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Clothing and accessories for urban riding

These motor-equipped rides are both fun and functional

A recent climate commitment pledge among leading cycling brands conjured an unexpected feeling in our Bike Snob columnist—empathy

Yolanda Davis-Overstreet is fighting for safer streets and mobility justice in the marginalized communities of Los Angeles

Through his work, Julien Howard has connected with people from all walks of life, whether in the office of a Wall Street banker or the studio of a jewelry designer in Brooklyn

Whether you’re mountain biking or just commuting around town, a few key parts will keep you riding, regardless of the elements

Andrew Jackson reveals his favorite places to ride a bike, fuel up, and play in his home city

Rigs we want to pedal all year long

The outdoors are all around you, no matter where you live

Go all in on every ride with one of these capable rigs

If you’re looking for a new bike commuting bag, check out the Lako—we included it in our 2021 Summer Buyer’s Guide roundup. “Testers loved the Lako’s padded laptop sleeve and separate wet-dry compartments. The tough water-resistant shell fends off the elements,” editor Will Taylor wrote.

When it comes to public image for our elected officials, being seen on a bicycle is as fraught as a first dinner with the in-laws

Carefree pedaling starts with a great kit

Our favorite new kit for two-wheeled adventures

Cycle your way around town with these smart solutions

Everyone says modern lids are better than ever. But because of outmoded testing and unreliable information, it's never been harder to figure out whether that's true.

With the help of the nonprofit, we analyzed the data we collected on bicyclists killed by drivers in 2020 and found some surprising takeaways

Nearly 700 people on bikes have been killed by drivers this year. This is who we lost.

It's never too cold to ride outside. (Well, almost never.)

The pandemic has led to an unexpected positive—people reclaiming streets in ways that have made urban America more bikeable, walkable, and enjoyable. Preserving that will take work, but it’s worth it.

You can tell a lot about a person by the bike they ride

A team of Black cyclists will traverse the historic Underground Railroad on a mission to empower and inspire

Here's the gear that will get you outside and pedaling in no time

Cleaner air, quieter streets, more people riding—there's an opportunity here for cities and cycling advocates willing to grasp it

Being involved in a crash with a driver while on a bike or on foot is bad enough, but the trouble doesn’t always stop when you get yourself to safety. Navigating the justice and insurance systems afterward can also be an ordeal.

Gravel may be all the rage, but nothing teaches you more about being a cyclist than riding on the road

When the sun goes down, they take to the streets

Seduced by the idea of turning my hobby into a paycheck, I led bike tours across the U.S. throughout my twenties. As I learned, some passion pursuits are best left pro bono.

Block the wind and beat the heat with this ultra-light shell. The Featherlight has ventilation panels to dump heat on tough climbs and a wind-protective panel in the front. And the jacket has a water-repellent finish, so you can stay on the saddle no matter the weather.

On the bike, laws are secondary and survival is paramount

“Booties are dorky and they take forever to put on. But they will change your life,” we wrote in our staff picks roundup of winter gear. We especially like the waterproof fabric and reflective elements to keep you drier and more visible on the road.

These gloves are among our favorite pieces of bike safety gear. “Buy these gloves and stow them in a rear pocket or pack for extra protection,” writes our tester. The neon back and reflective hits keep you visible while the waterproof fabric helps protect your hands on wet commutes.

The Urban 1000 is the light you need to winterize your bike. It emits 1,000 lumens of LED light on its max setting, which is ideal for early morning or evening rides. It’s waterproof and impact resistant, so it’ll work in the rain or after a fall.

Fall is actually the best time to ride to work

In 2016, this flannel was our top pick for bike commuting. This upgraded version still has the moisture-wicking polyester and underarm mesh vents that we love and has added reinforced flannel patches on the elbows and shoulders for style and durability. Plus, the shirt has two chest snap pockets…

Cycling is already mainstream. It’s time for the media to catch up.

'Rapha Rides: NYC' follows Olympian Evelyn Stevens as she reflects on why riding in the Big Apple is so enticing

Featured in our roundup of the best bike commuting gear from our 2019 Winter Buyer’s Guide, the Quito is “made from a water-repellent Cordura fabric, with a cinch-top hood flap and water-resistant media pocket.” Simple, sleek, and lightweight, this pack is ideal for commutes or easy days on the…

Why drive a car when you can saddle up on one of these?

A subjective look at where we prefer to shred

How do we settle on the best roadie each year? Round up 25 of the most promising models and start racking up the miles.

If recent testing has taught us one thing, it's that versatility is king

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in

When I'm biking to work in the rain, I need my gear to stay bone-dry. Here's why I grab this bag first.

Why telling people you ride elicits serious bike-splaining—and what you can do about it

Sometimes the best offense is none at all

According to the League of American Bicyclists, more cyclists died on U.S. roads in 2016 than at any other time in the past quarter-century. But that doesn't show the whole picture.

The kit you need to maximize winter saddle time

When it comes to killing with cars, anything goes as long as you’re sober

It’s allegedly as strong as a typical cycling lid, but it looks like a baseball cap and squishes down to the size of a water bottle

Want to de-bro cycling? Build more and better bike lanes.

They pack down small and could save you one day

When it comes to committing seemingly minor infractions while operating a vehicle, it only takes a split second to kill a cyclist

Former pro racer Phil Gaimon shares his favorite spots for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cookies

And neither are cargo bikes. It's time to let go of this silly notion once and for all.

Using publicly available data, advocacy group People for Bikes wants to show community leaders what they can do to improve cycling infrastructure in their cities

It’s not about which laws you break—it’s about how you break them

Tested products to navigate the streets in style and comfort

Because safety and comfort are key for commuting

Vanmoof Bike Company has a policy: if your bike is lost or stolen, they will either hunt it down for you or replace it for free. How? Each bike from Vanmoof has GPS technology, which allows a dedicated team to track down its location. In Bike Hunters: The One That Got Away, two of the company's bike hunters head to Casablanca to close a year-long case.

A New York politician picks on the wrong cyclist

Haul your stuff safely in one of these stylish bags

Meet Gregory Crichlow, the man fixing bikes for underserved communities in Denver

Austin Horse on working as a courier in the age of apps

Your tires are as important as they are boring, which is why you're totally overthinking them

A packable jacket that looks as good on the bike as it does in the city.

How to alert walkers, hikers, and runners to your presence—and why "On your left!" needs to die, already

Tried-and-true tools to make riding to work a lot more comfortable

It starts with a deadly crash, like the one that happened in October on a busy Orange County street. Then the volunteers build the memorial. Peter Flax embedded with the team that makes ghost bikes in Southern California to record the process—and the tragedy that triggered it—from beginning to end.

Watch to see our go-to layering system for bike commuting on those chilly fall mornings.

The days are getting shorter. Here's the best gear to brighten your path.