Lauren Paquette, NAZ Elite pro and 2016 Olympic Trials qualifier, details every mile of her training during coronavirus including the NYRR Virtual 5K.

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Staying home as much as possible is the most useful thing we can do

In his new book, writer Mark O'Connell explores what our anxieties about the future say about our precarious present

To all the firefighters, nurses, grocery store clerks and stockers, postal employees, and sanitation workers: we appreciate you

Help keep trails open by not abusing them

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Coogan's was in business for 35 years but fell victim to the coronavirus pandemic

Sorry, but there's almost no way to do this responsibly and safely right now

I watched 40-plus hours of thru-hiking vlogs. These are the ones that are worth your time.

What a 4,000-mile expedition with her husband taught Caroline Van Hemert, author of 'The Sun Is a Compass,' about navigating a relationship in close quarters

Leave it to the Faroe Islands to come up with the most clever virtual tour we've seen. In their new tourism program, a Faroese resident becomes your local avatar, guiding you around the stunning archipelago in real time.

The American Mountain Guides Association published tips on how outdoor professionals can use "psychological first aid" to stay mentally healthy during these challenging times. But the advice is useful for all of us during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Last week a paper suggested that runners and cyclists need much more than six feet. The report went viral, and backlash ensued. But there was some legitimate science behind the claims.

It's the ultimate social-distancing tool, getting you outside for some solo relaxation

Caledonia Spirits would normally be making booze, but it found a better way to help in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Other distilleries around the country are switching things up, too.

This year's most at-risk rivers, the Lower Missouri and Upper Mississippi, provide water for millions of people in the Midwest

During the pandemic, everything happens on video chat—including exercising with strangers from the comfort of your home

But you still need to avoid others as best as you can

Stop worrying about weight gain. The pandemic gives you enough to think about.

From outdoor games to travel-inspired activities, there's a world of adventure waiting for young ones right in your backyard

Lessons from Wendell Berry, Wallace Stegner, and my neighborhood trees

Flouting the law is in our blood, but for the time being, caution equals caring

Set up a tent, turn off your screens, and enjoy some family bonding—without leaving home

Socialization is the most important thing you can do to create a good dog. But how do you create new experiences when you can’t leave your house? 

It's a ways down the list, obviously, compared to people doing actual lifesaving stuff

The National Park Service’s Public Health Department warns of dire consequences to employees and communities if parks don’t close immediately

Instead of figuring out what to do about the 2020 race, organizers should start planning for next year and use the opportunity to finally create a true women's Tour de France. Here's how it could work.

The architect Charles Bello has spent the past 52 years restoring forests from logging and protecting the land on his 400-acre Bello Ranch in Northern California. Here's what he's learned along the way.

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Tricks to making your home workout as easy—and productive—as possible

5 challenging core and glute exercises you can do at home using common household items.

It’s an isolated struggle against an invisible adversary for an indefinite amount of time. Sound familiar?

Experts weigh in on how to make a face covering out of what's in your gear closet

'Shred It in Place' explores how iconic, untouched routes like the Kitchen Traverse can make this time just a little more bearable

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Four recent books explore other moments in the past 100 years when global events intersected with the Games

The books, movies, podcasts, music, and more that our editors couldn't stop talking about

Get these products for a future trip and their companies will give back to those most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak

In an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, many governments have cracked down on the world's most elemental sport

We all want to go outside right now. But in the midst of a rising number of COVID-19 cases, how do we do so safely and responsibly?

Sitting all day wreaks havoc on the body. Here's how to reset and recenter.

Last week the snow-sports world was arguing over whether or not chairlifts should be running during the coronavirus crisis. Now it's donating goggles to hospitals in need.

The coronavirus package is a missed opportunity to take meaningful action on carbon emissions, putting us decades behind on climate action

The economic catastrophe resulting from COVID-19 will have surprising and lasting impacts—good and bad—on endangered wildlife

Seven employees have tested positive for the virus, even while the parks have no entrance fees, are short on staff, and are overwhelmed by visitors. Sound familiar?

If you haven't ever baked a loaf, or haven't baked one since that time you tried it in college, it’s time to try again. Here's some expert advice to help you get started.

How to stay healthy—and maintain sanity—while you're social-distancing

Jeremiah Bishop is still riding strong and staying healthy without a spring race schedule

Because travel is also a state of mind. Here are the movies, books, podcasts, online courses, and virtual tours to get your wanderlust fix from your couch.

And they're even more important during the coronavirus pandemic

Is it tone-deaf to talk about climate right now? Or is this an opportunity to tackle major global problems in tandem?

While a sailing trip is undoubtedly less stressful than the current times, crossing the Atlantic with three other people taught me some important lessons for lockdown

Turning to technology may be the best way to get a workout in as we continue to practice social distancing

Satire: In desperate need of provisions before the coronavirus hit her area, Eva Holland set out on a journey—alone and unsupported

A harrowing backcountry rescue at 11,000 feet exposes the precarious situation first responders are in thanks to the coronavirus pandemic

Flatten the curve, skip the group ride, and head for the hills solo—it'll do wonders for your body and mind