Earin headphones are totally wireless.
Earin headphones are totally wireless.

Love to Work Out With Music? You Need These Headphones.

Earin buds are fully wireless so there’s no cord to tangle or accidentally yank out. Plus, they sound great.

Earin headphones are totally wireless.
Michael Frank

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Music makes exercise a lot better. But dealing with headphones can suck. Tangled cords or headphones that won’t stay in are a major distraction. Thankfully, Earin has finally solved all our major complaints.

These are fully wireless headphones—there’s no cord between each speaker and no cord between the speaker and your phone—so there’s nothing to catch your arm on while running or doing kettle bell swings. And thanks to multiple sizes of malleable tips, they'll stay in even on a mountain bike ride.

To use, just pair them once via Bluetooth to your Android or iOS device and they'll automatically recognize your phone in the future. When you’re done with the buds, pack them in their pen-like case and they’ll charge wirelessly via USB. Three hours of charge time will give you 75 minutes of use.

Earin headphones also charge wirelessly.
Earin headphones also charge wirelessly. (Earin)

In terms of sound, they’re clean, clear, and exceptionally precise. Listening to a mix that included Springsteen’s Atlantic City, Bowie’s Heroes, and Vance Joy’s Riptide, I consistently picked up more detail in music I know very well. The bass is a little thin and max volume never gets to hard-rocking levels, but given the decent ambient isolation (thanks to the close fit) there’s little need for them to reach 11.

There are other headphones on the market that are built to stay in, such as the Under Armour and JBL collab, but I’ve found Earin’s design easier to wedge in better and overall offer more comfort. Like shoes or bike saddles, however, every tester’s experience is unique, so I’d recommend trying them on first before purchase. 

Also, if an Earin happens to fall out on a run at dusk, it could be hard to find. To mitigate that problem, Earin supplies rubber attachments that help them further grasp the cartilage of your ear.

And of course, there’s the $250 price tag. That’s steep, but if you’re an exercise junky, or just really appreciate music, the Earin’s convenience will pay off over time.