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Five gentle weighted moves to help you progress over time

A desk jockey’s guide to not being a slouch

A strong back is key to just about every sport—and can help you out even when you're deskbound

In this episode of Moves, instructor Doug Lawder of Santa Fe–based Railyard Fitness walks us through six moves for a stronger back

Challenge your friends to a grueling drill-based challenge, then whoop their butts.

This may not be the answer you’re looking for, but it’s the truth: The most effective way to get back into shape (and stay that way) isn’t by just doing one magic move over and over. The good news? You may not have to work out more than or…

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My lower back kills me after long bike rides. How can I fix this?

A TRX Suspension Trainer workout to fine-tune the core muscles your body calls upon late in a race.

What is the proper technique for an overhead squat? The Editors Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rule number one for total physical fitness? Where your back goes, all else follows. Keep yours in top shape with our guide to strength, flexibility, and injury treatment.

Straighten up with a lesson from Superman's posture coach

I have a recurring back injury from my rugby-playing days, which now seems to flare up every time I finish a day’s skiing or carry even moderate loads (sitting in front of a computer all day doesn’t help either). Can you recommend a workout regimen that will help me build my core strength, especially with regard to my lower back? Alistair Washington, DC

Is it really possible to go from a beginning runner (i.e., comfortable for about a half mile) to someone who can manage 10.8 miles in a mere nine months with proper training, or I kidding myself? y Atlanta, Georgia

BROKEN BONES, TWEAKED KNEES, torn tendons: In days of yore—say, last year—these injuries would’ve promptly ended your season of biking, running, or hoops. Not anymore. Doctors are now shifting toward minimally invasive surgical techniques and natural healing stimulants that not only get you back in the game in top form…

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Coping with that oh-so-troubling lumbar region

Toughen your midsection, and hardy arms and legs are sure to follow