A documentary about elephant poaching in Kenya follows three men—a poacher, an ivory trader, and a wildlife ranger—ensnared in the deadly industry

Skier Greg Hill attempts big-mountain pursuits with only electricity and a front-wheel-drive Chevy Bolt

New Year's resolutions be damned. We like things just the way they are.

The chemistry doesn't do much to keep you safer—and it may just add toxins and cost innovation

'Hana Ku,' from Olukai, profiles a small Hawaiian village's traditional cooking and harvesting methods and its focus on eating sustainably

An online environmental vigilante plans to publish a blacklist of influencers who trample flowers and deface nature for clicks. Some say it's bullying.

All the advice in the world only matters if people actually follow it

All I want for Christmas is … carbon offsets?

The Bureau of Land Management has rented new headquarters in Grand Junction, Colorado, and given D.C. employees 30 days to decide whether to move. Why is the agency fleeing the capital for new digs?

President Trump was right to say that other issues are more important. When it comes to the environment, we need to make fundamental shifts in how we live our lives.

Three new books document how much we're already spending to mitigate the effects of global warming and how much more we have to lose if we continue to burn fossil fuels

As a climbing community, we may be politically diverse, but we all share the same passion, so let's come together to protect America's public lands

Sourdough is delicious and good for you, and with just a little practice, you can make it at home

How do we deal with the prospect of losing the places we love?

Stasher’s sandwich bag was our Gear Guy’s favorite piece of gear from 2019. Made from silicone, the bag is an environmentally friendly alternative to standard plastic bags. The sealable container is also highly heat tolerant, so it can handle boiling water. Did we mention it’s dishwasher and microwave safe?…

This natural alternative to plastic wrap is made from organic cotton cloth coated in beeswax, so it’s an earth-friendly purchase you can feel good about. Plus, the wraps are fully compostable and work as natural fire starters that don’t contribute to a landfill.

We love Alpine Start’s original instant version made from high elevation Arabica coffee. It’s easy to brew, perfect for backpacking and actually tastes good. One dollar from each POW x Alpine Start purchase will go to Protect Our Winters to mobilize the outdoor sports community against climate change.

We included these chopsticks in our roundup of under-$50 food and drink essentials. Elegant and simple, the Wabuki Chopsticks are collapsable and come with a carrying case. The stainless-steel handles and bamboo tips are designed to last, so you don’t have to use disposable wooden chopsticks when eating sushi…

Each one of these packs are one of a kind and made from repurposed fabric. The 24L Luzon is a bigger version of the 18L Luzon which we praised as a solid lightweight carry-all. This pack doesn’t have an internal hydration sleeve, but it does have two external water…

Yes, you should fly less, but it's complicated. Here's a guide to when you should take a plane, when you shouldn't, and how to be a more conscious traveler.

Patagonia's latest film explores the troubling takeover of fish bred by man

What happens if nature, humanity—or both—disappear or run amok? These latest releases examine such (hopefully wrong) possibilities.

John Plant created a huge following on his channel, Primitive Technology, by making silent videos of himself fashioning tools and erecting shelters with just what he finds in nature. Now he's releasing a book so his fans can join in.

Saola’s Cannon shoe is one of our favorite pieces of eco-friendly gear. Each part of the shoe is environmentally friendly or sustainably sourced. The soles are built with Bloom foam, which takes harmful algae out of water systems while the uppers are made of recycled canvas and plastic bottles.

Combating climate change means getting a grip on our food waste problem, but it's harder than you might think to go waste-free

Do it poorly—or not at all—and you could start the next catastrophic wildfire

Cycling is already mainstream. It’s time for the media to catch up.

Getting involved in local and state elections can lead to big changes in the fight against global warming

The fight to balance recreation with wildlife is coming to a head

The once idyllic coastal area of California has been besieged by tourists, and residents worry that lasting environmental damage is being done. But how can you tell visitors not to come when tourism supports so many? One local, Josh Marcus, looks for solutions.

The NPS announced last week that it would begin allowing ATVs to drive on roads in Utah’s parks. The move is intended to bring NPS regulations in the state’s parks in line with state law.

Reconstructing the history of civilization through beer labels

In her new book, ‘On Fire,’ Naomi Klein sparks a blaze for the next generation

A Bundy-esque BLM leader, an office building shared with oil companies, and now a solicitor borrowed from Koch Industries…what does this all add up to?

Use the best open space NYC has to offer: the water

America's parks are confronting the past in an effort to create more inclusive wilderness spaces

Outdoor companies and major athletes are showing their support for the worldwide Youth Climate Strike today

Millions around the world took to the streets to protest inaction on the climate crisis. In New York City, they got to hear from the commander-in-chief herself.

Why one California couple chose to stand and fight an inferno

Believers in Mass Timber say smaller trees are the ultimate renewable construction material, but only if we learn to be smarter farmers and builders

Even as the green movement works toward building an inclusive outdoor community, anti-immigration groups are using environmental rhetoric to keep people out.

The conservation icon talks about the surprising history of grizzlies in America and what comes next

The official Ursus of fire prevention ought to move from figurehead to spokesbear—and wearing a little Nomex wouldn't hurt either

Reachable only by boat, this remote Pacific atoll is inhabited by descendants of a footloose Englishman. The idyllic vibe is unmistakable, but it's tested by the realities of living in a very vulnerable place in a warming world.

Two years ago, a massive river of mud and granite swept over thousands of feet of alpine terrain, killing eight hikers before swamping the alpine village of Bondo, Switzerland. This type of disaster is often fueled by climate change, and it will happen again.

Regulatory changes to the Endangered Species Act put many, many species at risk—but particularly the cute and cuddly ones

Without a cast or narration, the abstract film ­attempts to convey the urgency of our warming planet. But will it reach enough people to matter?

New centers popping up in New York City can help you reach peak wellness—for just a few hundred dollars per month

Recycling is broken. The oceans are trashed. As the plastics crisis spirals out of control, an unlikely collection of executives and environmentalists set sail for the North Atlantic Gyre in a desperate attempt to find common ground.

Journalist Rowan Jacobsen discusses his controversial feature suggesting we need to reconsider our relationship with the sun and sunscreen

The global meal-replacement market is growing at nearly 7 percent annually and expected to reach $20.6 billion by 2021. But as we hack nutrition for hyperefficiency, have we evolved past the need for deliciousness?

We owe it to our children to get them on two wheels

One company thinks it can solve the global algae crisis by making sneakers from sludge

When reviewing this jacket, our tester wrote: “If I could only have one insulation piece for the rest of my life, this would be it.” The Crowe’s Polartec Power Fill insulation is warm yet breathable and the ripstop fabric is water- and wind-resistant. Plus, the insulation is made from…

Are you going to paddle in to shore, find a bathroom, strip down to your ankles, use the toilet, suit back up, and risk missing waves?

This set has everything you need to kiss single-use plastic sippers goodbye: two stainless steel straws, a cleaner, and a detachable rubber mouthpiece.

When it comes to CO2 emission reduction, it’s no contest between e-bikes and electric cars

Copy these overachievers and make the most of your trek to the office

The company's founder says the key to brick-and-mortar success in the age of Amazon is creating community

Those tasty bivalves we can't get enough of are also great for filtering pollutants out of the water, but there's a balance that comes with building more oyster farms

A public condemnation of the SHIFT Festival's attempts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion is indicative of broader issues in the outdoor industry

If you're planning a trip to Kiwi country, take these tips from someone who's lived there

Through Quiet Parks International, Gordon Hempton hopes to save the earth’s few truly natural soundscapes

Bike commuting makes most of us obsess over our clothes. This is patently absurd.

Ecologist Chris Morgan sensed that nature had healing powers. But it wasn’t until he tried forest bathing that he understood them.

The days of veggie burgers that taste like cardboard are over

More and more evidence suggests that nature does something essential for our mental health

For decades, herpetologist William Brown has studied a thriving population of timber rattlers in upstate New York. And somehow he's convinced locals that having venomous neighbors underfoot can be a glorious thing.

Marc Peruzzi’s recent column about trail work clearly touched a nerve in the running community. Part of his argument is fair criticism, but he got some important things wrong. 

These devices are inherently stupid and profoundly antisocial, and their very existence is proof of their own uselessness

Celebrate the national trails holiday this Saturday by volunteering at one of these events

Getting outside on your period can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be

We wanted to know: in the face of climate change and innovation, how will food fare? Top food experts weigh in.

Patagonia alleges that Anheuser-Busch is deliberately trying to confuse beer drinkers and profiting off the outdoor retailer's reputation as a sustainable company

From detailed designs to brands looking to make a social impact, these are the hats you can find us in all summer

You're just as likely to build a robot as paddle a canoe at summer camp today, but the value of the experience is even more important for our screen-addled youth

But the federal agency responsible for managing more than 245 million acres of public land kept the boilerplate about the economic value of these places

Play in the rays without feeling the burn