockets on the lid are good for keeping travel-size floss and toothpaste…

More companies are selling makeup specifically for sweating in. But do women really need it?

We love drinking shower beers. But when it’s time for a classier, Mom-only relaxation session, she can put a glass of wine in the Sipski during a bath or shower. It’ll keep the cabernet clear of the soap and suds.

In some outdoor spaces, you can simply dig a hole, cover it up, and leave your business behind. But if you’re in a sensitive ecosystem, or on the side of a big wall, you’ll be packing your poop out. Enter this puncture-resistant solution, with “Poo Powder” that turns waste into…

Every proper backcountry number two starts with a cathole, and this ultralight shovel gets the job done. It’s made from a tough but light aluminum and even has small teeth in case you run into any debris as you dig.

You can go with Dr. Bronner’s, but this case, containing 50 “leaves” of soap, is a better choice for your poop kit, because it’s light (half an ounce) and small (half an inch thick). Just pull one out and dissolve it with water.

A growing number of insurance carriers are encouraging us via cold, hard cash to get after it in nature

This is how you’re bringing that used Coleman Camper’s toilet paper out of the woods with you. Use gallon-size bags so you have plenty of room, and double them up—for safety.

America’s grandest public lands have a big role to play in our health

The TP you use is really about personal choice, because, in an ideal Leave No Trace world, you’ll be packing it out with you. But Coleman’s version comes in a convenient carrying case that acts as a dispenser and is two-ply, affording a bit of comfort when answering the call…

Nature’s healing power may be in its ability to blow our minds

Guys have it easy. Women, who are tired of ditching layers or a harness or a pack when peeing, do not. The Sani-Fem is the lightweight answer: a small funnel that lets you keep your clothes on and stay upright. Because accidentally squatting in poison ivy is no fun.

Want to know what the weather is going to look like? Ask your knees.

Whether you’re rinsing off after a bike ride or grabbing a quick shower at a hostel abroad, having your own towel comes in handy. This one is an ultralight option (6.4 ounces for the full-body version) that folds down to the size of a pocket square. It’s made from a…

Why waste time and materials cutting the end off a cheap plastic toothbrush when you could use this overdesigned model that folds into itself? Plus, the head is replaceable when the bristles wear out.

Showers are great—when you can take them. But it’s not always possible, so make sure you have a pack of these wipes in your kit. They’re extra thick but soft enough to use in the most sensitive places, and aloe vera and vitamin E moisturize as you scrub the grime…

There are plenty of organic, biodegradable soaps out there, but it’s hard to beat the classic: Dr. Bronner’s. A liquid pure-castile soap (no chemicals or phosphates), it doubles as shampoo and bodywash. The label also makes for fun bathroom reading.

Not all Dopp kits are created equal. The North Face’s version is made from tough ballistic nylon that easily withstands shower spray and mist. More importantly, it has a wide opening, a flat bottom, and a hook, so it can sit upright on the countertop or hang from the showerhead,…

Forget stealing the hotel shampoo. Fill these durable Cordura bags with your shower and grooming essentials instead, and you’ll have everything you need in reusable, leakproof containers. Each weighs less than half an ounce and carries three ounces of liquid—well within TSA restrictions.

Thanks to savvy marketing, science, and luck, blueberries helped usher in a new era of health food obsession

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Inversions can choke all the fun out of winter in some places (looking at you, Salt Lake City)

Bulletproof originally made its name with coffee but has recently branched out into supplements, enhanced waters, oils, and these collagen protein bars. They claim that the protein, which is sourced from grass-fed cows, is better for your joints and bones. We like the fudge-brownie-flavored bar, which has 11 grams of…