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Thanks to the EnRoute’s cushioned and removable camera storage cube, we traveled stress-free with our DSLR and multiple lenses. This pack offers a padded laptop sleeve, two side zippers that access the main compartment (even when the roll top is closed), and a zippered water bottle sleeve. Pro tip: If…

Easily the most versatile mount you can buy, this accessory turns your ski pole into a selfie stick for powder-heavy face shots. It also fits multiple positions on your bike: stick it on your bars for head-first action, or turn it backward on your seat post to capture a friend…

We featured the FXpedition Monopod in our roundup of the best camera accessories of 2017. When you need some stability to get the shot, you can use this foldable monopod. Bonus: it doubles as a hiking pole.

Joby’s flexible joints allow you to secure this tripod to a tree, fence post, car bumper—almost anything you can think of. Fix the camera and use a remote trigger (or app on your phone or watch) so you can be the director and talent in the same shot. You can…

Get your finger out of the shot with this small extender handle, which is especially handy on water-based adventures. The bottom of the grip has a flotation device that will keep your camera from sinking to the bottom of the ocean when you get smacked by a rogue wave.

Regardless of the action camera you own, it comes with accessories. Between cords, batteries, and micro SD cards, there’s a lot to keep track of. Organize it all with the Legend, a crushproof case that holds up to two GoPros and countless extras in padded foam cutaways. There’s even a…

The Capture clip was originally designed to allow you to tote a large camera on your backpack strap or belt for hands-free carrying. Add the POV kit and you can use the Capture clip to mount your GoPro to your backpack strap, giving you the same easy access as the…

Action cameras don’t have flashes. You can try to rig a headlamp on a tree to get your video in the dark, or you can use this duo of LED lights, which sandwich your action camera via a mounting bar, throwing 3,000 lumens on your subject. They’re just as durable…

The Corey is a budget-friendly option with a ton of features, like microadjustments on the legs and head, which let you get the steady shot and angle you need. We dig the interchangeable feet—they give you security on a variety of terrain. It’s big (it weighs over three pounds and…

The RoadTrip Air folds down to just 11 inches long, so you can squeeze it into a backpack, but then it extends to 61 inches, so you get a relatively tall stand for an economical price. It’s built from aluminum (instead of the more expensive carbon), and it can hold…

Stability is the key to the Square Jellyfish, which can hold an oversize iPhone 7+ steady in horizontal or vertical position. The key is the metal frame, which gives the infrastructure that wraps around the smartphone more of a backbone.

This looks like a little selfie stick, but it’s actually a lightweight (2.25-ounce) tripod built specifically for the GoPro. As an extension rod, it’ll help you nail hard-to-get angles (and make sure your thumb is out of the frame). Convert it into a tripod and you can stabilize the frame…

Much like the GoPro Shorty, the Pixi works as a handheld grip or a traditional tripod, depending on how you configure it. But this one is built for small DSLRs and point-and-shoot cameras, and it has a ball-head design that allows you to microadjust the camera angle.

The Everyday Sling from Peak Design can fit a full camera body and two lenses.

Peak Design is known for its intuitive and feature-rich camera accessories and packs. Its latest is no different.

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Prints from the EPSON STYLUS PHOTO 900 ($199) use a special quick-drying ink, so they come out smudge-proof. You can also print on plastic: Fire up the enclosed software, insert a CD into a special holder, slide that into the printer, and you’re ready to immortalize an image directly onto…

Not only does the HP PSC 2510 PHOTOSMART ALL-IN-ONE ($399) copy, scan, fax, and, yes, print all your mundane workaday documents, it also churns out superbly bright, high-resolution digital pictures. The PSC 2510 has slots for a Sony Memory Stick, Compact Flash, SD, xD, and SmartMedia so you can insert…

The smartdisk FLASHTRAX 40GB portable hard drive ($500) gives you a place to park your digital pictures on an extended trip, freeing up space on your camera. When you consider that a 2GB Compact Flash card would cost the same as this 40GB hard drive, it’s easy to see how…

I have been trying to find a good pack for packing camera gear. Although there are camera backpacks out there, they do not allow me to carry personal stuff, and they don't seem to be that well made. My question is...without hiring a sherpa, what company makes a "real" backpack that would allow me to carry both. I have looked at the Deuter Futura Pro 42, and would make the bottom compartment into the camera storage. I will go out for a day, maybe a day and night. Thanks a lot! Daryl Wheat Ridge, CO

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From Everest to El Capitan, climbing photographer Jimmy Chin shoots in some of the most demanding terrain on earth. This is the gear he brings.

I'm going on a four-day hike to Machu Picchu in May. I plan on taking my Canon Rebel XS digital SLR camera with me as well as a zoom lens. I'll be wearing a multi-day backpack for the hike. What would you recommend I use to carry the DSLR so that it is protected and still readily available for photos? I was considering a belt pack but was unsure how that would affect the backpack's belt straps. Rachel Newark, NJ

The Epson P-7000 Multimedia Photo Viewer packs 160GB of storage and a four-inch, hi-def LCD screen for easy field vetting ($800; Leica D-Lux 4          …

When collapsed, Black Diamond‘s ultrabright Orbit Lantern is the size of a cell phone ($30; Black Diamond Orbit Lantern             Train: Oakley Radar Sunglasses Oakley Radar SunglassesBecause the Oakley Radar‘s photochromic lenses quickly adapt to changing light conditions and repel almost…

1. BROOKS INFINITI JACKET The billboard-size logo on the back will make you feel like a pro during warm-ups, while reflective touches make it great for chilly dusk workouts. $100; The Goods: Road-Race Day 2. TRIGGER POINT PLANTAR FASCIITIS KIT The antidote to…

I’m looking for a camera mount that can be attached to my kayak and used for camcorders and/or digital cameras. Any ideas? Mark Hamburg, New York

I need a backpack to safely hold my camera, lenses, and other gear. My hard or soft camera cases are fine for short trips but not for real travel, as they attract the wrong attention. And a backpack would be a lot more convenient for hiking, long day trips, etc. Any thoughts? Tanya Chilliwack, British Columbia

I going on a seven-day backpacking trip to Yosemite and would like to take along my Nikon D70 camera. What is the best pack or way to carry this camera so it is easily accessible but protected from the elements? Paul Elizabeth, New Jersey

Where can I find a good digital-camera tripod that's lightweight enough for backpacking? Crystal Tacoma, Washington