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Forget dorky sun hats and zip-off pants. These versatile pieces will keep you looking great and your carry-on light—no matter the adventure.

Never lose your keys or wallet again with the Tile Pro. We found this tracker so handy that it earned a spot in our 2019 Summer Buyer’s Guide. “If you’re within 300 feet of the Tile, you can see its location on the phone app and make it chime,…

Together, Outside and Cairn have expertly curated three limited-release gear boxes, for travel, fitness, and water pursuits

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In the age of the smartphone, a timepiece that displays the hour in multiple time zones imbues a measure of worldly sophistication and sense of adventure

Thule’s Subterra luggage has impressed us with its ability to fit what feels like endless storage in limited spaces, and the line’s toiletry bag lives up to that reputation. Flip open the top lid to access two compartments, but then unzip the bottom one to find another two pockets (which…

Osprey has a reputation for paying attention to the details, and that’s certainly evident with the Ultralight. It’s made from 40-denier ripstop for durability, has cushioned walls to help prevent broken combs or burst shampoo, and five pockets for organization. And of course, there’s a hook for hanging.

The beauty of the shower roll is its compact nature. Fold it up, and you can slip it into the most tightly crammed pack, but unfurl that puppy and hang it from the shower-curtain rod, and you’ve got everything you need visible. The best feature is the removable pocket with…

Eagle Creek’s Dopp kit doesn’t hang, but it has a wide base and zips wide open, so you can find what you need without fumbling. The water- and stain-resistant ripstop, plus seam-sealed compartments, keep whatever else you have in your suitcase safe from potential explosions.

For the weight conscious, Sea to Summit’s hanging toiletry bag is made from an über-light, water-resistant, polyurethane-coated nylon and weighs just 2.8 ounces. The big central pocket can accommodate shampoo, soap, and a comb, while two smaller zippered pockets on the lid are good for keeping travel-size floss and toothpaste…

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You can try to book your epic adventure by spending hours online. Or you can save time, money, and hassle by using a travel agent.

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Credit-card mileage programs are as confusing as they are enticing, with rules, add-ons, and fine print that's always changing. Here's how to make them work for you.

Whether you’re headed for California or Costa Rica, these tips will maximize savings and minimize hassle

There are plenty of organic, biodegradable soaps out there, but it’s hard to beat the classic: Dr. Bronner’s. A liquid pure-castile soap (no chemicals or phosphates), it doubles as shampoo and bodywash. The label also makes for fun bathroom reading.

Not all Dopp kits are created equal. The North Face’s version is made from tough ballistic nylon that easily withstands shower spray and mist. More importantly, it has a wide opening, a flat bottom, and a hook, so it can sit upright on the countertop or hang from the showerhead,…

Forget stealing the hotel shampoo. Fill these durable Cordura bags with your shower and grooming essentials instead, and you’ll have everything you need in reusable, leakproof containers. Each weighs less than half an ounce and carries three ounces of liquid—well within TSA restrictions.

Whether you’re rinsing off after a bike ride or grabbing a quick shower at a hostel abroad, having your own towel comes in handy. This one is an ultralight option (6.4 ounces for the full-body version) that folds down to the size of a pocket square. It’s made from a…

Why waste time and materials cutting the end off a cheap plastic toothbrush when you could use this overdesigned model that folds into itself? Plus, the head is replaceable when the bristles wear out.

Showers are great—when you can take them. But it’s not always possible, so make sure you have a pack of these wipes in your kit. They’re extra thick but soft enough to use in the most sensitive places, and aloe vera and vitamin E moisturize as you scrub the grime…

From dry shampoos and water bottles to bandanas and carry-ons, here's what our staff won’t leave home without

This isn’t a luggage tag in the traditional sense. It’s a GPS tag you can attach to anything you don’t want to lose like your camera, keys, or purse. Pair it with your smartphone and you can click a button to sound an alarm on the Tile that can be…

From scarves with hidden neck pillows to pants that fit like pj's, these are the ultimate his-and-hers travel wardrobes

Three died and four were injured on Sunday when a plane veered off course

The budget airline was responsible for shuttling 30 percent of the country's tourists last year. Its closing will irrevocably change how we get there—and that might be a good thing.

A road-warrior parent of two small children shares his favorite gear for wee ones on the go

This is a larger money belt, big enough to fit your passport, cards, cash, and any other important documents you might be carrying around. It has two zippered pockets that keep everything organized, and it’s made from a soft, washable silk that resists sweat. The waistband is elastic, so it…

Emergency cash—you can never have too much of it. This simple nylon belt has a hidden pocket big enough to stash a few bills, in case you find yourself in a Thailand bar without your wallet and the bartender is looking to you to pay the bill.

If you have beautiful luggage, it deserves a beautiful tag. This simple leather option has a solid brass buckle that’s designed to hold your business card so if you lose it, your bag can find its way back to you. The adjustable strap makes sure that it fits around any…

This tag features a variety of different locator technologies (two different microchips, a serial ID number, and QR Code) that airlines use all over the world to help identify lost luggage. It’s like microchipping your dog—if someone finds your luggage, they can scan the chip and get it back to…

Magellan’s takes a lower-tech route to getting your luggage back to you. Instead of microchips and GPS, this tag has instructions written in multiple languages that guide airline agents to use the itinerary inside the tag to forward your bag to you en route. After all, it does no good…

This three-digit combination lock is accepted by TSA, meaning they can unlock it and search your bag without cutting the lock. An indicator light changes from green to red once the lock has been opened so you know if your bag has been tampered with.

If you want to travel ultralight, Sea to Summit’s version of the money belt is made from featherweight Ultra-Sil Cordura that weighs just two ounces and has a 3-D mesh back for extra breathability. You also get two zipper pockets for organization, a soft elastic waistband for comfort, and an…

Wear this wallet around your neck, and tuck it under your shirt or sweater to keep all your important documents out of sight. The wallet also has an RFID-blocking liner so thieves can’t snag your goods digitally. It’s made from a water-resistant ripstop nylon that will hold up no matter…

StashBandz is part running belt, part money belt. It’s twice the width of your standard hide-away belt and made from a soft spandex fabric that hugs your waist. Four separate pockets keep your goods organized and decrease bulk, and you can sprint to catch a train without any annoying belt…

No, it doesn’t stuff inside your bra. It clips to the side of your bra and hangs down your side, hiding credit cards, keys, and cash beneath your shirt where pickpockets can’t reach. The pouch is made from a supersoft mix of nylon and spandex that feels like lingerie and…

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I mean, damn, is it too much to ask for some room on the armrest?

Our travel editors have been preaching the good word of the Trtl pillow for years. A unique take on the classic doughnut-shaped neck pillow, the Trtl is far more comfortable because you can adjust it to support your neck in any position.

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Result: You’ll never miss a flight again! Okay, not really, but these innovations should reassure you about flying in inclement weather this winter.   

The Trtl weighs less than a third of a pound, is small enough to fit in your luggage, and is far more comfortable than anything else we’ve tried.

Featuring everything we love about the original Allpa, in a smaller, more manageable size

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For one, it makes headlines for excellence and not for, um, dogs dying in its overhead bins

Gifting an experience will always be appreciated, because planning a getaway gives them something to look forward to. (If Dad’s in need of a beach vacation, check out columnist Megan Michelson’s favorite rentals for under $300 a night.)…

He may want to save the world, but the Tesla CEO’s distaste for traffic and clickbait could destroy us all

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Following actions from three major U.S. air carriers, the DOT has announced a review of the Air Carrier Access Act, the law that allows emotional support animals to fly so freely

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