Paddling Gear

Channel Islands Surfboards Even Keel

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Paddling Gear

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It may look retro, with a traditional shape and vintage logo, but this five-foot-seven-inch board is no throwback. The glass-on wood fins provide enough drive and stability for everything from two-foot mush to overhead barrels, while the shortboard-like bottom lets it turn like no other fish in the lineup. $830;

Paddling Gear

Paddling Gear

Paddling Gear

Sam Moulton, Senior Editor

Channel Islands Surfboards Even Keel

Channel Islands Surfboards Even Keel


1. WHISKEYJACK WHISKEY REBELLION PADDLE Handmade in Duluth, Minnesota, out of red and white cedar. And because its blade is reinforced with fiberglass, it’s as burly as it is beautiful. $160;

2. CORDAROUND BIKE-TO-WORK PANTS Flat-front cotton chinos with a cool little secret: The cuffs and rear pockets are lined with a bit of reflective material for increased visibility. $90;

3. BOB REVOLUTION With its full suspension (three inches of travel!), a front wheel you can lock out (key for running), and tough welded-aluminum frame, this is the stroller of choice among all the editors with kids. $359;

4. CRUMPLER MILWAUKEE FUX DELUXE MESSENGER BAG This water-resistant bag is just as tough—and every bit as cool—as the steel frames made by the actual Milwaukee Bicycle Company. $130;

5. NALGENE BACKPACKER Neither odors nor tastes linger very long in this 32-ounce stainless-steel bottle. $27;

6. KEEN CORONADO Just like the Adidas Stan Smiths I used to wear, only much comfier. $60;

7. PANASONIC SDR-SW21 Not only did this shock- and waterproof (down to 6.5 feet) camcorder survive a two-day, Class V raft trip down Colorado’s Animas River; we got some pretty sweet footage, too. $400;

8. SMITH INTERLOCK CROSSROAD Now you can wear Smith glasses inside as well. Swap in tinted or clear prescription lenses on these frames. From $149;

9. GSI OUTDOORS 12″ DUTCH OVEN Baking everything from lasagna to chocolate cake is a cinch in this hard-anodized (read nonstick) cooker. $110;

Beach Bum Gear

Beach Gear
(Photograph by Shana Novak)

Alicia Carr, Assistant Editor

1. ARBOR POCKET ROCKET SKATEBOARD Quick, little, and easy to maneuver, with big fat longboard wheels so I don’t feel chatter on Santa Fe’s weathered roads. $130;

2. QUIKSILVER MAESTRO I like to rock this fedora when it’s sunny out—which, in New Mexico, is almost always. $28;

3. BILLABONG PROJECT BLUE PLATINUM B9 A wetsuit made almost entirely from recycled polyester products, like fishing nets. Compression fabric around the knees keeps it from hindering movement. $450;

4. ZEAL TENACITY The polarized lenses block surface glare, and the partially recycled frames and price make me feel as good as these look. $100;

5. LAFUMA BEACH ELIPS My La-Z-Boy at the beach. Five settings (including completely flat) make for long, perfectly reclined naps. $80;

6. BURTON LIL BUDDY A cooler with a twofer: The built-in amp and speakers make it both icebox and icebreaker. $70;

7. O’NEILL HYPERFREAK BOARDSHORTS Chafe has no place in my world. Or my man’s. These polyester-and-spandex shorts are seamless and über-stretchy, for extra mobility on the board. $75;

8. SANUK YOGI I always feel balanced in these spongy, EVA-soled sandals. Maybe that’s because they’re made from yoga-mat foam. $38;

9. PACIFICO 7 OZ I’m not really into warm beer. The mini size lets me keep more brew in the cooler for longer. Six-pack, $6;

10. SPORTCRAFT BEACH BOCCE Flat waves call for bocce. I use these because they’re lighter than solid balls and come with a convenient (and stylish) carrying case. $15;

Bike Junkie Gear

Biking Gear
(Photograph by Shana Novak)

Jeremy Spencer, Senior Editor

1. PASHLEY GUV’NOR It’s the perfect gadabout bike: lugged steel, one speed, 28-inch wheels, and hand-built in Shakespeare’s hometown. $1,600;

2. AUDIO-TECHNICA ATH-ESW9A HEADPHONES These cans fold flat for travel and offer incredible sound and looks for the price. $550;

3. WOOLISTIC MOLTENI TEAM JERSEY Merino keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold, plus this is a repro of the three-season jersey Eddy Merckx wore when he ruled cycling. ‘Nuff said. $138;

4. SEALLINE URBAN BACKPACK My favorite go-anywhere waterproof hauler. $120;

5. WHAM-O HEAVYWEIGHT My buddies and I like to chuck the disc hard and far. Performance-wise, nothing beats this 200-gram flyer. $10;

6. GRAN PATRÓN BURDEOS Patrón’s 100 percent agave añejo tequila is only 55 bucks. This triple-distilled iteration, racked in Bordeaux barrels before bottling, is not. But it’s sooo good. $500;

7. OAKLEY FIVES SQUARED Affordable, lightweight, sporty sunglasses with primo lenses and great grip. $70;

8. BROOKS B17 IMPERIAL The leather B17 gets “updated” with an anatomical cutout Brooks patented in 1890. After 500 miles, I’m convinced it’s the world’s most comfortable bike saddle. $145;

9. VANS COJO I used to skate in Vans; now I ride around the corner for coffee in them. $65;

10. EDDIE BAUER COMMEMORATIVE WOOL BLANKET Inspired by the colors in a 1963 photo of Jim Whittaker atop Everest, it makes family picnics slightly more awesome. $169;

Fishing and Hunting Gear

Fishing and Hunting Gear
(Photograph by Shana Novak)

Grayson Schaffer, Senior Editor

1. COMPANION Danger, my 18-month-old UK chocolate Labrador from Oxford, Mississippi’s Wildrose Kennels, is the best multisport partner I could ask for. Wait list for Danger’s cousins: one year. $1,550;

2. ORVIS TOUGHCHEW DOG’S NEST Teaching your dog his place is easier if that place is as comfy as this high-loft bed. $110;

3. LOLL ADIRONDACK Unlike the wooden models, this recycled-high-density-plastic take on the classic summer chair holds its color and shape for a lifetime. $550;

4. CANON EOS 50D At six frames per second and 15 megapixels, this SLR wraps pro-level features into a compact, lightweight body that’s priced for serious amateurs. $1,600;

5. BERETTA SV10 PERENNIA Grouse and dove seasons start in September. This over/under (shown in 12-gauge) pairs a state-of-the-art recoil-reduction system with fine machining, a slim profile, and oil-finished walnut. $3,650;

6. FILSON 5-LAYER STOCKING FOOT WADERS New-school breathability with an old-school aesthetic. Easy choice. $325;

7. ORVIS HELIOS For long, delicate casts with dry flies or manhandling weighted nymphs, I love the crisp action of this nine-foot, 2.4-ounce four-weight rod. $775;

8. BRUNTON PROFILE DUO A 10,000-BTU grill and 12,000-BTU burner in a compact steel case—perfect for our packed-boat river trips. $138;

9. FRYE BELTED HARNESS 12R Descendant of 1930s U.S. Army cavalry boots, it’s as rugged as its predecessors and a helluva lot more comfortable. $228;

Desert Rat Gear

Trail Gear
(Photograph by Shana Novak)

Will Palmer, Managing Editor

1. WEBER ONE-TOUCH SILVER 22.5″ Big enough to grill a dozen burgers or smoke a couple of racks of ribs, and it ejects the ashes in one clean motion. $90;

2. SALOMON XT WINGS S-LAB 2 LIMITED EDITION Designed by a team of pro athletes, this supportive but light (11 oz) trail runner might finally get me to marathon distance this year. Only 1,000 will be sold in the U.S. $160;

3. MERRELL DURANGO Because I love pit barbecues but don’t love sweaty pits, I’m all about this sharp but breathable polyester shirt. $59;

4. SONY READER PRS-700 Best beach companion since the Bain de Soleil woman. It packs 350 e-books into ten ounces and reads in direct sun by utilizing electronic paper instead of LCD. PC only; $400;

5. JANSPORT OFF TRAIL On Saturday-morning hikes, a simple pack is best, especially one that looks like my first. $50; jan­

6. COLUMBIA POWERS VERTICAL PANTS Superlight and quick-drying, these UPF 50 nylon-and-cotton pants are perfect for the Utah slot-canyon trip I’m planning with my kids. $60;

7. WILSON REBOUND I cross-train by chasing down my son’s air balls. (Hey, he’s got 11 years before college.) A recycled-rubber rock makes me feel better about it. $15;

8. SIGG ECO MESSAGE We desert dwellers never stop hydrating. 33 oz, $25;

9. IPOD TOUCH 16GB Music, movies, calendar, Wi-Fi, e-mail—and the sweetest interface ever. $299;

10. BOSE SOUNDDOCK PORTABLE This incredible-sounding speaker plays unplugged all afternoon, so I can channel Van Morrison while tinkering in the garden. $399;