Bose IE2 Headphones
Bose IE2 Headphones

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Bose IE2 Headphones

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Bose IE2 Headphones

Bose IE2 Headphones Bose IE2 Headphones

It makes us happy to see high-end earbuds that cater to athletes. BOSE’s IE2 ‘phones boast ergo­nomic silicone tips that keep them from popping out while you’re running (or headbanging) and are comfortable and light enough to wear for hours. The sound quality? Dude, they’re Bose. $100;

Rugged Cell Phone

Casio G’Zone Ravine Cell Phone

Casio G’Zone Ravine Cell Phone Casio G’Zone Ravine Cell Phone

Dunked your smartphone in the creek? There’s no app for that. The latest of CASIO‘s insanely rugged cell phones, the G’ZONE RAVINE, meets military standards for water, shock, and extreme temps and throws in seven basic, outdoor-friendly (if elementary) apps like a compass, thermometer, stargazer, and tide chart. Compromises are the tiny screen and dated feel. $150 with Verizon contract;

Helmet Cam

Contour GPS Helmet Cam

Contour GPS Helmet Cam Contour GPS Helmet Cam

A lot of lightweight cams shoot hi-def 1080p video. The CONTOUR GPS throws in three big perks: a GPS chip that captures your location and speed, idiotproof editing software, and laser pointers that help you level the lens. $350;

Music Player

Apple iPod Nano

Apple iPod Nano Apple iPod Nano

We aren’t sure the sixth-gen APPLE IPOD NANO really needs to be this tiny, but the runners among us rejoiced at the feathery weight, Nike+ compatibility, pocket clip, and ability to add a strap to make it a stopwatch. The only downside: no more video camera. 8GB, $149; 16GB, $179;

Satellite/Cell Phone

Terrestar Genus Satellite/Cell Phone

Terrestar Genus Satellite/Cell Phone Terrestar Genus Satellite/Cell Phone

It might look like an old BlackBerry, but it talks to the future. The world’s first cell-phone/satellite-phone hybrid, the TERRESTAR GENUS shifts from cell to sat automatically when it can’t find a tower. Bummer: It currently works only in the U.S. (excluding Hawaii) and the Caribbean. $800 with AT&T contract;


Samsung Galaxy Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tablet (Photo by Inga Hendrickson)

SAMSUNG‘s GALAXY is a worthy, if more diminutive, rival to the iPad: what it lacks in Apple intuitiveness it makes up for with Google’s suite of services, two cameras (there’s one on the front for video chats), and a 13-hour battery for long trips. The other tradeoff: while it’s half the weight of an iPad, it’s even less type-friendly. $400 with Sprint contract, $600 unlocked;


HTC HD6 Smartphone
HTC HD6 Smartphone (Photo by Inga Hendrickson)

Addicted to watching YouTube ski videos on your phone? The HTC HD7 has one of the largest screens among smartphones (4.3 inches), the easy-to-use Windows Phone 7 operating system, and a kickstand on the back that lets you set the phone upright on your airline tray table. It’s big but doesn’t feel bulky in your pocket. $199 with T-Mobile contract;

Sport Watch

Suunto M5

Suunto M5 Suunto M5

Program in your stats, take a preset fitness test, and then let SUUNTO‘s M5 heart-rate monitor become your personal robo-coach. It’ll set up daily cardio or weight-training workouts (with time, intensity, etc.) and even suggest pace changes on the fly. Bonus: Connect the M5 to Suunto’s higher-performance accessories, like its GPS tracking device ($170) and you can download workouts from its fitness community site, $190;