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The newest collection of recipes from James Beard–nominated chef Sarah Glover is geared toward parents looking to improve their outdoor cooking game. We’ve included two of our favorite recipes from the book.

Gourmet meals on the road start with the right ingredients and prep

Athletes and outdoorspeople haven’t been immune to the uptick in boozing. If your drinking feels like a problem, here’s how you can cut back.

You can grind almost anything into a flour, but that doesn't mean you should. Here are six alternative flours that are actually worth trying.

Delicious meals can make extreme circumstances feel a little friendlier. These recipes from a backcountry chef are a good place to start.

As the country faces meat shortages, it's a good time to experiment with vegetarian or vegan eating. Here's how to start.

Gina Rae La Cerva's 'Feasting Wild' is a delightful culinary travel book. It's also an adjustment to the way we think about what that buzzword actually means

Having adventures in Tromso, Norway, is as simple as walking up into the mountains and skiing down to the ocean

Two new books, 'The Fate of Food' and 'The Way We Eat Now,' look at diet on a global level for a complementary view of our changing food systems

The folks at MeatEater demonstrate how to prepare a delicious deer ham

Perfect pits for your culinary exploits

Whether you're seeking a climbing partner or a coffee date, it's never been easier to engage with other like-minded travelers, thanks to apps and active social-media groups with extensive reaches

Recommendations from athletes and chefs on boosting flavor and nutrition in this all-American snack

The books, movies, podcasts, music, and more that our editors couldn't stop talking about

We met pro skier Caroline Gleich and her fiancé, Rob Lea, in their home in Park City, Utah, to make their famous taco-salad dinner.

The books, movies, podcasts, music, and more that our editors couldn't stop talking about

Warm up on chilly fall mornings at camp with this tasty pumpkin-spice French toast recipe from Fresh off the Grid

One writer finds equal doses aspiration and inspiration in a stylish new crop of recipe collections

Thanks to a growing list of new mocktails and alcohol-free beverage makers, nondrinkers have better options than ever

S'mores are obvious. Peach cobbler, on the other hand, is unique, delicious, and just might be our new go-to campfire treat.

When you’re on the trail, fresh isn’t necessarily best

Pack your bags and your cholesterol meds. You've got eating to do!

It's basically the best performance food on the planet

After he died, Harrison's friends, family, and fishing buddies gathered to send him off the only way they knew how—by having one gigantic meal

Chefs are infusing more than just sweets into cannabis. High-end cannabis dining is coming to a ski town near you.

Six gear suggestions, including bamboo utensils and supremely packable dishes

Book a globe-trotting itinerary—developed by the geniuses behind the new Netflix documentary 'Barbecue'—in search of the tastiest grilled meats

The Oxx CoffeeBoxx is insanely durable, but we weren't wowed by its coffee

Aged booze will always rule the top shelf, but a new crop of local distillers thinks youth can be a virtue

Eduardo Garcia almost died when he was shocked with 2,400 volts of electricity on a hike in 2011. Now he's back to foraging and hunting with more zeal than before, and he wants you to do the same.

The stars of 'Alaska: The Last Frontier' have created a cookbook full of their family's best recipes that offers homesteading inspiration to even the city-bound

Power players from around the world don't subsist on oatmeal alone. We asked athletes to share the hometown dishes that are still part of their training diet.

Two Swedish librarians traded the stacks for kayaks to become sustainable harvesters, lead seaweed safaris, and sell their fare to Sweden's fine-dining restaurants

Goodbye crazy binges, hello almond butter?

Plus 5 store-bought staples that'll maximize your time and money

Consider it your guide to eating better in the backcountry

Organ meats are good for the environment, good for performance, and ethically the right thing to do. Now, top chefs aren’t the only ones trying to convince people that offal isn’t awful.

These days, meat lovers and vegans alike have seriously delicious grillout options. We asked experts on both sides how to do it right.

10 easy trips, maximum fun guaranteed

You're going to fill every free day—from Memorial Day through Labor Day—with wild races, delicious food and drink, good music, and an abalone or two

In the Alps, ski guides herd both tourists and cows. And they're a case study for a dual lifestyle that keeps small farms thriving.

Never try to out-drink a chef and other assorted tales of woe

From seafood curry to cricket-raspberry oatmeal, your next campfire meal is about to get a little more tasty

No, you’re not actually an expert on good coffee. But you can become one. We asked food scientists how we can use our brains when we talk about our taste buds.

The secret to a healthy diet that endures? Find your tribe.

A new book simplifies the complicated decision of how to buy ethical salmon—and how to make it with a citrus-dill-vodka marinade

The most hardcore cold-weather pastime is evolving, and food is at the forefront of its evolution

What to know before you wake and make coffee

Juicier, tastier meat that's easier to cook. And all you need is a natural hot spring.

It's a different kind of nostalgia when you're out in the backcountry (or out of the country) and trying to preserve the holiday spirit—but these adventurers did their best and lived to tell the tale

Stuff their face, not their stocking, this year

Your guide to North America's best skiing. Inbounds and out.

Thanks to preppers and innovations in freeze-dried delicacies, you can cook a full holiday dinner in the backcountry. Here’s how.

Ditch pre-packed camping food with this cookbook for the backcountry

A Vermont hotel plans to put scavenged deer and moose meat to good use

The Best Sweet Gifts for Foodies

Show how much you care by attacking your loved ones' taste buds.

(No, not that kind of baking)

It's a predictable but delicious fun-run phenomenon. All that's left to figure out is: How concerned should you be that it'll kill you?

Presenting the best trips in one of the hemisphere's hottest travel regions.

Our comprehensive guide to eating your way through the race

It's possible to make a beer-flavored, non-alcoholic syrup with ingredients you already have in your kitchen

You can do better than ketchup and crackers

Helping ensure you favorite drink is cold and pure

We brewed 15 gallons of beer to put home brewing's coolest new gadget through the wringer

Plant-based diet practitioners are going crazy for this Southeast Asian fruit

Spring in South America means snow, whitewater, and adventure everywhere you look

The peak of the season calls for maximum relaxation (bonus points for style). Here’s what to keep at the ready for all the best days of the year.

You've had all summer to prefect your grilling skills, so make this event one to remember

Beer is good for marinating meat and basting vegetables, but potentially disastrous when used in other ways

You can do better than Easy Mac and beans

Don’t have a big yard? No problem. Here are some tips and essentials for our party-minded urban dwellers.

It's your final chance of the day to recover from training and to prep muscles for tomorrow's adventure. Follow the lead of these eight athletes.