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Here's what you can do to keep your filter in good shape and how to know when it's time to spring for a new one

Turns out the brand that makes my favorite PFDs also knows its footwear

Behind the scenes with the newest women's mountain bike clothing company

Versatility is the name of the game

Pedal-powered boats are coming to the masses

Walk softly and carry the right stick.

Swimwear that exudes style and capability

It’s south-swell season. Make sure you have the right board.

Slip-ons and lace-ups for your soggiest adventures

Tried and true gear for river, lake, and ocean play

Wherever the waves take you, you’re covered

With a hydration sleeve, clamshell zipper pocket, and rescue-compatible features, this is the future of PFDs

Continuing the tradition of Tom Morgan's signature smooth feel, only 50 of these new rods have been made. Without even casting it, I know it's amazing.

The 161-year-old rod and tackle manufacturer is doubling down on its commitment to women’s gear

It’s the newest creation from renowned industrial designer Thomas Meyerhoffer

Normally, not something you want a shark scientist to say. But Eric Stroud is talking about his chemistry-lab quest for the ultimate shark repellent, which he appears to have found. The questions that remain: Does it work on the great white, the ocean’s most fearsome predator? And can a couple of rookie entrepreneurs get it to market?

Royal Carribean and Snapchat teamed up to develop a scuba mask with built-in Snapchat Spectacles.

From apparel to accessories, this gear will make sure your time on the water is well-spent

A celebrated origami boat gets a crucial upgrade

Recommendations for how to safely enjoy the sun, sand, and water

Two San Francisco surfers are upgrading swimwear by eschewing the bikini for UV-deflecting, skin-protecting leggings

Yeah, I know that price tag is absurd. But I've found the Austin brand's new Gallon Jug to be one of best ways to beat the heat while playing outside.

Own the waves with these sticks

Suits of all styles for lounging, surfing, and playing

Effortlessly cool accessories for a day on the water

Just add water. And, in some cases, air.

Snag that monster brown you’ve been chasing.

We asked pro surfer Jamie O’Brien his secret for having more fun in the waves. His answer? A foamie.

Made with novel skin-gripping fabric, the brand's newest swimwear promises to stick, no matter what

Astral's high-performance Layla is specifically designed for big-breasted paddlers

This tool is the best way to open a beer.

Our new favorite way to spend time on the water.

High-performance kit for dropping in

High-performance tools to land the big one

Here are five places that can teach you how to build everything from a surfboard to a teardrop trailer

This six-pound kayak ($525) is built with a collapsible carbon frame and a ripstop waterproof nylon skin, allowing it to pack down to the size of a yoga mat. Users can easily haul it on a bike or carry it onto a plane.   Buy Now…

We all covet the top-shelf stuff, but our most useful and well-loved kit is often nothing fancy

In Confluence Films' new release, 'Providence,' Camille Egdorf returns to an Edenic tropical fishery that reopened to boat traffic after a tragic act of piracy

A wooden SUP so beautiful we're almost afraid to use it

A new material modeled on cold-water animals' coats could lead to thinner, warmer wetsuits.

Dorky? Yeah. But also insanely packable, versatile, and easy to use.

Bainbridge Island–based Sage just dropped the mic on the fly-fishing world

For those days when you need a boost on the water

And they’re faster 
than ever before

The world's first review of the world’s first modular rotomolded kayak

Inspired by Japanese Ofuro soaking tubs, it’s made from red cedar and aluminum and takes 2.5 hours to heat

We found the guide-worthy gear. The fishing skill is all on you.

A $20,000 board designed by a New York City graffiti artist

The five things you should know about the tech competing in this great, intense sailing race

Who needs a regular fishing boat when you can have this thing instead?

Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

The best water toys, no matter where you like to paddle

Choice tools for the discerning angler

Protect your piggies in the wet

A DIY boat made of paddleboards and hammocks

Smarter boards plus lower prices equals happy paddlers

A full-face snorkeling setup that lets you breathe from both your nose and mouth when underwater

Can the supremely portable boat hold up to long-term abuse?

These are the boards the world’s top surfers used at the annual Titans of Mavericks surf contest in Northern California

The classic Dagger Nomad 8.5 gets its first update in 12 years

Bespoke is now affordable thanks to computer-aided technology

Two weeks ago, Kelly Slater proved man-made waves are no longer just for waterparks

Who needs a submarine when you can have this $600,000 dive suit instead?

Forget a beach cruiser. This is how we want to carry our boards to the sea.

Jonny Armstrong is a portrait photographer, but he’s never met any of his subjects. He sets hidden cameras that are triggered by motion sensors and captures candid, amazing portraits of wildlife.

From water to powder to gravel, these four new toys give you extra float—and will have you grinning from ear to ear.  ​(Tahoe SUP) Tahoe SUP Keep Tahoe Blue Rubicon Paddleboard The crew at Tahoe SUP shaved pounds off the 12-foot Keep Tahoe Blue Rubicon paddleboard by constructing the core…

New study finds that fish are ingesting large quantities of fibers that likely came off your outerwear in the wash and flowed into the sea.

Build your own surfboard, then jump in the water to test it at this Maine-based workshop

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