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From Expedition Overland, 'How We Organize Our Medical Kit' shows the safety supplies these travelers bring on off-road adventures

A self-proclaimed "soft" writer tries to beef up his end-of-world skills during quarantine

COVID-19 is going to limit and slow relief—and increase the importance of personal preparedness

The American Mountain Guides Association published tips on how outdoor professionals can use "psychological first aid" to stay mentally healthy during these challenging times. But the advice is useful for all of us during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Be prepared for every obstacle, and save a ton of money by making your own equipment and learning how to fix your stuff when it breaks in the backcountry

When things go wrong on a ski tour, this is what you should have in your pack

A detailed list of what you need to treat common injuries and ailments

A wilderness medicine expert and former AT thru-hiker shares her tips for tackling a long-distance backpacking trip

What happens if your pup gets hurt on the trail?

Here's what you need to properly care for your injured pup

Wes Siler shows you how to address a flesh wound

From earthquakes to fires and floods, here are savings on the supplies you need to survive

Stay safe in the wilderness and shave down pack weight with this customizable setup

Safety is the number-one priority when in the backcountry. This kit contains crucial medical supplies like bandages, scissors, and Ibuprofen. …

Go the distance with these nine essentials

From a new baby sleeping bag to an inflatable camera bag, here are the campaigns we're most excited about

Charlie Finlayson was on the ultimate climbing adventure with his dad, David, when a loose boulder forced him to make a daunting rescue

It will serve you well when things go wrong

Like any good piece of gear, you shouldn't have to think about your first-aid kit until you need it

Being exposed to new places is wonderful. Being exposed to new germs is not.

When disaster strikes, this gear will help you make it through

Aislinn Sarnacki, a columnist for the Bangor Daily News in Maine, on her go-to hiking gear

Gear up for summer with Outside editors' wishlist

It's rattlesnake season. Are you going to die?

Yeah, it's been around 136 years for a reason

David Grann’s New Yorker story about a doomed Antarctic adventurer was a spellbinding read. But as he—and Outside—seem to forget, other people had already done what Worsley was trying to pull off.

Never leave home without it, even if you don't think you'll have to use it

Your toes and fingers will thank you

A practical approach to making mass shootings less deadly

Your food will taste better, and you'll stay healthier

The thing is tiny, reliable, and could very well save your ass

Seven tips to enjoy the weekend safely and comfortably

Keep an eye out for these companies making some our favorite new gear

Pitching a tent, healing a wound, and finding your way are about the most important things you can learn how to do. They're also the easiest.

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When the unexpected happens, a little education and the right first aid kit goes a long way

The gear that will fix your problems when you’re a longways from nowhere

A list of essentials vetted by a wilderness first responder

Nature’s most wonderful meat can cure nature’s grossest parasite

Six innovative tools to keep your favorite hiking buddy safe on the trail

Think of these as your most dependable travel buddies, coming to the rescue at a moment's notice.

Stuff these in your pack and head out of the country with peace of mind

The right first-aid kit can save your life in the backcountry, so it’s worth investing the time and the money to get it right. To find out what belongs in a novice backpacker’s kit, I turned to NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute, which has trained more than 110,000 students…

With a little help from Make-A-Wish, Yosemite’s first honorary park ranger earns his keep and proves his strength

A few tips from Dr. Luanne Freer, founder of the Everest Base Camp Medical Clinic.

Keep ticks (and Lyme Disease) away this summer with a few simple guidelines

Outside reviews the the best gear of Outdoor Retailer, including the Nemo Spoon Series Sleeping Bag.

Meet the preppers, a rattled, robust survivalist movement whose members just hate being called survivalists. Emily Matchar investigates the 21st century's wildest new apocalyptic scene.

Outside reviews the best adventure gear for man’s best friend.

More difficult to assess than you think

As Mark Jenkins knows, wilderness first aid can hurt. (Just ask his patients.) So he finally did what everyone should do: he took a class from real experts.

Surprising advice that can save your life

The nation's four best wilderness first aid courses

You consider yourself a gentleman, and so it's important, when you wake up with a stranger in your underpants one remorseful summer morning, that you manage the matter with due delicacy and grace.

There are certain skills every Outside guy should possess. For this, the first installment of our four-part fundamentals series, we address the basics of adventure.

What should be in an emergency survival kit you take while hiking or canoeing? -John (Edmonton, Alberta)

You survive a plane crash in the Amazon? Who cares! What's far more likely to go wrong during an international journey is injuries and illnesses that would be easy to manage close to home but are much trickier on the far side of paradise. Here are seven frequent scenarios and how to handle them.

I constantly sprain my ankle playing basketball. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve my ankle strength and balance to prevent this?

Ever wonder how it feels to get attacked by a shark? Spend seven weeks lost in the jungle? Get buried by multiple avalanches? Brace yourself for 10 of the hairiest survival stories ever told—and the life-saving tips you can learn from them.

What types of materials in gaiters are best for snake protection? I know of Teflon, but is a heavy canvas also suitable? (If you're wondering how my question has any relation to where I'm from, it doesn't. I'm moving to Australia.)—Karen, Vancouver, British Columbia