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The Wahoo Kickr is one of many expensive indoor bicycle trainers. Here's a serious review of a machine that will never see a ride under the open sky.

'Solar Detroit,' from production company Duct Tape Then Beer, highlights the impact a few solar panels can have on a neighborhood

This battery is just four inches long and weighs less than three ounces. It only has one USB port but carries 3,350 mAh of power that will charge your phone once on the fly.

If you’re looking for a pair of water-resistant headphones on a budget, look into the Fit line from Plantronics, which has everything from burly over-ear models to true wireless buds. We like the the 350’s security, six hours of play time, and sweatproof IPX5 rating. Just don’t take them swimming.

If you spend much time in the water, you’ll need a “SwiMP3”—a waterproof set of headphones with an MP3 player that straps to the back of your head. The Finis Duo is fully submersible down to nine feet, has four gigabytes of storage (enough for 1,000 songs), and uses bone-conduction…

Don't let staying connected keep you from your next adventure. Make this simple upgrade and boost your cell service while on the road.

All you need to charge your phone and cook a camp meal are some sticks—not gas canisters—that’s the beauty of the Campstove 2. It features a 10,000 BTU burner that runs thermal energy generated by a small fire. The heat produced also feeds the on-board 2,600 mAh battery, which can…

A professional videographer shares his years of knowledge on how to make sure your devices arrive in one piece

This has a battery capacity of 1,425 watt-hours and the ability to power everything from your mini fridge to your laptop and camera. It’s incredibly easy to use (there’s an app to control it with your phone and a screen that will give you the estimated run time) and has…

When it comes to CO2 emission reduction, it’s no contest between e-bikes and electric cars

I tested the Gazelle Medeo electric cruiser to see how many gallons of gas it saved me on my daily commute

The Charge 3 is a favorite of ours for several reasons: it has great battery life (up to 20 hours of play time), it can charge your phone (via the USB output), and it’s IPX7 waterproof (read: it’s fully submersible). Oh, and there’s that ample bass. Lash this speaker to…

You don’t have to drop serious cash for serious sound. Anker specializes in budget-friendly speakers, and the SoundCore Sport is no exception. It’s shockproof and waterproof, so you can take it on the trail, river, or out in a rainstorm without worry. Its eight-ounce frame belies its rich sound and…

This little dynamo’s best feature is its 360-degree sound—you don’t have to worry about where the thing is pointed for unobstructed listening. Other perks: it’s completely waterproof and floats, plus you can pair two devices at once for friendly DJ battles.

True wireless headphones, these fit snugly inside your ears. And they can handle spray from a shower or the sweatiest workout of your life with no problem. The sound quality is great, there’s a built-in microphone for calls, and 4.5 hours of play time on a single charge isn’t shabby.

In the age of the smartphone, a timepiece that displays the hour in multiple time zones imbues a measure of worldly sophistication and sense of adventure

This isn’t much bigger than the palm of your hand, but it puts out 350 lumens of light for up to 250 hours. It also serves as a power bank that can charge your smartphone up to four times. There’s an Android and iOS app that enables you to control…

The Charge 4 is a speaker-and-battery combination, delivering high-quality audio in a portable, waterproof package with 20 hours of playback time. It weighs more than three pounds, so it’s not the lightest speaker on the market, but it also has a 7,500 mAh battery that can charge your phone twice…

The River Bank bridges the gap between a small power bank designed to charge your phone and a large portable generator made to power just about everything. It features two USB-C ports and two USB ports as well as a Qi wireless charging pad, so you can charge a laptop,…

A first look at the standout timepieces from the industry’s biggest event

If you’re looking for enough power to charge your phone a few times over a weekend, the Anker PowerCore 10,000 is your tool. It has one of the best power-to-size ratios on the market, with 10,000 milliampere-hours of power in a slim package that’s just seven ounces and fits in…

You can eschew carrying a power bank with the Nomad 7 Plus, a surprisingly portable set of solar panels with a seven-watt output capacity, making it ideal for extended backcountry trips when tech is necessary. The best feature? An LED indicator that lets you know the strength of the solar…

The Renogy 100-watt panel is the industry standard for vanlifers. This panel weighs 16.5 pounds and is designed for RVs and boats. It can be used alone, in a series of panels, or as a portable option. With built-in mounting holes and aluminum frame, you can even mount it to…

What this complete solar-power kit lacks in power, it makes up for in plug-and-play convenience. The kit consists of a six-watt solar panel, a control box that stores 20 watt-hours of power, and three lights with wall-mounting switches. It’s an easy way to dabble with solar power in your van…

With 500 watt-hours of power, this lithium battery can power a weekend camping trip for the whole family, enough to run a mini fridge for nine hours or charge your phone 40 times. You get two USB ports as well as AC outlets and 12-volt DC ports. It’s splash-proof, has…

This is a gas-free generator that can power almost anything in your home in an emergency. It stores more than 3,000 watt-hours of power in a lithium battery that also has Wi-Fi. It has every sort of port you could need and can power anything from your phone to a…

A portable battery is a tool that’s often overlooked but incredibly helpful when you have it. The PowerCore 20100 has enough juice to fully charge a MacBook, an iPhone, and an iPad Air 2 on a single charge. It even has three USB ports, so it can charge all three devices simultaneously.

Most solar powered gear is clunky and doesn’t work as well as advertised. Not this stuff.

Thanks to new software, your #roadtrip photos are going to get a lot better

Power sources small enough for you to carry that run on solar, fire, or water are heavy and don't produce enough electricity to warrant schlepping into the backcountry

How to power your life and work from the backcountry

A smart sports watch or a sporty smartwatch? The M600 may just be the best of both worlds.

Convinced you’ve got the world’s most active pooch? Prove it with a pet fitness tracker.

Things to keep you employed when you're working from the road

Never get stranded with a dead phone again—take one of our six picks with you

It’s silly what this thing can do. And it's really damn fun to play with.

Meet the world's first GPS-enabled analog cycling computer

Earin buds are fully wireless so there’s no cord to tangle or accidentally yank out. Plus, they sound great.

Our writer tested the ST2 for a month to see if he could ditch his minivan entirely. Turns out, the big high-voltage machine can be touchy, and a crazy useful transportation tool. It also makes late-night ice-cream runs a hell of a lot more fun.

From a supercharged light for a GoPro to a bike light that actually keeps you safer, these are our nine favorite little things for the gadget geek in your life.

Portable sound for the active lifestyle.

A new effort to add removable solar power panels to hard goods may finally make the tech indispensable for the outdoor set.

The classic VW camper gets a futuristic upgrade.

XensAir collects all of your data—airtime, speed, vert, distance and force—to help you become a better athlete.

Can't get to the slopes yourself? There's a virtual reality goggle for that.

Essentials that will get you to your destination feeling fresh, healthy, and ready to compete.

With some seriously impressive tech specs (including a built-in 4k camera, a dedicated camera controller, and a live-action video feed), the new Inspire is the coolest drone we've seen yet.

Sometimes, technology can actually help you get off the grid.

Oakley partnered with Garmin to make the new Airwave 1.5 HUD goggle. We have to admit, it's pretty cool.

Full-featured watches for smarter training

For when an evening hike turns into a 20-mile epic

Buy equipment you don't have to feel guilty about using.

While most of us won't be paddling into Mavericks with a GoPro on the nose of our board, there are ways to maximize the camera's life while using it to capture less-extreme footage.

I want to see if my smartphone can make my workout better, but there are so many choices. What are some tried and true apps that I won't just delete a week in?

We polled an all-star team of experts and adventurers to put together our new rules of travel—all the airfare tips and digital tricks that make getting out there easier than ever.

You should be packing like a technomad.

For hyper-aware types who scan bushes with an infrared camera for bad guys—and for those who just want to boost energy efficiency.

Starting today, drones are banned in all national parks. Where’s next?

Get the surf shot you’ve been dreaming of.

A device that could change the way we communicate in the backcountry.

Tech to ensure you thrive on the sand and in the water this summer.

You're overworked, overstressed, and overconnected. But don't worry. We're here to help.

Virtual reality is just for gamers. But augmented reality—a new wearable technology—could revolutionize how we train for sports, making athletes faster, better, and more precise.

Guess what? The grid is expanding and we predict in the next five years, you won't be able to unplug—even in the backcountry.

While you can find headlamps that cost less than $20, you’re likely better served by jumping up to the $40 range. The extra investment will get you a sturdier light that will last longer and work better than its cheap counterparts—and it won’t fail suddenly in the field. So without…

Seven men want to share a few thousand pieces of gear with the world. And they need your help.

Depending on the school of thought you’re following, meditation can be practiced in a number of ways—sitting cross-legged in a dark room, while on a long run, or even on a crowded bus with the help of a smartphone app and a pair of headphones. In general, though,…

Designed for West Coast hipsters

We’re as excited about the proposal to develop solar roadways as anyone. The only problem? They won’t work.

The tech company introduced new operating systems for its computers and mobile devices Monday—and we think it’s been taking notes from us.

Three entrepreneurs envision a future of shared outdoor equipment. And while the project is barely off the ground, their idea could change how we buy and sell gear.

The ultimate portable tree house