(Photo: Ty Milford)
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How to Properly Pack a Backpack Cooler

There’s a right way and a wrong way. Here’s how to do it correctly.


There’s no shortage of videos and tutorials on how to pack a backpack or a traditional cooler, and the same general principles apply here. But because of the Unbound Series™ Soft Cooler Pack‘s vertical orientation, a bottom-up approach becomes more important. Start by placing bulkier items you won’t need until you picnic—think more durable foods like a block of cheese, fancy dip, or smoked salmon. Then add a layer of ice. Above that base, in what’s known as the “core” of the pack, layer in the heaviest items, like beer, wine, and/or cider. Then more ice. Next up, at shoulder-blade level, you’ll want to sprinkle in the more delicate edibles like a crisp apple, bunch of grapes or other snacks you’ll want to access easily. Lastly, throw your phone, wallet, keys, or anything else you might want to keep dry in one of the side pockets or the waterproof lid compartment for easy carrying. Pro tip: If you’re filling to the top with food and drink, we recommend using roughly two to three pounds of ice.

Lead Photo: Ty Milford