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If you’re looking for a pair of water-resistant headphones on a budget, look into the Fit line from Plantronics, which has everything from burly over-ear models to true wireless buds. We like the the 350’s security, six hours of play time, and sweatproof IPX5 rating. Just don’t take them swimming.

If you spend much time in the water, you’ll need a “SwiMP3”—a waterproof set of headphones with an MP3 player that straps to the back of your head. The Finis Duo is fully submersible down to nine feet, has four gigabytes of storage (enough for 1,000 songs), and uses bone-conduction…

Waterproof, dustproof, and buoyant, the No Bounds speaker was one of our favorite pieces of waterproof gear in our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide. Plus, the speaker has a 10-hour battery life so you can play music all day without worrying about running out of juice.

This waterproof speaker was made for shower singers—it’s got a suction cup that sticks to the wall for hands-free listening. The Barnacle syncs to your phone via Bluetooth so you can jam to your Spotify playlists, but it also has enough storage for 1,000 songs if you want to leave…

This speaker was our top pick in our roundup of portable bluetooth speakers. “The Newport is a go-almost-anywhere midsize speaker that does retro and does it really well,” our tester said. With its classic look, easy-to-use controllers, and rich sound, it’s a speaker that rises above the rest.

These Headphones deliver audio through your cheekbones, so you can stay vigilant while listening to music. These are a great option for running and bike riding, especially in an urban environment.

The Charge 3 is a favorite of ours for several reasons: it has great battery life (up to 20 hours of play time), it can charge your phone (via the USB output), and it’s IPX7 waterproof (read: it’s fully submersible). Oh, and there’s that ample bass. Lash this speaker to…

You don’t have to drop serious cash for serious sound. Anker specializes in budget-friendly speakers, and the SoundCore Sport is no exception. It’s shockproof and waterproof, so you can take it on the trail, river, or out in a rainstorm without worry. Its eight-ounce frame belies its rich sound and…

This little dynamo’s best feature is its 360-degree sound—you don’t have to worry about where the thing is pointed for unobstructed listening. Other perks: it’s completely waterproof and floats, plus you can pair two devices at once for friendly DJ battles.

True wireless headphones, these fit snugly inside your ears. And they can handle spray from a shower or the sweatiest workout of your life with no problem. The sound quality is great, there’s a built-in microphone for calls, and 4.5 hours of play time on a single charge isn’t shabby.

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Earin buds are fully wireless so there’s no cord to tangle or accidentally yank out. Plus, they sound great.

Travel feels the most glamorous when you’re not physically traveling. So it follows that the nicest thing you could give someone is a way to escape the dreariness of airports, nonreclining seats, and sad airplane food.

Headphones: Any device used for playing music close to or within a wearer’s ears.

The future has arrived, and because it’s built to fit you perfectly, it’s not going anywhere

Kuai is wireless, and doesn’t need your phone to track your workout

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Tech to ensure you thrive on the sand and in the water this summer.

In praise of summer’s original combo deal: clear tunes and swimming holes.

Our five favorite gadgets for everything from recording splits to rocking out, including the New Balance Tri-Viz with four built-into-the-brim LEDs that can operate in three different settings; the Timex Ironman Run Trainer With GPS; and the Motorola Motoactv, a lightweight wristwatch that packs music and heart-rate tracking.

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Two-way radios might seem absurdly retro, but having an open channel of communication can be priceless on a multipitch climb or when trekking through rainforest in Costa Rica.

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Whether you need to capture, connect, or just sit back and relax, the newest portable gadgets are ready to serve.

Not only do these noise-isolating audio/phone ‘buds have some of the best sound quality we’ve ever heard; they’re hands-down the most comfortable and wearable, with silicone and foam tips. ultimateears.com…

This tiny, lightweight travel alarm clock/speaker system charges your iPod and delivers surprisingly solid sound via a pair of stereo speakers at the sides. Plus you can throw a couple of AAs in it, toss it in your bag, and take it to the beach.

Hate wires? With its Bluetooth adapter, this noise-isolating stereo headset, which floats behind your neck, streams audio and calls (there’s a built-in mike). Fidelity is better than average for Bluetooth. motorola.com…

Delivering huge, rich sound in a slim package, the Max speaker system is a must-have travel accessory. Dock your iPod or iPhone—or use the aux jack for other devices—and listen for 3.5 hours per charge. alteclansing.com…

For pushing big sound around outside, the rugged Tailgater is a solid value. A 16-watt amp powers a six-inch woofer and one-inch tweeter; it’s not stereophonic, but it’ll get the party started. Just dock your iPod (or use one of several other auxiliary jacks) for 12 hours of audio…

Our criteria for a good travel speaker: light, tough, and sounds good enough to keep playing once you’re there. The last one is usually the deal breaker, but the iP49 docking station flips open and pumps out surprisingly rich, bassy notes. Plus it has FM radio, alarm clock, equalizer, and…

SKULLCANDY‘s lightweight CHOPS HEADPHONES. With arms that wrap firmly behind your ears, they keep the tunes coming at you loud and clear.

From game-changing new materials (like moisture-wicking cotton) to evolutionary leaps in engineering (like a rotating helmet for extreme crashes), the avant-garde of 21st-century gear has just one thing in common: a total disregard for the status quo.

WHERE TO USE IT: The best surf road trip begins in San Diego and heads north. Start mellow, with the friendly Tourmaline break, in Pacific Beach. Camp on the bluffs at San Onofre overlooking Old Man’s, a longboarder’s heaven (parks.ca.gov), then switch to your shortboard and hit…

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Your audiophile brother who spent twice as much on his home theater system as you did on your bike? Ultrasone‘s velvet-lined, seventies-inspired HFI-2200 head­phones—the first cans to minimize eardrum pressure—are for him ($299; ultrasone.com). Untrasone HFI-2200 Headphones        …

Armed with rust-proof everything (brackets, grille, hardware), Polk‘s outdoor-ready Atrium 45 speakers can weather salt water, rain, and sandstorms. And, yes, even your buddy’s homemade recordings ($240; polkaudio.com). Polk Atrium 45            …

Thanks to bendable rubber clips, the Airdrives Interactive Stereo Earphones stay put even when things get bumpy. And, because the buds rest just outside your ear canal, you can hear oncoming cars while you’re riding or running ($80; airdrives.com). Airdrives Interactive Stereo Earphones        …

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