Give the ocean a break with these eight
Give the ocean a break with these eight (photo: Hannah McCaughey)

Eight of Our Favorite Natural Sunscreens

Get maximum protection—and avoid nasty chemicals—with these eight natural sunscreens

Give the ocean a break with these eight

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Want to protect your skin, but don’t want to expose yourself to nasty chemicals or other substances? Here are eight options to keep you from being a lobster this summer. 

Bare Republic Mineral Sport Spray SPF 40 ($17) 

(Courtesy Bare Republic Suncare)

We shaved minutes off application time with Bare Republic’s handy spray. Just don’t forget to shake it—zinc oxide settles to the bottom of ultralight formu­las like this one.

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Hurraw Sun Balm SPF 15 ($3)

(Courtesy Hurraw! Balm)

There’s no excuse for leaving lips exposed. This vegan balm has zero shine and just a hint of Creamsicle scent that doesn’t interfere with post-surf beers.

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Zinka Colored Nosecoat SPF 50 ($7.50)

(Courtesy Zinka)

The original look-at-me skin safeguard packs 25 percent zinc ­oxide and comes in every color under the sun.

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Eir NYC Surf Mud SPF 30 ($24)

(Courtesy Eir NYC)

Antimicrobial tea tree oil makes this product especially great for hands, feet, and any scraped-up areas.

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Ursa Major Daily Defense SPF 18 ($54)

(Courtesy Ursa Major)

This nine-to-five moisturizer provides broad-spectrum protection, plus plant stem cells that repair and strengthen skin. 

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Sweat Cosmetics Twist-Brush and Translucent Mineral Powder SPF 30 ($42)

(Courtesy Sweat Cosmetics)

Powder beats lotion for tricky spots like the scalp, eyes, ears, and nose. We like Sweat’s for its bombproof refillable container and washable brush.

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Avasol Environmental Defense Cream SPF 30 ($30)

(Courtesy Avasol)

UVB rays damage dark skin just as much as fair, which is why Avasol deserves props for delivering its organic, fair-trade cream in skin-tone-­inclusive tints—light, tan, and deep.

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Manda Organic Sun Paste SPF 50 $18

(Courtesy Manda)

Think really old-school zinc: Manda’s opaque formula includes sustainable tha­naka wood, which has been used in sunscreens in Myanmar for more than 2,000 years.

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From Outside Magazine, June 2017 Lead photo: Hannah McCaughey

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