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Berne Broudy

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The Coolest Tech from Outdoor Retailer 2013

Outdoor retailer is here. Get plugged in with the latest and greatest new electronics.

Sunglasses Data Stream

Trimble Outdoors Statewide Topographic Maps
Power Meter

Recon Jet: Sunglasses Data Stream

Outdoor retailer is here. Get plugged in with the latest and greatest new electronics.

recon zeal optics Recon Jet Sunglasses Data Stream
(Recon/Zeal Optics)

In 2010, skiers were the first to have access to all the information they could ever want—inside their goggles. Trail maps, speed, altitude, and more—Recon, in cooperation with Zeal Optics, made them available on a virtual screen in the corner of the skier’s field of vision. It was a great system for winter, but didn’t give mountain bikers, trail runners and other non-goggle sports participants a way to play.

Now, Recon is launching the Recon Jet, a heads up display that can be integrated into sports sunglasses not goggles. The new system, designed for cyclists and triathletes, lets the wearer connect to third party devices via ANT+ and Bluetooth to have visual access to heart rate, cadence and power output as well as speed, pace, distance, time, vertical ascent and more. And if while you’re monitoring your heart rate on a run you need to take a call or check your texts, Recon displays caller ID and messages, as well as facebook and twitter updates, and lets you access all hands-free. Coming soon: health and fitness apps that will also run inside your shades.

Recon Jet includes a 1 GHz dual core processor, dedicated graphics, Wi-Fi, ANT+, Bluetooth, GPS, HD camera, and numerous sensors, making it a standalone computing solution, comparable in capability to a tablet or smartphone. The components of the HUD are distributed evenly across the eyewear adding just 14 grams to each side of the sunglasses. The display is controlled by an optical touch-pad that supports multiple gesture controls and facilitates its use in all weather conditions, even with gloves on. 

Available now, $499

Trimble Outdoors Statewide Topographic Maps

Outdoor retailer is here. Get plugged in with the latest and greatest new electronics.

trimble topographic maps google android phone
(Courtesy of Trimble)

Do you often find yourself out of service but in need of a map? Download what you need before you leave home, or bring along Trimble Outdoors new plug-and-play micro SD memory cards pre-loaded to give you high-quality topo maps anywhere you travel. Insert a card into your Android phone, launch the app, and instantly view statewide, GPS-ready topo maps without filling your phone’s precious internal memory. SD card Topo Maps are available for every state but Alaska, and include 15 different zoom levels from 1:250K to 1:24K. Where available, the SD cards also include color-coded public land boundaries and updated forest road overlays to tell users what dirt roads are suited for passenger cars or high-clearance vehicles. Full-colored Topo Maps work with the free and pro versions of Trimble Outdoors Navigator and Trimble Outdoors MyTopo Maps apps. The SD cards are compatible with Android-powered devices with a SD or micro SD memory slot.

Available Now, $70-$90

One Giant Leap Paddle-Based Power Meter

Outdoor retailer is here. Get plugged in with the latest and greatest new electronics.

kayak power meter one giant leap outdoor retailer
(Courtesy of One Giant Leap)

Using ANT+ ultra low power technology, kayakers can now monitor paddle power output, power balance and stroke rate, all in real-time. One Giant Leap, which specializes in real-time feedback of human body mechanics and performance, and ANT+, the leading wireless technology for sport, fitness and health data monitoring, have created a low power, paddle shaft Power Meter for left/right performance data feedback including power output, power balance  and stroke rate.

Compatible with any ANT+ display unit that supports the ANT+ Power profile, this device allows kayakers to create the perfect data monitoring setup. It’s customized for shaft stiffness and length, and captures left and right stroke data individually, giving paddlers a detailed reading.

Similar to ANT+ cycling power meter and bike computer setups, the Kayak Power Meter uses ANT+ ultra low power technology to wirelessly capture and display power metrics on any ANT+ enabled fitness watch or kayak mounted computer. Data can also be viewed on a tablet or smartphone that comes equipped with native ANT+ support or the device can connect to ANT+ through an adapter. And kayakers can wirelessly share their data with their coach, who can monitor data and help the paddler make changes on the fly to maximize his performance.

“Like cycling, power is the single most important number for tracking performance in kayaking,” said One Giant Leap’s Managing Director, Mathew Pottinger. “Boat speed can be influenced by uncontrollable factors such as wind and current, while power is a direct and consistent measurement of effort, regardless of conditions.”

Available September 2013, $830

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